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Trendy Chic Sunday Best #OOTD + 10 stylish ways to layer up in winter!

November 15, 2018

Happy Thursday! Hope everyone is staying warm because it’s freezing out! Today on the gram I saw so many beautiful places getting their first snow of the season and it was so beautiful! So far Sewanee has just seen colder weather but I’m holding out for a good snow after Thanksgiving because it’s always so beautiful! Winter is actually my favorite season! I love being cozy and winter style is always so chic!

If you haven’t already checked out my blog post with Skirt Society from Wednesday check it out here! It’s about finding beauty in brokenness and it’s a read I think everyone will benefit from!

So let’s jump right into today’s annual weekly blog post! I’m sharing all the details from last Sunday’s fall look and some of my favorite ways to stay chic in the winter months! I’m all about layering and below I’ll share my favorite ways to do it!

This Sunday best look was very trendy and I loved incorporating a tube top into it! It’s a fun way to spice up something you’ve already got in your closet, create a nice waistline and keep it fresh! I can’t wait to put it over a dress shirt next! I’m also loving this style of skirt this season because it really elevates a look + is a little bit warmer!

Trendy Chic Sunday Best 

Skirt: Forever 21 (similar style here) |  Black Tube Top: Target  | Tissue Turtleneck: JCREW (similar style here) |Pointed Black Midi Boots: Dillard’s (similar style here) | Double-buckle belt: Amazon Fashion

Also obligatory shoutout to my roommate for taking all of my instagram pictures and blog pictures! wouldn’t be the same without you!!! All in favor of her starting her blog say I!!!!!! (That should be everyone because she is the cutest!)

10 Stylish ways to layer this season!

  1. Add a cozy hat to your look!! Big knit is so in right now!
  2. Add a nice scarf that accents your gloves and hat!
  3. Colored tights are so in this season and are a great way to stay warm in dresses!
  4. Fun pantyhose! I’m all about the heart pattern, fishnet, floral and more! I just pulled all of mine out last week!
  5. Knee high boots! I’m actually loving these thigh high UGG’s here!
  6. Knee socks are such a cute way to stay warm with a skirt!
  7. Go monochromatic with lots of layers!
  8. Don’t be afraid to rock multiple layers of all black!
  9. Turtlenecks are classic by themselves or paired under a dress!
  10. Big cozy sweaters over dresses!!!

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Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley



How to style 2 Skirt Society skirts completely different: a brand review + fashion inspiration!

October 25, 2018

Hey y’all! So happy to be back on!

It has been a long two weeks off of the web but it was very much needed as I was going through a lot personally + the grind of school! I successfully got through all of my midterms before fall break which just happened to be 5 midterms (exams), 2 quizzes and a paper! I am so proud of myself for choosing to put a hold on my blogging/youtube channel for a second to take time for another passion of mine which is studying to become a doctor. If you didn’t already know this about me-I’m a pre-med student at Sewanee and my dream is to become a doctor who works in the United States to fund ventures outside of the United States to help the less fortunate. I love people and I have a specific burden on my heart for China so I would like to work there + if you didn’t already know I spent my summer in China working in a hospital. I also improved my Chinese language skills greatly-another side note if you didn’t already know I love studying the Chinese language and actually hope to get a minor in it at Sewanee. Wow, so that felt like a lot but honestly isn’t even the half of my story/testimony! I’ll def. have to plan on doing an entirely separate post/video on that because I can see I have a lot to say about the topic + it is very near and dear to my heart. I wouldn’t be Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley without the journey to where I am now.

I also just wanted to ask that Y’all would be in prayer over a personal matter for my family. Lot’s of love!! Y’all are the best and I just wanted to say I appreciate every single message, Insta DM and email I got from Y’all after I posted about needing some time. Thank you so much you have no idea how much that means to me and how much it lifted my spirits in a very dark time. Thank you for also being patient with me!!


Today I’ll be sharing 2 different skirts and how I styled them each in different ways! I seriously love doing posts like this because honestly who doesn’t want to know how to rock a look in more than one way! I love buying statement pieces and versatile pieces then styling them totally different!

I also just want to take time to thank Skirt Society for sending me two darling skirts-which I absolutely love!!! I literally can not stop wearing them! Between the two I have had so much SPICE added to my closet! If you’re familiar with Atlantic Pacific you’ll see a similar skirt in her new collection with Nordstrom to the Harriet Tulle Skirt from Skirt Society. But Skirt Society has a much more affordable option and it’s a skirt ALL fashionista’s need in their closet.

The Harriet Tulle Skirt 

I was honestly so in love with this skirt when I saw it on the website because as I said before it is a staple in so many fashionista’s closets. It’s so fun to make it super dressy or to dress it down and pair it with a baseball cap + sneaks! I have worn this skirt 3 different ways and to 3 very different events!

The first way I styled it was for a Sewanee Angel Dinner at The Macfie’s house. I simply added a very structured formal top (could also consider it a jacket) with some daytime heels! I didn’t want something too over the top but also really wanted to look put together for the event. I finished off my look with a daring middle part and slicked back!!!!

Next, I styled this skirt totally different by putting it under a shorter dress for a very formal vibe. I wore this styled look to an Honorary Degree Dinner in Sewanee where I worked as a Sewanee Angel. This basically means I serve as a student who represents the face of the University and interacts with guest speakers (sometimes those getting honorary degrees), the board of regents, the board of trustees and the faculty as well as the Vice Chancellor of the college. It is a wonderful opportunity for engagement on Sewanee’s campus and I am so thrilled I have been involved in the organization since my freshman year. I also was the first member initiated from my class which is such an honor!!! I love being a Sewanee Angel and I highly recommend it to all students who are at Sewanee or are considering attending our university. For this event, I had the privilege of working alongside my new friend Jenna Land to welcome and correspond with S. Waite Rawls III The President of The American Civil War Museum Foundation in Richmond, Virginia while he was in Sewanee. He received an honorary degree at and it was such a delight to spend time with him while he was on campus. This event was a black tie event so I was very dressed up! P.S. I always get lots of questions about where I got this beautiful dress with an oriental flavor-it was a very special gift from my Khala. She got it in Pakistan and it was custom/handmade. It is my favorite piece in my closet and I love pairing this skirt with it to give it an elevated look.

Finally, I styled this skirt with sneaks, a black top and then a baseball cap for my classes at Sewanee. I wanted a fun yet not too over the top look for class and have always loved the style of sneakers with skirts. I like the contrast of super dressy with sporty/casual-I think if you are bold enough to wear this style you are bold enough to pull it off! I love doing white sneakers with this skirt because of its cream color and I searched high and low for the perfect sneakers after visiting China this summer and was so happy when they worked with this look! They are from Saks Off 5th and while they were originally around $500 I got this for just over $100! How amazing!!! I love a good deal and I love that I can now rock the trend I loved so much in China in the United States with my Harriet Tulle Skirt!

I also wanted y’all to see a similar skirt to this one which is selling for a way more than double at Nordstrom!

The Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Tiered Tulle Midi Skirt  $100


You can check out more of this equally beautiful yet more expensive line here! 


Skirt Society does an awesome job at providing beautiful, high quality and very current pieces to their customers. You have to check out my new friend Michelle’s website and see for yourself. I will link it down below with the Harriet Tulle Skirt which is currently on sale for $29.99- normally $40!

The Skirt Society Harriet Tulle Skirt  $29.99

You can get THE HARRIET TULLE SKIRT  here!

The Maribel Leopard Pleated Skirt

So this skirt was a must for me because LEOPARD is so in this FALL SEASON! Literally, all of my favorite fashionistas, bloggers, and magazines are claiming leopard to be one of the biggest trends this season. It’s a bit more bold for me than my usual picks because I’m more of a classic girl but I loved the Maribel Leopard Skirt! It is so fun and so comfy! I literally wore it all day in Nashville and to a church event over fall break-feeling very comfy yet stylish. I love the pleats and I just think the size of the leopard print is so perfect! I think it is so fun to pair any type of skirt like this with a big belt so that’s what I did! You can see here how I styled it two completely different ways!

First off I wore this skirt as a statement look and with more trendy vibes! I seriously loved trying it with a graphic tee + a very loud pink Birkin inspired bag for my trip to Nashville. I did a lot of pink with it but can also see red being a great way to style it next. I highly recommend this style to any bloggers or bold gals out there!


Next, I styled this skirt completely different going for a very dressy look! I wore it to a church function and went for a more classic feel. I did black and somewhat edgy with my pointed heels! I ended up matching my momma and saw so many beautiful girls rocking leopard at this event- but I’m not sure they all got theirs for a steal of a deal at only $36.99!!!!!!

You can get the Maribel leopard skirt from Skirt Society here! 

I also wanted to share this awesome post written by  at Harpers Bazaar. It is so well written and shares so many different cute ways to incorporate leopard in your looks this season. If you look you’ll also see a skirt very similar the one I’m wearing above but for triple the cost of Skirt Society! Another reason why you should shop Skirt Society from here on out! Click the link here to read it!

P.S. I did a dorm room tour exclusive to Instagram and it’s available on my highlights so if you’re interested in knowing how my mom and I decorated a Sewanee dorm room click here! 

To follow the beautiful Michelle Ramos Mendez on Instagram click here!

To follow Skirt Society on Instagram click here!

Just a reminder I post daily on Instagram, Thursday’s here on and Tuesday’s on my youtube channel! You can click the link here to subscribe to my channel to get notified when I post!

Thank you again to Michelle for being so amazing and for these two beautiful skirts!

P.S. Oh and for the exciting news I mentioned on one of my latest Instagram posts…….I will be writing a blog post exclusive for Skirt Society weekly! I’m so excited to be sharing positivity, fashion, and faith on their page! These posts will be for women of all ages and will serve to inspire and cultivate an environment celebrating women! More about this will be coming to Instagram soon as we work out the schedule and kinks BUT It is happening! YAY!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley



Sunday Best

September 13, 2018

Hey friends! Today I’m sharing the details of what I wore to church last Sunday! I thought it would be fun to do a Sunday best post because I haven’t done one in a hot sec! I also thought y’all would enjoy knowing where I purchased my darling dress bargain dress!


Sunday’s are good days for me but they are also busy days. Taking 20 credit hours, being pre-med, working a job and being super involved on campus means generally I have little to no time. On Sunday’s I get to leave campus to attend church where I can truly let go of my stress and focus on God. It’s a place where I feel safe. I enjoy service and choose to think only about God. It’s at this time that I find my strength for the week in Jesus by praying he will direct my path, keep me safe, handle situations that might occur and just walk with me through the week.

 On Sunday’s I choose to have a positive mindset because while it’s my organic homework day + it’s also the day I use to plan for the entire week. (There is no better feeling than checking of a to do list so imagine that times 10! Planning days make a world of difference in my life!) I make my mind up that I want to start the week out positively and organized because nothing is worse than waking up in a rush with nothing to wear (we wear class dress at Sewanee so we have to look nice for class which I love) homework not finished, a mess and me stressed out. Monday mornings can be filled with sleepy eyes so I prep Sunday night by filling out my planner for the week in order to be aware of the week’s obligations. I also prep my blog and vlog for the week (this post was written on SUNDAY!) so that I can upload while I’m in the middle of the week. I pick out my outfit for Monday and I load my backpack up so in the morning I just have to grab it to go!

Spiritual Emphasis 

There’s a bible verse that talks about how we should view our days. This is something that my Grandma would greet me with every single morning I woke up at her house and it something I am constantly striving to live by.

Psalm 118:24 King James Version (KJV)

24 This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

As humans we can easily complain and focus on all that is going wrong in a day but this verse says “UH TODAY IS A DAY JESUS MADE FOR YOU!!!! YES YOU ALEXA! SO YOU BETTER BE YOUR BEST TODAY AND BE THANKFUL YOU HAVE ANOTHER DAY!”.

So I am intentional about saying this verse everyday especially on Sunday’s when I’m tired and know tomorrow is a Monday.

I hope this encouraged you! Be determined to accomplish your goals this week and live fully! Take today to start a positive mindset for tomorrow! YOU GOT THIS GIRL!

My Sunday Best 

Button Dress: Target| Similar Basket Bag: Amazon| Similar HeelsCole Haun | Similar Long Sleeved Modesty Top:  Poshmark

Hair: View my Crown Braid Hair Tutorial Here! 

P.S. Be sure to click the links at the bottom of each look…you’ll be able to buy them directly!



Bless others & Be blessed!

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


Home SUNDAY BEST Wardrobe

Game Day Style

September 8, 2018

Hey y’all!!!! Hope everyone has had a delightful week! I’m so exicted because I just uploaded a new vlog to my youtube channel! It’s another China travel vlog and this time we are visiting the city of Chengdu! I think this might be my new favorite vlog! It is just so special to go back and watch my trip through China! I miss it so much!!!! If you’re not already subscribed to my channel you can do it here! I post a video once every week!

Also, I have offically stuck to the new posting schedule for two weeks! Yay! I will be sharing the next “Woman of Faith” article on Sunday September 16th! This featured writer is a sweet friend of mine from Arkansas. She’s speaking from the heart on a subject I believe you will enjoy. Find out on next weeks post who she is!

Oh and this month’s Sewanee feature is one I know you’ll love! I can’t wait for you to meet her! She’s darling and is doing big things on campus! -STAY TUNED 🙂

Sewanee Game Day Style


Happy Day! It’s the first home football game! If you don’t already know I LOVE football! It’s my favorite sport to watch and it’s probably because I was a cheerleader 2nd grade- 12th grade! There’s just nothing like it! It makes me miss my days as a varsity cheerleader with my favorite gals (Carls and Pay)! We were the best of friends and always had the best times cheering. Sweet Carlie is actually still continuing her cheering carrer at Kansas State! I’m hoping I get to see her cheer just once before she graduates! LOVE YA CARLS!

Game Day at every school is a little different but here’s my go to tips for the perfect look!

It doesn’t matter if you’re in high school,  an alumni going to a college game, a football mom or a devoted fan……GAME DAY STYLE is important!!!
During my days as a high school cheerleader I wore my letterman sweater and my uniform to the game. These days I’m just a fan and so I enjoy putting together something from my closet! Here’s how I do it!

If there is a tshirt that everyone is wearing I will put it with a dressy skirt to give it some spice. This can be a tutu or a ripped denim skirt! Whatever you want just to spice it up! If you wear pants try pencil pants and some pointed heals!

If there’s not a tshirt I select something in the color family of the team I am rooting for. This is always the most fun because you’ll arrive at the game both classy and unique. Being unique is one of my favorite things about being alive! I love to put together a look I don’t think anyone else is doing. Being ordinary is well just plain. By using team colors you basically have the freedom to create the perfect look from scratch giving a dressy approach! You’ll be sure to stand out!

If it’s mid November i’ll add a cute little cardigan and some leggings. Warmth is important!!!!

I also love a good dress for a game! At Sewanee it’s a tradition to dress your best for every game! It’s the most fun on Homecoming to see what everyone is wearing. Every year as it approaches I anticipate what I’ll pick to wear and how I can incoperate Sewanee colors. The difference between Sewanee and most schools is that hardly anyone wears a tshirt and almost everyone wears whatever color they want! We just dress up! So this is always a challenge to imcooperate both!

My final tip and best tip is go out with confidence because whatever you wear you’re gonna rock it! BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU & THAT IS JUST HOW YOU ROLL!

Here’s what I wore to Saturday’s Game Day! Details linked below!

 Perfect Gingham Dress: Target *ON SALE $11 | Olisa Ankle Strap Sandal: Sam Edelman 

P.S. thanks boo for taking my photos!


P.S. Be sure to click the links at the bottom of each look…you’ll be able to buy them directly!



Bless others & Be blessed!

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley



Church Camp Clothing Haul 2018!!

July 12, 2018


Hey y’all it’s camp season & you bet I’ve got a couple of looks to share! This year was bittersweet being a worker in Redfield, Arkansas. It was such a blessing to be a part of camp and see God work in so many young lives. God is good y’all!!! It was also totally not the same without my best friend Hannah Katt there. Literally, I missed her so much. 🙁

Here’s what I wore + a few pictures from camp! I’ll be linking all the looks at the bottom if you are interested in styling the same pieces. Also yes the black dress was my favorite look & yes it was under $40. P.S. Sorry about all the iphone pictures…It has just been more convenient to use since I don’t have BOO with me this summer!


A few similar little black dress options: also from Banana Republic  (My dress is currently sold out!!!) | Dupe to the Black Chanel Bag: ALDO |Nude Classic Pumps: Christian Louboutin


Similar black elbow-length sleeved blouse: Target |Striped Poplin Ruffled Wrap Skirt: Steinmart |Leather belt with Double G buckle: Gucci | Similar Black + Canvas LV Bag: Louis Vuitton | Similar Black Pumps: Guess (ON SALE RIGHT NOW!!!)

Stripe & Floral Button Front Maxi Dress & THE BOBBY PIN TREND

Stripe & Floral Button Front Maxi Dress: Steinmart | Similar Black + Canvas LV Bag: Louis Vuitton | Olisa Ankle Strap Sandal: Sam Edelman 

The Classic

Similar Little Blue Blouse: Bedford Blair | Similar Classic Black Skirt: Antonio Melani | Black Classic Belt: Hermes |Similar Black + Canvas LV Bag: Louis Vuitton | Olisa Ankle Strap Sandal: Sam Edelman 

The Business Casual Summer Day 

 Striped Button Front Shirt Dress: Steinmart | Similar Colorful Sandals: also Kate Spade | Similar Labeless Birkin Dupe: Amazon | Similar Lace Slip Extender: Ebay|Heart Shaped Sunnies (Saint Laurent Dupe):Amazon

P.S. Be sure to click the links at the bottom of each look…you’ll be able to buy them directly!




Bless others & Be blessed!

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley



Easter Sunday 2018

April 8, 2018

Happy Easter 2018!

I hope everyone had a blessed day celebrating the resurection of our king JESUS!!! Easter is such a beautiful holiday and is of great significance to myself! In celebration of Easter while being a college student living ten hours from home my holiday is a little different! I still wear my Sunday best, attend church and celebrate Christ but I do it without my family! It’s a different feeling without your loved ones! I usually fill my car up with friends to attend service and make up for no special Easter dinner by dinning in the dinning hall on campus with lot’s of friends around! I have many friends who grew up in Asia who are not familiar with the significance of Easter and it’s been a great joy of mine to teach them about it! I felt so blessed to be the one taking them to their first american church service!

This year Easter fell a little earlier so there were not many beautiful flowers in bloom quite yet but I did find this darling little southern church in downtown Monteagle, TN where I shot my Easter pictures! Huge thank you to my good friend Zahnib for taking the time to do these photos!

This Easter look is inspired by the royal family and I actually just wore pieces I already had in my closet! I spiced up the outfit by pairing different things together! I polished my look with a darling little fascinnator from Dillard’s! It was under $50 and it will double as a great Kentucky Derby hat someday! I’m planning to attend the Kentucky Derby at least once during my last two years in TN studying at The University of The South! I choose black because it’s a timeless color that will be versitile in the future!

Hoppy Easter Friends!

Yellow Tweed Jacket: Zara! | Similar Navy Lace Dress: Dillard’s | Classic Nude Red Bottoms: Christian Louboutin | Similar Fascinator: Dillard’s | Similar Basket Bag: MarleyLilly

*I purchased my wicker basket bag a few years ago in a little boutique in Oxford Mississippi! It was a pretty penny but it has been a classic in my closet! I have had since I was a freshman in high school!! It usually makes an appearance on Easter and into the summer! It’s a false monogram but is still so darling! I love this simplicity of it and how small the monnogram is! Its classic colors are perfect for all of my looks! I also wanted to apologize-I couldn’t find the link to my fascinator! I bummed because I bought it at Dillard’s a few days before Easter! The jacket was a $10 sale find at Zara and I loved it! My school color is yellow and the style screams Chanel!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Follow me on instagram for more daily looks + outfit inspo! I’m always recycling clothes in my closet!

Bless others and be blessed!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley



December 11, 2017

Featuring Four Fabulous Holiday Looks!

Hello y’all! Can you even believe it!!! Two posts in one week and a holiyay video feature!!! I am so excited to finally be sharing this content after shooting, editing and creating! I was inspired to do something on after a dull season with few posts! I thought why not give shooting four outfits for one post a try. I did and I have to say it was the greatest idea ever. I hope that I can use this method for the new year with getting more posts up. (If you haven’t noticed I generally always keep my instagram up to date! So follow me @1998miss) Shoutout to my dear friend Zahnib for helping me with this on your Saturday! The weather outside was frightful but you helped a girl out! By the way for all my Sewanee guys and gals these photos were taken downtown with the cutest little set up. (Angel Park!) I highly reccomend shooting some of your own holiyay photos downtown because your IG will be unbelievably festive!

Also p.s. my reasoning behind selecting this outfits has a great deal to do with the fact they are easy! They are affordable options which you can slightly modify to create your perfect holiday look! You probably have seen my posts wearing many of these pieces because you’re absolutely right I already had them in my closet! This is to show any gal trying to create the perfect holiday look they don’t have to run out and buy something! JUST BE CREATIVE!!!!

I also wanted to mention I am a beginer at using youtube and creating video content so bare with me! I will improve over time!

I hope everyone is having a delightful holiday season and staying so warm! If you’re one of the ones who has gotten snow thank your lucky stars!!! You are blessed, I am so desperate to see snow!

This week daily on instagram I will share a new photo from this shoot so stay tuned!

P.P.S. or whatever it is by now….This is finals week so keep me in your prayers.

P.P.S.S LOL! Acapella concert this week and guess who’s singing the DANCE WITH SOMEBODY SOLO!!!!! YES Y’ALL I GET TO LIVE OUT MY DREAM!!! I’LL BE SURE TO POST A VIDEO AT SOME POINT!


#1 This was a simple look to put together and honestly the most affordable one! I used a grey turtleneck that I have had for years from GAP to go underneath a blue off the shoulder top from FOREVER 21! (You may remeber I got that last year!) Both were very affordable and have lasted me a long time!!! I put a solid denim skirt with it, some tights, grey booties, and the cutest BANANA REPUBLIC ear muffs! Ta Da!! You’ve got a causal cute holdiay look!!!

#2 I love this look because it is totally not my go to style. I hardly ever wear pattern with pattern but for this holiday look I totally did! The skirt is from TARGET and it’s so trendy!! My top is something that we have had in our family closet (we have four girls so we all share) for years! It’s ralph lauren but this print is very easy to find over the holidays and can even be substituted for a lumber jack shirt!

#3 This is a classic girly glam holiday look! The skirt is from TARGET and the top is just a nude turtleneck like this! Pair it with some ballet flats and a sweet hair acessory for a golden look! This look was so easy and could be subbed out for a different color.

#4 The classic. Red and black. Y’all gotta know this look is one of my favorites because it screams Merry Christmas, Rachael Parcell, and I have my life together. I left my hair as it was in holiday look #3 for a classic touch! This look is easy to duplicate because everyone has black!! I put a black top under the red sweater with a black skirt and I was all ready to go! Put a skirt like this with this top and a classic sleeveless sweater for a similar look!

Huge thank you to my good friend Zahnib for taking my blog photos! You rock! Also y’all have to check out my holiday look video on youtube!


Holiday Video Feature

Use the link above to access my video!!

Happy Easter!!!!

April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!!


I am so thankful to celebrate this Easter with my roommate and Chinese besties at my church in TN! It is such a blessing to have friends that come to church with me! I’m showing them their first American Easter and it’s going to be the best one yet! Stellar Church this morning, good food this afternoon, and great little baskets!

I’m loving today’s look because of these fun sleeves, bright colors, and preppy prints! This shirt has been one of my favorites and is the same shirt I wore in Charleston! It is so easy to mix and match! I also adore this little gingham ponytail bow from JCREW!


Blouse: The Banana Republic, Similar Style here!

Skirt: It’s Old, Similar Style here!

Hair Tie: J Crew, Linked here!

Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Linked here!

P.S. We had the most fun taking these pictures in a field full of yellow flowers off the mountain. Miranda is turning into a little blogger gal like me!

All my love,

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley

P.P.S. What a day to celebrate Jesus! What a wonderful savior he is!

SUNDAY BEST Uncategorized

March 13th, 2017/Spring Break Combo

March 23, 2017

This is a March 13th, 2017/Spring Break Combo Post!!

This post includes my actual birthday look from a bitterly cold gray day on the mountain and my look from this weekend’s trip to Nashville, TN. I am quite glad we celebrated my birthday the weekend before the actual day because I had a macroeconomics exam on my bday & a gross weather. This weekend we came to Nashville (I love doing that, I kinda want to live here) and stayed in a hotel after a final birthday dinner at The Cheesecake Factory + shopping at Green Hills Mall! I am so excited because I got some great new looks for Spring Break in South Carolina!!! I am going to be doing a “mini clothing haul” on my Instagram once I make it back to the mountain. 

Get my looks: 


Crown: J Crew *$40 lol from the kid’s section 

Pink Sweater: J Crew

Leather Pleated Skirt: Dillard’s *$20

Nude Modesty Top: Forever 21 *I honestly recommend buying one of these ASAP. 

Black Chanel Wanna Be’s: Dillard’s

Spring Break!

Skirt: Forever 21 $2

Groovy Nude Sweater/Sweatshirt: J Crew

Boots: #INLOVEWITH  Gianni-Bini Dillard’s  *SALE RIGHT NOW $39.99

LV: Senior Year Christmas Gift & my most prized possession.


Alexa Dudley


Nude Ballerina w/ 80’s belt!

February 27, 2017


I loved this little look! It was such a fun way to spice up my simple/classic nude dress + I felt like a ballerina! I paired my favorite belt from my momma and her 80’s collection with a little red bag! The belt brought a waist in and then some spice. I chose to do loose curls with this look to compliment the style of the dress + I was having a bad hair day! LOL. Honest to goodness I was. I also wanted to say that the real pride & joy of this outfit were my new little red bottomed babies! Thank you mom for the early birthday gift!!! I LOVE EM! Staples in your wardrobe do cost ya but I promise they’ll keep ya!


Dress: Amazon *Similar Style Linked (Mine Dillard’s Oldie)

Ballerina Tutu Dress: Forever 21 $14

Belt: My mom’s closet. (My fav thing she’s given me)

Little Red Bag: VDAY GIFT

 Pointed Black Little Red Bottoms: Nordstrom CL


Love ya!

Alexa Dudley

P.S. FOLLOW MY IG ACCOUNT @1998miss + Don’t forget there are legit links to get the look above!