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A Sewanee Feature: Jillian Miller

October 5, 2018

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is having a blessed day! WOOOHOOO WE MADE IT TO THE WEEKEND!

I’m celebrating with my gal Jillian Miller and the second annual Sewanee Featured post on! My first feature was the fabulous, Tessa Fox who is a graduate from Sewanee who works in fashion in New York City! You can read her interview here!

 I’m so happy that I will be bringing you this series twice every month! I’ll be sharing Sewanee Featured posts the 1st and the 3rd Friday of every single month! I won’t tell you who these featured gals are until the Friday of the post unless you’re subscribed to my Modest Mail! If you are subscribed you’ll get an inside scoop about who will be interviewed each month + what kinds of posts you’ll be seeing during that month. It’s basically going to be a little newsletter of sorts!

So if you’re a Sewanee student be on the lookout for this series because it’s so much fun to get to know new gals on campus!

Let’s get this thing going!

So I first met Jillian when I was a freshman on campus! We’re both from the class of 2020 and she was good friends with my suitemate! We eventually served together as Sewanee Angels and became more aquainted! She’s a true beauty with big goals which is why I like her! I love seeing women pursing their dreams and I love gals who aiming to work in fields primarily dominated by men!


With that all being said let’s go ahead and let y’all meet Miss. Jillian Miller of Tullahoma, TN!


Question: What is your signature scent?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I love Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture and Brazilian Bum Bum Creme! I wear them both daily!” 


Question: What is your GO TO handbag?

Miss Jillian Miller: “My black Kate Spade tote with a scarf tied on it!”


Question: What is your FAVORITE show to watch?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I love watching so many shoes but it would probably have to be New Girl on Netflix! I love Jess so much and I relate to her character so much!”


Question: Who do you look to for inspiration?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I love Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill her travel posts are amazing and so inspirational! I also really enjoy how informed she is on social issues!” Follow her social media here! “I also love beauty gurus Jaqueline Hill and Tati Westbrook!” Check out Jaqueline here and Tati here!


Question: Jillian is in’t Jillian without __________?

Miss Jillian Miller: “Makeup! I love Makeup and I think of it as an artistic expression. I don’t think of makeup as covering but as the painting of a canvas!”


Question: Do you listen to any podcasts and if so what are they?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I only listen to New York Times. I love their daily updates and keep informed.”


Question: How do stay up to date with fashion/what is your style?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I’m always trying different things. I have a preppy side and a slighty hippie side to my style. I love thrifting and shopping at places like Target, Francescas, DSW and Nordstrom Rack! I also love Dazey LA!!!! I love prints and I’m always incoperating them into what I’m wearing. I have an obsession for table cloth clothes-that’s what I call gingham!!!”


Question: What is your favorite music artist?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I love Demi L., Regina S. and Cardi B..”


Question: What are you pursuing/plans after Sewanee?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I am planning on being a cooperate lawyer! My father is a lawyer and has always been an inspiration. He’s great at soliving detailed problems, arguments and I love that! Since I was old enough to know what I wanted to do I knew I wanted to be a lawyer! People used to always tell me through high school that I was going to be a lawyer. I love public speaking and my brain works in sort of black and white. I’m very definitive on what is right and what is wrong so I believe there is a place for me in law.”


Question: Why Cooperate Law?

Miss Jillian Miller: “Well I’m the kind of girl who likes to prove people wrong! I’m pursing this field because there are few gals who will! I’m always top of my class in economics at Sewanee which has really encouraged me. In addition to my father being a laywer, he and my grandfather own a business. This is where my love for economics comes in-they’re always watching the stock market so I guess I just kind of started being interested!”


Question: What’s your plan for Law School?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I really love Vanderbuilt but am also interested in going somewhere with a bigger sports division! I love watching foootball!”


Question: What would you say to students coming to Sewanee who plan to pursue law?

Miss Jillian Miller: “Do not immediately decide that you will be a politics major because I’m an English major and have learned so much that will help me pursue law. I am also an economics major which makes me stand out in the pool of applicants! Remember law schools are looking for people with a passion so don’t be confined to a pre-law mold!”


Jillian Miller in Sewanee


Question: Did you go greek? How was rush?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I did!!! I’m the Vice President of Operations for Kappa Delta and I LOVE IT! So before rushing, I was set on another sorority-like dead set on it! But during rush, I started to get the feeling that maybe it wasn’t for me and when I attended a Kappa Delta’s house event I met Danielle Watts. making an instant connection! I felt like oh my gosh I really like this girl. In a sorority, I was looking for community service, friends, a sisterhood and I’ve found all of that with Kappa Delta! I love that I also have sisters who are both liberal and conservative! It is so nice to get both sides of the coin and it really teaches you so many things!”


Question: What are you involved in on campus?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I’m Kappa Delta’s Vice President of Opperations, a member of SWEEC (Sewanee women engaging and empowering community), a Head Sewanee Angel and a Junior Representative for the Honor Council!”


Question: What is your favorite thing to do in Sewanee?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I love hanging out with my friends Mimi and Bailey at Stirlings!”


Question: What is your go-to drink from Stirlings?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I love a Dirty Chai or a M. Mocha if I want something caffinated. If I want something without caffine I’ll get a Daffodill drink!”


Question: What is your go-to food order from Stirlings?

Miss Jillian Miller: “Vegan Chicken Salad.”


Question: What is your favorite Sewanee gear?

Miss Jillian Miller: “My gown!!! My brothers both wore it when they went to Sewanee! I also really love my Head Sewanee Angel gown!”


Question: What is your major?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I’m an Econ and English double major!”


Question: Who is your favorite Sewanee professor?

Miss Jillian Miller: “My advisor Dr. MacFie!”


Question: Did you do FYP or PRE and did you like it?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I did FYP and I loved it! I actually started to be an FYP mentor and have loved doing that too. You make so many great connections! It might be my favorite thing I do on campus.”


Question: What is your favorite Sewanee thing? Like if you go to Sewanee you might have these!

Miss Jillian Miller: “MY BUNDSTONES! I LITERALLY LOVE THEM! I wear them all the time and they are so comfy!”


Question: What is your favorite course you’ve taken in Sewanee?

Miss Jillian Miller: “Representative Masterpieces with Dr. Macfie.”


Question: What is something you were not prepared for when you came to Sewanee?

Miss Jillian Miller: “The stigma that comes from living in this area and living in Sewanee. I love Sewanee and I’m always defense towards those who are down on the surrounding area!”


A Jillian Miller Collection

Jillian at The Sewanee Inn being interviewed for

Jillian during The Sewanne Featured interview at The Sewanee Inn and looking lovely!

Jillian as seen on Instagram “Well one of us is going to have to change.”

Jillian as seen on Instagram on Sewanee’s Shake Day! She’s a Kappa Delta girl!
Jillian as seen on Instagram strolling in New York! She’s a doll!Jillian as seen on Instagram at Goat Yoga. Available to all Sewanee students!

Jillian as seen on Instagram with her boyfriend Lewis. Too cute!Jillian and I at the Sewanee Inn the night of her interview for!

Jillian and I as seen on my instagram after a successful Sewanee Angel Mission. Lessons and Carrols. 

Hope y’all enjoyed getting to know Miss Jillian Miller! She’s a sweet gal so if you see her around campus don’t be afraid to say hello!

Thank you Jillian for taking the time to be interviewed and for letting everyone get to know you!

You can follow Jillian on Instagram here!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley





Beauty Sewanee Featured Sewanee Interviews

A Sewanee Feature: A tribute to Queen @tessaleefox

May 4, 2018

A Sewanee Feature 


A Sewanee Feature is a new series on where I will be featuring some Sewanee favorites. I am so delighted to be including some of my University experience on my blog by sharing these exclusive interviews which will happen every few months! There are so many amazing people on my campus and I can not wait for you to meet them! I hope to continue this series throughout the rest of my Sewanee career!

A Q/A with the Queen @tessaleefox

To know Tessa Fox is to love Tessa Fox!

A Cadence sister, a beautiful blonde, a style icon, a kind soul, jet-setter, friend to all and a Queen in every right. 


I am so privileged to have had the opportunity to interview Miss Tessa Fox as my first EVER SEWANEE FEATURE!

I also should just go ahead and mention that Tessa works for Sam Edelman in New York, City!

LITERALLY, SHE’S EVERYTHING!!! A career in fashion! WOWZA & she is a Sewanee graduate!


Question: What is your signature scent?

Queen Tessa Fox: “Calypso St Barth’s scent.”


Question: What is your GO TO handbag?

Queen Tessa Fox: “Louis Vuitton The Alma BB!” (She was toting this fine bag during the interview!)

Inside Scoup: Tessa’s mom collects special edition handbags and Tessa will likely follow in her footsteps! Clearly already by loving the Alma BB!  Tessa purchased this high end luxury handbag from The Real Real an authenticated luxury consignment based out of NYC. Just like Queen Tessa you can shop The Real Real here!


Question: Do you watch Real Housewives and if so who is your favorite housewife?

Queen Tessa Fox: “Yes girl! Kyle Richards of course.” Check out Kyle’s instagram here!


Question: How would you define Fashion?

Queen Tessa Fox: “Individual irreverent: out of the ordinary, fun.”


Question: How do you stay up to date with fashion?

Queen Tessa Fox: “Vogue of course-especially Vouge online…I look at the archived runway shows from years back!! Also NET-A-PORTER, Bergdorf and Barney’s!”


Question: What is your favorite magazine?

Queen Tessa Fox: “Hmm. I think French Elle editorials are super cool and unique especially the layout!”


Question: What would you recommend to people pursuing a path in fashion/New York City?

Queen Tessa Fox: “You’ve got to connect with people, meet people everywhere and learn to be your own representative! Networking is everything + how you put yourself out there!”


Question: What Podcasts do you listen to?

Queen Tessa Fox:  “Vogue, Refinery and Bravo’s Club House!”


Question: What was it like being in New York City durin NYFW?

Queen Tessa Fox: “I work in Midtown across from radio city. Midtown has a lot of tourists but if you go downtown you would see a lot of the street style. Also checking out Bryant Park during NYFW!”


Question: Who’s your favorite clothing designer?

Queen Tessa Fox: “Balenciaga!”


Question: I’m just wondering as a fellow fan girl…will you ever start your own clothing line?

Queen Tessa Fox: “I WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT.”


Question: How do you spice up a look?

Queen Tessa Fox: “Good shoes, a fabulous handbag and statement earrings!”


Question: What is your biggest dream Queen Tessa Fox?

Queen Tessa Fox: “I want to eventually launch my own company-fashion related of course including woman! Women are a very important aspect of that dream!”


Question: What is something you love to do with your own style?

Queen Tessa Fox: “I’m super into customizing bags-even simple ones! It’s so fun! Also A good denim jacket with some spice!”


Question: Will you ever start a blog? Because I know you’d be fabulous!

Queen Tessa Fox: “I don’t know-hopefully….I’m still finding purpose.”


Question: What is your staple item? Like literally you can’t live without it-go to thing!

Queen Tessa Fox: “I love a good pair of sneakers…like these!” Tessa was wearing SUPER FUN white sneakers of course rocking them like there’s no tomorrow!


Question: What do you reccomend to those who travel to New York City? It has to be a the BEST because they are staying for 24hrs!



Question: What is your favorite artist?

Queen Tessa Fox: “I love Taylor Swift!”


Question: Tell me a little more about yourself and where you find inspiration?

Queen Tessa Fox: “Art and fashion are a real passion of mine. My parents are a huge influence in my life and the steps I have taken throughout my life. My father owns a jewelry store which he built in the 80’s and that alone has been a huge inspiration to me. He designs custom jewelry When I was in 8th grade I went to Paris with him and tried on a beautiful necklace designed for Louis Vuitton. My mom has also been an inspiration for me as she worked for the Este Lauder and Clinique corporations while I was growing up actually for about 10 years. I also watched my mom designing the interior of our home! She has always pushed me as an empowered woman to be an empowered woman!  I love my parents.”


Question: Okay, so I’m dying and all of Sewanee that knows you is dying-you work for Sam Edelman! OMG! Tell me more about what that’s like!!?

Queen Tessa Fox: “Okay, Alexa I KNOW IT’S CRAZY COOL RIGHT!” 

“After graduation (at Sewanee!)  I wanted to pursue design. I went to Parson during the summer and took a class and that was like the hardest thing I have ever done. There isn’t a thing like that here. I got good exposure and realized how challenging that field is. I realized I needed to either go to graduate school or work in fashion/design somewhere to see where that would take me.”

“I decided to just go for the gold!”

“I just really got out there and started looking! I was primarily interviewed by Women besides Sam Edelman himself during my journey. I looked into Archeticual Digest and publishing. I started with no connections-I realized I was going to have to get into this field on my own. Throughout the summer after graduation I would commute to NYC and interview with people-if they weren’t my connection they knew someone who was! It was really cool but also exhausting. My favorite part of this journey had to be meeting people-people are so inspiring.”

“On a particular coffee meeting with a connection through family/Sewanee, I met someone who was connected to the Sam Edelman brand. Long story short-I landed an interview with Sam Edelman himself. This was the big shots and after a long summer searching I was thrilled!”

*Me: What did you wear! Already knowing it would be the perfect look!*

“I wore all black! A pair of tailored pants with a simple black blouse with darling cap sleeves-I wore my first pair of Sam Edelman shoes-The Loraine Loafers inspired a bit by Gucci! They were leopard so that was my fun pop! I was classic, put together and excited.  I actually cut my hair for my interview after reading an article in Vogue talking about the bob being back! I was sp inspired and just went for it! (BTW it is so darling!!) I wanted something exciting! I actually ended up mentioning this in my interview-How I follow the trend and I not only love it but live it! I talked about cutting my hair which really interested Sam.”

“Something I appreciate most about Sam Edelman is that he is so personal! He and his wife have a real success and they are so kind. They are also just the absolute coolest people ever-a small company feel but are actually very big!”

“It’s honestly so interesting Alexa, the difference in the fashion house companies. I learned all of this throughout my journey too!”

“So this was a huge year for Sam Edelman!!! We are the number one successful dress shoe brand at department stores in the united states. We are all about comfort! We don’t do anything unless it is comfortable and fabulous! Our customer is practical and I know you know that Alexa.”

“Sam Edelman is not fast fashion! We are intentional in our design and we put our own inspiration on every piece. Essentially every year the Sam Edelman team will go to Europe and go anywhere and everywhere buying what inspires them. It could be a feather-whatever it is gets grouped together and put in designing out shoes. We start wow and then shoe design trickles down into a wow yet practical.”

“Sam Edelman has it’s own identity! We are our own.”

P.S. Y’all I even got an inside scoop on next falls promotion design! That’s off the record of course! 😉

Queen Tessa Fox at SEWANEE!

Major: Philosophy 

Minor: Studio Art

Favorite Sewanee Professor: “Jim Peter’s my advisor!”

What’s your favorite Sewanee wear?: “I love Vintage Sewanee wear! I also like to just get inspiration from the bookstore!”

What’s your Stirlings order?: “I love the Chicken Salad sandwhich on a baguette with the salad dressing! Yum!” 

Did you do FYP or PRE?: “I actually did PRE and last year ended up being a PRE MOM! SO much FUN!” 

If you go to Sewanee you probably have what?: “A Barbour Jacket! I even have one! It’s so Sewanee.”

What is something you wished you knew about Sewanee earlier?: “The talks! I really started attending guest lectures when I was a senior! I can’t imagine how many amazing people I could have heard if I would have went earlier. You get to meet such cool people!”

Did you GO GREEK?: “YES! I’M A TKP! I literally made so many great friends and connections throughout my sorority! Love TKP!” 

I am so happy to have interviewed Queen Tessa Fox as my first EVER SEWANEE FEATURE! I met Tessa in Sewanee doing Cadence- we were Cadence sistas! She sings like an angel, always looked so stylish and was always the kindest gal in the room! She always made me feel welcome in the group and weekly I found inspiration in what she was wearing!

Goes to show ya Sewanee people! Get out there and don’t be afraid to meet people!

Also shoutout to Lily and David Fox! I remember when y’all called your sister at Wednesday Acapella practice when you got into Sewanee! You are the most precious twins in Sewanee and just like your sister are so kind! I am so happy to have Lily as a Cadence sista!

Go follow the Fox crew on instagram!!




A tribute to Queen Tessa Fox! 

Tessa as seen on Instagram sipping her latte-like only the most fabulous do!Tessa as seen on instagram at local Sewanee conert! “Boy Named Banjo is her jam.”
Tessa as seen on instagram celebrating her twenty-first birthday like a movie star at The Sewanee Inn.

Tessa as seen on instagram looking so fun loving and beautiful! Celebrating a birthday-no doubt!

Tessa as seen on instagram with her beautiful mother! It’s no wonder where Tessa gets her beauty!

Tessa as seen on instaram with her foxy siblings! David and Lily are both following in their big sister’s footsteps attending Sewanee! Both class of 2021! A beautiful trio!Tessa as seen with @1998miss during’s  A Sewanee Feature: an interview! 

Just a few of Tessa’s favorites!

Now go get yourself a pair of Sam Edelman shoes and thank you to Tessa for this beautiful pair! 


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley