snow day #2 w/sparkle uggs

January 21, 2016

SNOW DAY #2 w/ sparkle UGGS

I was so incredibly happy this morning when I woke to a tweet notification from our superintendent letting me know we wouldn’t be having school today. I smashed my face back in to the pillow with a big ole smile planted on my face. Honestly there is nothing better than the feeling of stress free sleep. I slept until 10 (shhh I know that’s bad) & then watched Men in Black and some Mob Wives w/ my fam bam. I had an emergency & spontaneous show choir practice then I went to work where I am a waitress. (I am so blessed with this job, check out ISABELLA’S TRIO in Anderson, Missouri)! I’m home now, nuzzled in bed writing my blog post and praying for one more day off from school. FINGERS CROSSED, I even went on a limb and did a poll on Twitter @dudley_alexa ANWAYS, I’m cheering tomorrow and I’ll share my spirit day look & my day with SQUAD. Saturday is my Mt. Vernon show choir competition 🙂


Noir Shirt: Sale Kohls (already on in a different look, I wore it because it’s so cute + I have to have on black for work)

Jean Skirt: OLD NAVY

Leggings: Ma’s Closet

Sparkle Warkle UGG boots: Dillard’s 


Love Always,


Alexa Dudley

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