TN Camp Meeting – Night 2 ?

July 15, 2016

TN Camp Meeting | Night 2 


Maroon makes me happy!!! If you haven’t noticed, this skirt + the black one w/ the front slits are my major staple for a dressy look! Thanks to my favorite Banana Republic. ?? My hair choice is sleek but peppy-a curly HIGH top knot. It’s my go to style if I wanna turn heads (just teasing) but it’s my go to style because I truly love it. There is a short story that goes along with the shoes I’m wearing with this look-these cages came from Dillard’s like 2 years ago. I purchased these babies for a little over 50$ during one of Dillard’s fabulous shoe sales! My mom convinced me to spend my 16 year old hard earned Kiwanis Club Concession Cash to get these cages & I fell under the precious peer pressure  of my mom. I bought the shoes-obviously. Here comes the funny/devastating part, I wore my new shoes to Sunday morning church & after lunch I was walking to the car when the heel literally broke off! ??? The worst part was that I had already waited three days & missed my opportunity to take these back to Dillard’s. To speed this story up I’ll just tell you they ended up sitting in the box w/ the broken heal & my look of shame in the direction that they sat. In my preparation of packing for TN I pulled them out declaring I would wear them broken if I must- okay I exaggerated a bit. I decided I would complain to my mom about how I wanted to wear the expensive BCBG Cages she convinced me to purchase. Simple repair it was- we bought Locktight from Walmart in Murfesburo, TN at midnight & it worked. We debated for ten minutes on the right glue but settled with the one with the picture of a shoe. ? High ratings to my TN friends + Locktight glue. Praise God!! Now the outfit-


Blouse- Dillard’s | Oldies

Skirt- Banana Republic | 6 months old

Cages- BGBG | Dillard’s

Bag- My Louis Vuttion 🙂 MY VERY OWN

love ya.


Alexa Dudley


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