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sweet ole sailor #arcamps16 DAY 1

June 21, 2016

Cutie. Cutie. Salior Dress.

STRIPES & Fun Buns! ♥️

Alright y’all I LOVE THIS LOOK!!! This is a little bit of nautical 🙂 it’s def going to be one of my favs from this week. Okay, so the reasons why I love this dress is because it’s a dressy outfit but not dressy (ya know what I’m sayin) & it’s SO COMFY. I feel modest & don’t feel like I am about to roast. The triple ties on the waist line are super fun & the Jack Rogers finish out my preppy fun day. Hannah Katt my gal pal calls these buns, Fun Buns 🙂 I HAVE TO AGREE!!! She has on stripes & fun buns too! 😉 yay! The funny thing is last week at Junior Camp we legit matched everyday! Lol.

So today I’m talking modesty!! As we all know, or for those who don’t…modesty is a beautiful thing. I believe there is a reason that we adorn ourselves modestly- #1 it honors God!!!! Sometimes it’s hard to find your fit in a new trend because more than likely it’s a trend that is immodest. The simple solution to those tank dresses or sleeves shirts is here! It’s a bargain & it comes in almost every color or style imaginable-it’s the striped half shirt underneath! YES! It’s a half shirt so it doesn’t add an extra hot layer to sweat under + no extra layer by the tummy region! (That’s one thing I hate about layering because it adds more to the areas I don’t need more LOL) These shirts are light & breezy & so affordable. They come in short sleeves & long sleeves for whatever you are feeling!! I’ve worn one already this week + this one & another one during the day tomorrow! 😉 if you’ve got any more interests about the details of these “MODEST IS HOTTEST LAYER SHIRTS” just comment below or message me! 🙂 I’ll be linking the few I have below! Alright y’all.


Salior Dress: NBC $4


Jacks (Jack Rogers): Jack Rogers.

Monogram Basket Bag: Little Mississippi Boutique 




Alexa Dudley

p.s. I can’t wait to share tonight’s look. :-))


#arcamps16 |Night Nude| #1

June 21, 2016



I am at ARKANSAS SENIOR CAMP! YAY! For the first night of service I am wearing a simple little nude dress & some ankle heals w/ sparkle to spice up this dress. It’s a dress I got to wear to a wedding a while back and I simply haven’t worn it since then. Honesty in the back of my mind I thought it wouldn’t fit but to my surprise it did! I paired it with these shoes because it needed a bit of spice! These shoes are for sure the way to stop the show, if you need to. LOL. The great thing about my shoes is that they came from NBC for a bargain price & I wore them in the Queen homecoming parade. :)) Okay, I also have to apologize big time because I have not blogged in about a month. I am home from Africa with a life changing experience that I’ll forever keep but I have not blogged it. I also have not blogged my grad party, graduation, or prom! I plan to do this soon I’ve just been soooo busy! I frequently update my IG @1998miss with what I’m wearing & doing so check that out & give me a follow. I also have some AFRICA pictures!! OH & THIS IS SO EXCITING BECAUSE I HAVE SOME NEW WOMEN OF FAITH! FEATURING SOON: SIS HUZIAR FROM CALIFORNIA SOCAL | SIS ENSEY FROM ST. LOUIS, MO | SIS RICHARDSON FROM TN, & MADAGASCAR, AFRICA |

🙂 I can’t wait to get back to doing what I love!


DRESS: Ann Taylor Loft // it’s old 🙁 






Alexa Dudley!