July 15, 2016



Talk about loving a look!!! I loved this church outfit/day time duo. I was able to feel dressed for success, yet comfy & ready to anything that TN had to offer! This is a classic look that was easily put together! It was basic color blocking + a sleeveless blazer. 😉 The wedges were the perfect tone of blue & they dressed up this look for church! Funny thing is I’ve had these wedges for about 4 years now!!! They are an old pair from The Limited. (I never knew this purchase would be wore into the literal ground ?) I’d like to call these wedges an investment of sorts-my first wedges. Alright y’all today we enjoyed five guys burgers for lunch & I had a lettuce wrapped bacon mini (it was delicious)! I’m back on my low carb diet-a simple fix is to loose the bread & get rid of the carbs. Carbs are not our friends-unless we are working out & enjoying heathy complex carbs. After lunch we checked out The Avenue for some shopping! I hung with my new friends from TN & TX 🙂 I enjoyed chatting with an IBC boy & a Urshan   boy about their ministry & experiences at bible college. It’s incredible how God has the best plan for us but we often take our own route not trusting God & find ourselves falling on our knees crying out for God to help us. God is a loving & forgiving God-so he forgives us as soon as we repent. Then we soon get back on the road but this time God reroutes our GPS & we head in the direction of our final destination of Heaven. Rascal Flatts were right when they said “Life is a highway” but they forgot to mention the fact that it’s the highway in which we were placed on to serve a purpose-the purpose that God ordianed for us & created us to fulfill. I’m happy to report that no matter how many times we fail God will forgive us & reroute our path despite the wrong turns (mistakes) we make. 🙂




Blazer: Banana Republic

White T- Forever 21 Crop

Nude Skirt: Forever 21

Wedges- The Limited (oldies but goodies)

Green Plaid Picnic Purse: Dooney & Bourke

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Love always,

Alexa Dudley


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