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November 15, 2015


More like muggalcious, because of today’s weather. Yucky! I’m in favor for sunshine and chill or snow. LOL. Today’s look is a little something I threw together in 5 minutes before church this morning. I stayed up late last night finishing a mass load of AP homework so I slept in this morning & it caused me to be in a rush. I got this darling ’90s skirt from Goodwill last November & this sweater from my sister. I looked at the skirt…put it on then added the skinny belt and then it just came together as a cheetahlicious printed mix. Add my fav black pumps & baby Tory & perf! Now I’m headed to the Northpark Mall in Joplin, MO to do some walking! Inside & warm + I get to wear my super neon & cute athletic get up. This week I’m looking forward to cheer practice, NHS inductions (tomorrow, & I’m prez so bring on the stress), LOADS OF LAST MINUTE AP HW, my best friend being gone to Viva Las Vegas, & then release from school on Friday for THANKSGIVING BREAK! HALLELUJAH! WE GET AN ENTIRE WEEK! + My Sewanne application + My U of A application. 

P.S. I’m currently in a Harry Potter Fix! I just finished the first two books & I’ve been wondering why I haven’t read them before this revolutionary moment! We are having a YULE BALL @ MCHS & I’m hosting it with NHS!

P.P.S. Music I’m jamming to this week includes Adele oldies, & of course HELLO (fav song right now…sorry Sam Hunt) & I’m counting down the days until she releases 25! Oh & I intend on buying Mariah Carey CHRISTMAS CD to jam to in my old blue car as soon as Thanksgiving passes!

P.P.S.S. I included some pictures from the walking trip to the mall.


Skirt: Goodwill

Blk Shirt: Banana Republic

Cheetahlicious Sweater: SISTER Banana Republic MADMEN

Blk Pumps:Dillard’s



Alexa Dudley


Mellow Yellow

November 4, 2015


Today is a great day because I’m feeling overjoyed about being a senior.

& Today I took Nugget to get a hair cut @ our local barbor shop & it was sappy because I’m realizing I won’t be in this little town much longer. 🙁 but yay to growing up! Love Nugget-Luke. Hey I never mentioned that all photos on my blog are taken by both of my brothers, LUKE & MATTHEW. 


Button down: NY STATE Vineyard Vines

Skirt: OLD. Target

Loafers: JCREW

Tory Burch Nude Baby: Tory Burch


Alexa Dudley

CASUAL Wardrobe


October 7, 2015

 Red & Black

Adventures to Tan-Tar-A Resort


Today the National Honor Society officials (yesterday I was elected NHS chapter president! BLESSINGS!) made a journey to Tan-Tar-A Resort @ Lake of the Ozarks for a conference! I was very delighted to be going to what I call Tan-Tar-A…the dirty dancing resort. LOL. But it seriously reminds me of that movie! They have everything to offer, it’s cute & I picture Baby & her family there! My mom said when she was a teenager she had friends that would stay there every other summer, I thought it sounded swell. & VINTAGE. Anyways that is where I’ve been all day!

This event posed a dress code…wear mustang colors (RED & BLACK) & look cute yet be comfy for the long car ride! This is a common issue we all know but don’t worry I’ve gotten a solution! I knew immediately that a maxi was the way to go! I got this maxi from Ann Taylor Loft a few years ago and this is the first wear it has gotten! I got it for the bargain price of $6 & I love it because it is unique to the maxi skirt traddition because if flares out at the bottom! If you have the chance check out Tan-Tar-A and share you experiences in the comments!

P.S. What’s your dress code Dilemma?


Maxi: Ann Taylor Loft $6

Sweater: Dillard’s *OLD

Shoes: Dillard’s 

Bracelet: Canada (I got it this summer on my trip to Canada & the East Coast!)

Purse: Coach (I paired this to match the studs on my shoes) 


Alexa Dudley