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My name is Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley, and this is my blog. I love fashion & I am a vintage enthusiast. I love to sing, travel, and hang out with my best friends. I’m attending the thirteenth preppiest school in the south where bow ties, and pearls are an everyday kind of thing. We call it “Class Dress”. I’ve been blogging for about a year now, and I love it! I’m kind of known for being silly, and spontaneous in everything that I do. If you love good ole Tennessee, fashion, fun, & all things spontaneous than 1998miss.com is your place!

The basics about me:

My favorite colors are pink, black, and navy!

My favorite food is taco salad.

My favorite restaurant is Qdoba, and I love Slims Chicken!

I’ve traveled to Madagascar, Africa on a mission trip!

I went to London, Paris, and Barcelona for my sixteenth birthday! + My 80 year old pops came & my mom!!

My most recent dream was to get accepted, and attend Sewanee for undergrad!

I accomplished that last goal! 🙂

I love Jesus!

I love Tennessee.

My secret weapon is wearing my hair in a middle part, slick, and low fan bun!

My favorite store is absolutely JCREW!

My roommate is from China, and I call her Chinese Dumpling.

I used to drive a 1963 Chevy 11.

When I grow up I want to either be a nurse practitioner, a business woman, or a buyer in fashion.

My biggest dream right now is to go to NYFW with my mom.

I think being unique in your own style is your own sense of originality. I don’t cotton to0 well with those who copy, but when people do I like to think of it as the sincerest form of flattery darling. 😉

I think wearing all black is the classiest and “thinest” thing one can do 😉

I want everyone to know Jesus!

I have the best mom like ever, in the whole world, and she is like my best friend (but still a parent ya know).

One day I want to buy my mom an Hermes, and I will.

My first like real luxury good was a Louis Vuitton given to me by my mom for Christmas my senior year in high school.

In High School I cheered, and yes I miss it.

My best friends from home I call SQUAD.

My best friend from my childhood I call Wabbs.

My best friend from college I call Chinese Dumpling.

^ I think there is a reoccurring theme here. LOL

When I was thirteen years old I decided I was tired of being overweight and I pushed myself to lose fifty pounds.

After I lost the weight I got to pursue my dream of flying in Cheerleading.

I instagram a lot, it’s obviously my favorite social media!

I am in a real live A Capella/Pitch Perfect group at Sewanee.

I want to live in NYC for a little while with my roommate after college.

Well, there is probably a lot more I could tell you, but I’m just gonna stop there! Read my blog, and follow me on instagram to find out more about my simply not original, original, boring, totally not boring, paradoxical life.



Alexa Dudley



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