tie-dye 4ever ?

June 25, 2016


This was such a fun look because it was fun to twirl in!!! Okay, that was juvenile-but it really was fun because of its tie dye print. I paired it with another one of those little modesty tight t shirts. They have honestly been my saving grace this week! (Besides JESUS) I’d like to take another moment and say PTL. I’d just like to say it’s amazing when you find something in every color, that is affordable, & that completes your look. Okay, now let’s get down to the details. 

Blouse: JCREW 

Skirt: Forever 21  $8.00

Tight White T: Forever 21 (crop top section) $6.99

Platforms: Target

P.S. Featured in today’s post is MY SPIRITUAL SISTER & PRAYER PARTNER @ Hannah Katt from NWA. I love Hannah so much & have to brag on her because she truly has such a sweet spirit! + she’s beautiful inside & out. She’s got a fun sense of style & a whole lot of fun up her sleeve. She’s dedicated her heart to God completely & is going to be going to IBC this fall! Hannah has spoke a lot into my life & I am so happy to have her be my undying prayer partner. She says “I’m going to drag you to IBC with me”! We’d be an unstoppable duo!!! Hannah your smile lights up a room & you’re going bless some handsome guys ministry in addition to your own here soon. I can’t wait to watch. I love you soooooooo much. You little BURKENWEENIE. Okay. Thanks for also being my bestie at JUNIOR CAMP. I miss you already. Oh & being 5hrs away from you is going to be a another blessing considering we are both 10hrs from home this fall. I LOVE YOU.

Puppy Dog snap chat pic?? That’s me w/ miss Madison Gaddy from AR. Madison is also a great spiritual friend I have. She’s speaks mighty prayers into others lives & I believe is going to be apart of a great ministry soon. Madison & I were acquaintances before #arcamps16 but now are like total amigos in Christ. She’s hilarious, spiritual, beautiful, sassy, sweet, darling, fashionable, caring & one of my favorite humans! Thanks for letting me be your buddy this week, sitting w/ me on the bleachers of judgement during all the tribulation, sharing snow cones, unlimited laughter, ice cream, praying for me, praying with me, breaking down on the golf cart after a good ole joy ride, pushing the golf cart back to the camper, & for being just a real solid, holy, & beautiful friend & example in my life. I love you!


In God We Trust


Alexa Dudley


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