Sewanee Multi-Cultural Fashion Show

December 8, 2016

    Cultural Fashion Show


         The University of The South

Hey y’all! Finally here are some pictures from the fashion show. I was so excited about attending this event as it was so unique to Sewanee. The students involved in the line of clothing were all international students studying abroad at Sewanee. Many of my friends were involved and they did amazing! The event was held at the women’s center and was catered with some local cuisine! The tiger girls performed and also a Scottish dancer. I attended the event with my friends Annie, Isabel and Crystal! Next year I hope to get involved in the fashion show and potentially would love to walk in my Native American apparel. More details soon.

Here’s the details of what I was wearing to the show


Skirt: BCBG SALE $16.99

    Shirt: Classic Black Tie, Target

    Sweater: MAD MEN, Banana Line

       Pointed Heels: Elizabeth Stewarts, Paris

I wanted to go with a classic look so I went with all black with a classic nude sweater! The cheetah print spiced the classic up just a little! I put on my pointed heels (Elizabeth Stewarts) that I literally bought in Paris, France during my trip to Europe with my mom and great grandfather! These shoes were the star of the show because they are so uncommon! I love the mix of brown and black too! I choose a wavy ponytail for two reasons, the first being I had like 20 minutes to get ready and the second pony tails are classic and so sleek! That’s it from this event and this look!

Great Job to the models! Great event Sewanee!

You know you love me,



Yes I just totally tried to steal this line from GG but it just wasn’t the same. LOL.

        Love y’all

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