TN Camp Meeting – Night 3 ?

July 16, 2016




Just like every event that I attend, you save your favorite/best look for last. THE GRAND FINALE. My grand finale is grand because I feel chic & confident in my own look. I didn’t feel insecure that I’d be the only girl with a slick, tight, middle part with a blazer. I didn’t choose a frilly fun finale, but instead choose a confident classy look. This jacket screamed Chanel to me when I saw it in Banana Republic. I put it w/ my fav front slip Black Banana pencil skirt & MY PRECIOUS BABIES- My LOUBOUTINS. My mom let me borrow her bag & my look was grand. I liked being the different one, I loved feeling like an original-not a copy. Our fashion is supposed to express who we are so when we steal others ideas w/o crediting them we are basically saying we don’t want to be original but we want to be a copy. God made us as individuals, different but still beautiful in our own ways. Fashion is supposed to express who we are, what we like but it should also ALWAYS HONOR GOD. We are a temple of the Holy Spirit-God lives inside of us!!!!! We should adorn ourselves so that our temple is worthy of having the most high God live inside of us. God created us, we must honor his words towards how he wants us to dress as he explains in the bible. If we are not Holy then how is the Holy Spirit going to thrive inside of us? My mission is to make fashion my own, honor God, remain Holy, be an original not a copy, & let others know it is possible to be chic/trendy/fashionable/cute/beautiful & attractive without falling into the fashion of the world. We are Christians. WE ARE TO BE SET APART. Why should we look worldly when we are not of the world? The answer to this question is simple-there is no reason why we should choose to follow the fashion of the world!!!! Modesty is beautiful to men I promise!!! The world suggests showing more is “sexy” but God says differently. Men appreciate young ladies who keep modest as they keep their bodies holy. Men recognize that a woman who is dressed modestly is a woman who takes her body seriously. I choose to be set apart & I choose fashion.

Night 3 is my last night at TN CAMP MEETING 🙁 Brother Huntley from North Carolina brought a powerful message from God & made me excited to have truth in my heart. It made me excited that I’m moving to TN but also that I’m apart of something as great as the UPC. I took pictures with several friends as you can look through above!!! Love all of them! ♥️ After service my main group went to sonic & then drove around until we went to the late night mixer event. We played Soccer. YES I WAS ON THE FIELD IN THE ACTION. Then we went back to the Hotel & chatted 🙂 Memories!!!! We stayed up to late & went out with a BANG. ?




Black shirt-Forever 21 Crop

Skirt-Banana Republic | 6 months

Shoes- Louboutins

Chanel Like Jacket- Banana Republic

Chanel- MY MOMMY

The middle part w/ the role up bun- that’s my signature. NOT A COPY.

Love ya,

kisses ?

Alexa Dudley

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