Yes it’s Old Navy & Yes it was only $4.69

March 29, 2016


Monday we didn’t have school but today we did. In order to get through the school day I decided to wear this maroon skirt that I scored this weekend. I paired it with a shirt I’ve had since freshman year(MK), because let’s be honest you really never can get rid of a classic! To top off this look, I put it w/ my platform sandals from Target that I purchased on sale last summer! (There are a few blog posts you find featuring them)

My curls! NO HEAT REQUIRED! It’s a miracle, seriously so delighted that we don’t have to fry our hair anymore! We can look put together and have healthy hair again! 🙂 So if you read my last blog post (YOU BEST NOT HAVE MISSED IT, IT HAD MY EASTER LOOK & MY BEAUTY TIP GONE WRONG) you’ll know what happened the first go around with the sponge curlers. This time I let my hair be completely dry, and I used the large pink conair sponge curlers. I slept over night in them (make sure you use hair spray over them) & woke up, took them out and ZAM! I had LOVELY CURLS! If we are being honest it was so much easier than using a hot tool too! No effort required! Since I’m on a heat ban you can expect more healthy hair styles soon! Tomorrow I’ll post a picture of what the curlers look like & where you can buy them! They were only $9 at Walmart!


Blouse: MK (3 years old)

Skirt: $4.69 Old Navy

Platforms: Target

P.S. I paid Luke a Sonic Shake to take these pictures of me today! Lol.




Alexa Dudley

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