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About 1998MISS

About 1998MISS

The End of a Season and The Start of Something New.

May 23, 2020

A New Season

Hi, it’s been a while, I hope you are doing well, I’m so delighted you decided to stop into my blog at I am here to give a little update and to share about the closing of a season in my life. As of May 10th, 2020 I graduated from The University of The South in Sewanee, TN. I now have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with distinction, a minor in Asian Studies with a Chinese language focus all while being a PRE-MED. I feel very proud of finishing my schooling at Sewanee and in a sense feel overwhelmed because it was in many ways the hardest season of my life. I went through so many challenges and adversity on that beautiful mountain. I went in a baby Christian and came out having a much deeper relationship with Jesus. He carried me through Sewanee. I am a stronger Alexa for all that I experienced and am still so happy I trusted God and went to school in TN. Since I first got there in 2016 so many of my prayers have come true. I was able to intern and work in China, Uganda, and see Dubai at Modest Fashion Week as a panelist and influencer. I made new friends, learned new languages and about new perspectives. I learned about people and the world around me-It is much bigger than the little farm town I grew up in. Most importantly I learned to trust Jesus and to be true to who I am. Everyone won’t always like you and I have learned that I must not let this get me down or consume me. The other greatest thing I gained through Sewanee was my true friends, Miranda, Zahnib, Mesgana, Mary, Pia, Daisy, Yadi, David, Andrew, Emerson, and Slice just to name a few. I am so thankful for these friendships. 

My future plans include moving home (Missouri) to work for a year while studying for the MCAT and taking physics to apply to medical school. I plan to become a doctor and attend school in the Midwest to be closer to home. I want to focus on rural medicine and Native American health to honor my tribe at the Cherokee Nation. I have not yet accepted a full-time position but have several interviews and have faith God is going to place me at the perfect job. There is one in particular that I feel very connected to and would love to work for. I have accepted a position teaching English online to Chinese students on the side. In the meantime I am also helping to renovate my parents recently purchased estate Herts-Magnolia and will be starting reno on the guest cottage where I will be living very soon! I am excited to be on the property but also to have my own space. I have big plans and the cottage is the absolute cutest. It is a blessing from Jesus and he deserves all the glory and honor. To follow our renovation updates follow me on Instagram at @1998miss This is the first I have shared about the little cottage because I wanted the blog readers to get the inside scoop first. Transitioning to this new season of preparing for medical school and looking for work+ COVID-19 has presented many challenges but God is always faithful. I hope you have been well in the midst of all of this. 

Also perhaps one of the most exciting updates is that I have now been in a relationship with my darling Matthew Viloria for over seven months. We have become best friends and I am forever in love. Much of the journey I mentioned above came with a lot of support from my boyfriend. He has been the greatest blessing of this last season. He came into my life at the most unexpected time and has stuck with me through all of my senior year. He has to lead me closer to Jesus, made me laugh, and has shown himself to be the answer to many prayers I have prayed. I am so blessed by the love of my life.

I am looking forward to what is to come and am excited to get into this next season. No doubt with Jesus, my family, and my boyfriend it will blessed. 

Look for another post soon. 


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley 

About 1998MISS Home

What to do when you feel down/low.

July 18, 2019

Hey, my gals! 1998miss here and sharing something major today. It’s been a while since I slowed it down and did a post like this but it’s really heavy on my heart. Recently like in the last two months since I’ve been in Uganda (but before throughout all of University) I have experienced a lot of hurts. Many of my experiences were just life but the majority of them were from people who didn’t like my stance. My stance as a conservative, apostolic girl on social media and on campus. I have experienced bullying and it saddens me to say on multiple occasions political profiling. I’m not writing today to get into all the details but I decided I would take a positive approach to try to lessen the pain from the blows with a blog post. In this blog post, I simply want to talk about some of the things I do to counteract sadness, depression, hurt, oppression and negativity. I have to be honest and say yes, I have experienced all of these things. My goal is to encourage you and help you get control in these situations because chances are you might have experienced one of these hurts too.


Number one is simple and it’s how I always start to recover from a hurt. I take time to just digest what occurred by myself. I try to understand where something came from and why something went the way it did. I always try to take another perspective and understand a different point of view…sometimes I see it but sometimes I don’t. (THAT IS OKAY & I HAVE TO START TO ACTUALLY verbalize because I take things very personally) After I do this (usually takes me longer than a couple of minutes) I proceed to number 2.

2. T A L K to your mom or someone you love.

Sounds basic but it’s what works for me. I’m so blessed to have a great mom who listens to me and helps me with whatever I’m going through. When I’m feeling down this always helps me because my mom guides me and she helps me figure out how to start the healing process. I am always completely honest with her because she has many years on me and she has a different understanding. After I talk to my mom I start to feel a lot better but I’m not done. My mom tells me how to move forward and always asks me if I have prayed about something…if I have already then I do it again but if I haven’t then I do. That leads me to number 3.


Yeah, so this should probably be number one because it’s really the only way true and complete healing can happen. As much as the world would like to tell you that wholeness is achievable through its contents I am here to tell you = wrong. Spending time with Jesus in private is where healing occurs. When you began to tell him how you’re feeling and what happened he can help you. He will heal you. Christianity is about a relationship, not a religion and prayer is where you talk to God just like you would talk to a friend. You tell Jesus exactly where it hurts so he can fix it. You can feel temporarily better when you eat something good, buy a nice thing, go shopping, watch a movie, cry it out but for long term healing, it comes from Jesus. To follow up you should do number four and maybe a couple of times.

4. P L A Y worship music & then play it some more.

I would recommend starting out with Lauren Daigle YOU SAY & RESCUE. I can not tell you how much they have been of help during times where I’ve felt low. The lyrics speak to your heart when you feel like you’re desperate. By listening to worship music you surround yourself with a shield, you create a space for the Holy Spirit to fill and you start releasing some of the pain you are feeling. I promise your mood will start returning to J O Y as soon as you do this.


For me, this is how I get my body physically ready to be back to happy. I will usually shower, wash my hair do a facemask, pick out a fresh outfit, work out (like sometimes full-on cardio/ other times just a walk) and then like pull myself together (hair, face)! After this, I instantly feel at least 17% better… okay maybe more like 43% better. Anyways just as long as I am feeling somewhat better. P.S. the whole exercise makes you feel better is true because endorphins are released!!!!


That’s right to keep yourself busy use this time to get something good done. I find organizing therapeutic, which, means jumping into a mess in my purse/closet/drawer or car helps!!!!! You’ll start to feel order and that’s what you want when you’re feeling down. If you’re feeling really upset do a big project-let your hurt be your motivation.

7. Go to see a T H E R A P I S T

That’s right Apostolic Alexa recommending you go see a therapist because mental health is important. Yes God is great enough to heal but he also encourages you to seak resources. If you are seriously struggling you need to get licensed and trained help in combination with God. I have seen a therapist throughout my life on a couple of different occasions and I hope to do it regularly when I can afford it. You are not weak for getting help you are strong.

8. A C C E P T what you can not change.

You can not pretend like something that hurt didn’t actually happen because if you do you will never recover. Basically, it’s all up there in the title ACCEPT what happened and understand you can’t change it but you can control the future. Take the time you need, get the support you need, trust in Jesus and realize it’s all going to be alright.

I love you all and I hope this post encourages you. It was inspired with some recent hurts and Olivia Rink who posted a blog post addressing this issue as well. Check her post out here:

Before I sign off I want to leave you with two scriptures a sweet follower left me during my recent sorrows. Romans 12:2 “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Phillippians 4:8 “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” Thank you for these Cindy!!!

See you next Tuesday back here and tomorrow on my youtube channel! I have a fun new video going up!!! XO!

alexa sue-anne dudley

About 1998MISS Home

China Update/Instagram Post/Testimony

June 14, 2018

My China Update/Instagram Post

Sometimes I wonder HOW & WHEN God will connect the puzzle pieces of my life. Sometimes I question the road I’m traveling or what the result would be if I did it my way. I think of studying something that comes naturally to me or something that wouldn’t require school for what feels like forever. Sometimes more than not I get mad at myself for not being the 4.0 student I was in High School. I think everyone has these moments in their own walks-But these moments/days we often don’t share because we are scared to say them out loud. If you know my testimony you’ll find Joy in knowing today a big puzzle piece was connected. Another puzzle piece was connected when I got into Sewanee, when I switched to Pre-Med from P.A. & N.P. (I recently found out the following positions don’t even exist in China), after my first semester of college because I felt God directing me towards the doctor route, when the Spanish department wouldn’t let me take Spanish & Chinese was the only language open, when I got my car, when my friends from college ended up being mostly from China, when I met the greatest Khala in Nashville, when I met my roommate @chinesedumpling_, when I got this short internship, when they allowed me to go into the O.R., when I met Dr. Lee who also speaks English & when I made it to China this summer for a steal of a deal. This isn’t even the half of the puzzle pieces that connected over the last few years. God never ceases to amaze me! 


So in short the answer to the question you might be wondering is “Yes, I loved being in the OR, yes I think I’m interested in being a surgeon & YES I LOVE CHINA”. 🇨🇳


Two Thousand Eighteen

January 3, 2018

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year friends!! I literally can not believe it is already 2018! 2017 was such a big year for me and I am so blessed. God literally did incredible and life altering miracles. I know I say it a million times but I am one blessed gal! I have so much to be thankful for and when I seem to think it’s as good as it will be GOD blows my mind yet again.

In 2018 I have high hopes for another amazing year. I pray for God to work through me in his kingdom as I want to keep his will at the center of my life. *insert Jesus at the center (which is actually one of my favorite songs and I happen to be learning it in Chinese). I’m inspired by many proverbs 31 women in my life and I hope to emmulate their walks with God. Outward beauty fades but inward beauty is forever.

While making resolutions isn’t exactly my style….I have a few of them in sorts. I have goals for 2018 and while they may be cliché or mundane they are still my goals. While some of them are very personal I still intend to list them below because one of my most major goals in 2018 is to dedicate more to my blog. (that means sharing more with you all) has been a beautiful work in my life. I have loved sharing my passion for style, fashion, living life, travel, bargaining, dreaming, being inspired and living for God. I want to culminate a greater dedication to these loves in the new year. I hope to start a few new series in the new year and get an actual routine down for blogging! Most bloggers can relate when I say there is little time in our already jam packed schedules to really dedicate our best to the blog. In 2018 this is going to change-I don’t want to set limits on this or put restrictions on this because in my opinion 2018 is going to be about removing the limits I place on my life. God has shown me time and time again that nothing is impossible-so I am going to live this on the daily. I believe great things are in store for and I can’t wait to see them in action. I believe even greater things are in store for my life in 2018.

To spare you my long winded thoughts here’s a more simple blurb on my 2018 goals. The biggest being not limiting myself with restrictions (resolutions) and things of the same sorts.

Here’s to 2018 y’all! May God bless you abundantly and may you be the best you can be in the new year!

My 19 2018 ambitions-NO LIMIT EDITION (19 because I’m not limiting 2018 to 18 goals)

  1. Sleep More (Wake up earlier, sleep earlier) (NO LIMITS)
  2. Blog More (NO LIMITS)
  3. Vlog (NO LIMITS)
  4. Pray More (NO LIMITS)
  5. Eat intentionally (NO LIMITS)
  6. Work out intentionally (NO LIMITS)
  7. Launch something new (NO LIMITS)
  8. Travel more (NO LIMITS)
  9. Fast more (NO LIMITS)
  10. Develop a deeper relationship with God (NO LIMITS)
  11. Meet new people (NO LIMITS)
  12. Read more (NO LIMITS)
  13. Stay in touch with friends (NO LIMITS)
  14. Continue dedicating my best to learning Chinese (NO LIMITS)
  16. Be the best student I can be (NO LIMITS)
  17. Get a stellar internship/job/opportunity (NO LIMITS)
  18. Find Love (NO LIMITS)
  19. Be the best Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley I can be (NO LIMITS)

Oh ya I forgot to mention I am so very excited to be witnessing two of my very good friends get married this year. From babies we waited and dreamed for these precious moments! God is so good to have kept us close! Thankful and blessed to be apart of their big days and share in their love! GOD IS SO GOOD!

I love sharing with you all and know is going to be a great part of the new year!

May you be blessed abundantly!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley

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I ran home to Alpha Delta Pi!!!! ???

February 8, 2017

Alpha Delta Pi 


My experience.

Y’all I participated in rush at my school not knowing that I would actually find sisters in the process. If you know anything about rush…I’m going to tell you something totally different! Rush is very different at Sewanee but still quite the memorable experience. I went into the process with an open mind but my heart was leaning toward one particular sorority. It wasn’t until I actually had the opportunity to get to know each organization on campus that I knew exactly where I belonged.

Alpha Delta Pi was the sisterhood I walked into hoping I would never walk out of. ADPi is extra special because it is the very first sorority ever established. It was founded in 1851 at Wesleyan University. I am a founding member of Alpha Delta Pi’s Sewanee chapter and I am never going to forget running home to ADPi. I am proud of my ability to look into myself and really listen to what my heart was saying. I prayed and trusted God to lead me to the right group of sisters at Sewanee and to open doors for me on this campus. It was no coincidence that a door opened and ADPi joined greek life at Sewanee the same year I did.

Alpha Delta Pi was unique to Sewanee’s rush in how they presented themselves, let me just tell you it was all class and pearls. I’ll never forget walking into McGriff Alumni house where a parade of beautiful poised young ladies stood to greet us. They were dressed head to toe with darling ADPi blue accents and southern charm. It was love at first sight!!!! The decorations were incredible-fresh flowers, an array of sweet treats, baby diet. cokes, sweet tea, infused lemon water, and all things Alpha Delta Pi. I was so dazzled as it was exactly how I imagined rush would be + it was down to the little details perfect! (I fancy myself a party enthusiast, so I know when a party is extra grand-THIS WAS AN EXTRA EXTRA GRAND AFFAIR) After meeting the girls we sat down and watched two short clips about the values of Alpha Delta Pi where I fell deeper into love! We learned about the philanthropy ADPi supports which is the Ronald McDonald House, a home for families with children living in the hospital. The Ronald McDonald house does so many beautiful things to help make those unfortunate circumstances better.

 I listened to the many wonderful things that ADPi stands for and I went into a “rush” of mixed thoughts. You see even as I was dazzled by so many wonderful things in this experience I had already set my mind on a different chapter which made this process a whole lot harder! I listened to my mind saying one thing, while my heart was beating for another.

As we continued through the week we arrived at return house night and I was excited/nervous, I thought I already knew what I was doing except I didn’t. I went back to my favorites spending the most time at Alpha Delta Pi where I felt my heart tugging again, I promise it wasn’t the gold letter balloons spelling out Alpha Delta Pi with a heart, or the sweet and salty popcorn bar (it was def a major plus tho), it was interacting with the girls when I felt the tug.

I sat and talked with Aryln (the beautiful, sassy, southern leadership consultant at Sewanee this semester) for at least an hour about her experience during rush and how she also joined Alpha Delta Pi during its installment year at her university! She had the same thoughts I was having + she was a double legacy for another sisterhood! #superstressful #grandmaswasan….. After talking with sweet Arlyn I felt like I’d made a friend and that I was one step closer to maybe picking ADPi.

After finally leaving ADPi I went to my other return house visits where I felt myself comparing how I felt at each house with how I felt at ADPi- I felt so unsure about what to do so I stopped and prayed asking God to direct my path.

I talked to my friend Isabel (now sister) about my return visits and she decided that we should just say the one we truly loved the most at the same time to help make this process easier…she counted to three where we both shouted I’m going ADPi!!! WE WERE SO HAPPY THAT WE BOTH SAID IT OUTLOUD & WE WERE EVEN HAPPIER THAT WE WERE GOING TO GO ALPHA DELTA PI TOGETHER! WE DEEMED THAT WE WERE ALREADY BASICALLY SISTERS! EEEK! After calling my mom and telling her which one I finally chose she simply said: “I knew you’d pick the right one, God knows exactly where you need to be….and I am so excited you came to your senses”!!!! LOL. My mom is my best friend so telling her made it final!

This long story brings me to today… I am officially an Alpha Delta Pi and loving every second of it. I ran home to sisters that live for me, love me, and let me live for them! My shake day was darling, divine, and super classy!!!! We painted tiles, ate finger sandwiches and ADPi cake (yes it was special for shake day), sipped from ADORABLE paper straws, glittered our faces to perfection, took millions of pictures, laughed with each other & celebrated our new sisterhood!

P.S. our shirts were blue & long sleeved & like so totally perfect! (shown above in pictures)

So basically, after having the best shake day, sister retreat, initiation, and first chapter meeting I can say with my whole heart that I made the right choice…. but I knew all along that I was meant to be an Alpha Delta Pi girl!

I prayed for him to direct me, but he had already been leading me to the right one.

So, which SoROARity are you going to join??

Because ? ALPHA DELTA PI girls live for each other


? DIAMONDS last forever!

I pray that your rush experience will be filled with excitement and that you will pray about the choices you must make because God has a place for you! I also pray its Alpha Delta Pi-just teasing. 😉

I want to encourage you to trust God with your future because he designed you he has YOUR perfect plan.

Jeremiah 29:11New International Version (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

P.S. Thank you to Arlyn for EVERYTHING YOU DO. You’re chic from head to toe, super sweet, and extra lovely! You are already a favorite of mine!!! I am so glad God brought you into my life! XOXO

Thank you to Anna Kate for investing so much time into my Alpha Delta Pi experience, I’ll never forget it! You have been a blessing + you’re are insanely gorgeous!

Thank you to all my other sisters who have helped make Sewanee’s Alpha Delta Pi chapter a success. You all have truly shown what is means to live for each other!

I love you.




Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


About 1998MISS


July 21, 2015
  1. a small group of people having a particular task.

My main squeezes. My gals. My BFF’S. 

I am blessed beyond words with these three girls. The definition of “Squad” states that there is a particular task involved in a squad, and our task is to have fun together. We have all kinds of fun together but the cake topper comes when we sing together! We sing in our local community and our “band name” is #BROKENOCTAVE! (You can even follow us on Instagram @officalbrokenoctave)

Get to know “SQUAD” & Follow them on Instagram! ♥

Carlie Dill @gnarley_carlie

Carlie Claims, “I am a devout dog person, and a Disney addict”.

Myka Kristian @myka_kristian

Myka Says, ” Hey, I’m Myka. Living for Jesus. (♥1st Timothy 4:12) Show Choir is my thing”.

Payton Walters @cray_payy

Payton Says, “I’m Pay and I’m Cray. Lover of all things music”.


Dress Purchased at: Saks Fifth Avenue

Dress Designer: Badgley Mischka

Clutch: Gymboree

Shoes Purchased at: Dillard’s

Shoe Designer: Steve Madden