Two Thousand Eighteen

January 3, 2018

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year friends!! I literally can not believe it is already 2018! 2017 was such a big year for me and I am so blessed. God literally did incredible and life altering miracles. I know I say it a million times but I am one blessed gal! I have so much to be thankful for and when I seem to think it’s as good as it will be GOD blows my mind yet again.

In 2018 I have high hopes for another amazing year. I pray for God to work through me in his kingdom as I want to keep his will at the center of my life. *insert Jesus at the center (which is actually one of my favorite songs and I happen to be learning it in Chinese). I’m inspired by many proverbs 31 women in my life and I hope to emmulate their walks with God. Outward beauty fades but inward beauty is forever.

While making resolutions isn’t exactly my style….I have a few of them in sorts. I have goals for 2018 and while they may be cliché or mundane they are still my goals. While some of them are very personal I still intend to list them below because one of my most major goals in 2018 is to dedicate more to my blog. (that means sharing more with you all) 1998miss.com has been a beautiful work in my life. I have loved sharing my passion for style, fashion, living life, travel, bargaining, dreaming, being inspired and living for God. I want to culminate a greater dedication to these loves in the new year. I hope to start a few new series in the new year and get an actual routine down for blogging! Most bloggers can relate when I say there is little time in our already jam packed schedules to really dedicate our best to the blog. In 2018 this is going to change-I don’t want to set limits on this or put restrictions on this because in my opinion 2018 is going to be about removing the limits I place on my life. God has shown me time and time again that nothing is impossible-so I am going to live this on the daily. I believe great things are in store for 1998miss.com and I can’t wait to see them in action. I believe even greater things are in store for my life in 2018.

To spare you my long winded thoughts here’s a more simple blurb on my 2018 goals. The biggest being not limiting myself with restrictions (resolutions) and things of the same sorts.

Here’s to 2018 y’all! May God bless you abundantly and may you be the best you can be in the new year!

My 19 2018 ambitions-NO LIMIT EDITION (19 because I’m not limiting 2018 to 18 goals)

  1. Sleep More (Wake up earlier, sleep earlier) (NO LIMITS)
  2. Blog More (NO LIMITS)
  3. Vlog (NO LIMITS)
  4. Pray More (NO LIMITS)
  5. Eat intentionally (NO LIMITS)
  6. Work out intentionally (NO LIMITS)
  7. Launch something new (NO LIMITS)
  8. Travel more (NO LIMITS)
  9. Fast more (NO LIMITS)
  10. Develop a deeper relationship with God (NO LIMITS)
  11. Meet new people (NO LIMITS)
  12. Read more (NO LIMITS)
  13. Stay in touch with friends (NO LIMITS)
  14. Continue dedicating my best to learning Chinese (NO LIMITS)
  16. Be the best student I can be (NO LIMITS)
  17. Get a stellar internship/job/opportunity (NO LIMITS)
  18. Find Love (NO LIMITS)
  19. Be the best Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley I can be (NO LIMITS)

Oh ya I forgot to mention I am so very excited to be witnessing two of my very good friends get married this year. From babies we waited and dreamed for these precious moments! God is so good to have kept us close! Thankful and blessed to be apart of their big days and share in their love! GOD IS SO GOOD!

I love sharing with you all and know 1998miss.com is going to be a great part of the new year!

May you be blessed abundantly!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


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