Sunday at Sewanee

August 28, 2016

Sunday’s at Sewanee

So if you’re curious about my routine on Sunday & if it’s changed much since my routine at home, I’d have to say yes! I am in college and I AM STILL ATTENDING CHURCH! This is a main priority when going to college, it was absolutely a deciding factor in my choice to attend Sewanee. I appreciate the level of higher education but also the recognition of religion. Although I do not traditionally practice an Episcopalian faith I do believe in the principle of God. I find the episcopalian faith very interesting and actually beautiful. If you’ve seen All Saint’s Chapel at Sewanee or learned of the traditions of this region you would agree with me. Anyways…I moved in 2 weeks ago to study religion in FYP but it was so busy that I even had class on Sunday! I didn’t get to go to church!!! 🙁 Today I finally was able to attend and boy was I glad I got too! You don’t know how much you miss something until it’s gone. I miss my home church in Rogers, Arkansas but was welcomed with open arms today to a friends church. I met Trey Kelly on my mission trip to Madagascar, where I discovered he lived 40 minutes from the campus I was moving to. His parents pastor the church I attended today. It was so nice to see a familiar face and be able to feel at home. I’m excited to be getting through freshman orientation on Wednesday and being able to start classes!!!! As I said before I am going to launch a youtube channel for!!! YAY One of the topics I plan to talk about is COLLEGE + CHURCH & MY ROUTINE.

Until Then…


Skirt: Target

Tank: Banana Republic

Belt: My mom’s Brighton belt from her teenage years

Wedges: Target

White Cover Top: The lovely BCBG piece I mentioned on my last post. SALE!

Black Bag: Marshall’s (Baby Chanel inspo)


Alexa Dudley

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