November 8, 2016



hey y’all I mailed in my absentee ballot today & sadly I don’t get one of those little darling “I voted” stickers to signify how special this day is  ??♥️VOTING✔️It is so important that we as American people use our right to vote & cherish it because so many suffered for this. It’s your job as an American person to vote! It’s political efficacy, friends. I am a young lady in college, I’m Christain & I’m conservative. THAT IS RIGHT I AM ALL THREE OF THOSE THINGS: A YOUNG LADY IN COLLEGE, I AM CHRISTIAN, I AM CONSERVATIVE and I practice my right to vote. I’ve established that being in the minority of Conservatives on Sewanee’s Liberal campus that is so important that I voice my opinion & values! It’s wrong for me to feel like being in favor of #DONALDTRUMP & having CHRISTIAN values is not political correctness. You know what? IT IS ONLY POLITICAL CORECTNESS when this country gets back to what is actually politically correct, WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD, a country that wouldn’t survive without him in it so let’s for once get back to being politically correct and recognize that CHRIST is in our sovereign foundation. I AM PRO LIFE, I BELIEVE OUR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, & I BELIEVE AMERICA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! So let’s do our jobs America & vote for @realdonaldtrump because it’s no longer just about the candidates it is about the future of our country.
Join me in prayer this next Tuesday for our country. #Nov8thpraytoday(created for this movement’s purpose) Comment below if you’ll pledge to do this!
Oh ya, this is totally going to be on the blog + more. Conservative & Christain on this week. Do me a favor and read this post because it’s values are so important!!! #DONALDTRUMP #VOTE #GOP#CollegeRepublicans #Conservative #Christian #America#DOWNWITHKILLARYCLINTON #COLLEGE

This was the comment I made on my Instagram post when I voted early last week via absentee ballot. As I sit currently typing up this blog post on November 8th in my residence hall on Sewanee’s liberal arts campus I consider how much I value my political affiliation. I am proud to be REPUBLICAN. I wore my my “raised right” pin to McClurg tonight for dinner & I am so glad I did. I took a stand to go against the standard here at Sewanee. I found disapproving looks but I am still all smiles because GOD BLESS AMERICA I am allowed to have freedom of speech.


Love Y’all.


Alexa Dudley

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