Runway Inspired

October 20, 2017

Happy Friday!!!! I am loving the cooler weather in Sewanee and I couldn’t be more excited for fall break starting today!!!!

This is yesterday’s look. It felt really good to get creative again with what I am wearing. I have to tell you I was getting a little bit lazy last week with my outfits!!! In my defense I was swamped with college-none the less we should always love what we’re wearing because we love ourselves!!! Postive look is positive mindset. It gives me confidence to do my day as the best Alexa I can be when I am looking 10/10. Lol or just when I put effort into my look….you know I think professors notice when you look nice for their class it’s a certain amount of class to dress up for class. I also think it is respectful to the instituation and professor’s class you are attending. (Note: I still have those days where I just throw on a dress for class!! Guilty as charged! But I do love when I can look put together for my classes!)





White Button Down: Bannana Republic

Belt: My mom’s in the 80’s! Brighton Belt!

Skirt: Ballet Dress-Forever 21

Ballet Flats: Dillard’s

Quilted Chained Shoulder Bag: Michael Kors, Dillard’s

P.S. I call this runway inspired because I put a lot of trendy ideas I have seen in upscale fashion to put together this outfit!

Photo Credits: My best friend! Miranda!

All my love,

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


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