Religious Studies / FYP / Sewanee goes to Nashville

August 27, 2016

Field Trip to Nashville. 

Hey y’all! I’m taking this religion class here in FYP at Sewanee. My course is taught by Dr. Brown and it has been the most intriguing experience at Sewanee yet. I can say I love learning again. I feel so challenged and interested in exploring the different religious practices on the Cumberland Plato. I feel inspired to again witness truth to all those lost that I encounter. I hope to be a light to the Buddist people, the Hindu people, the agnostic people and those who just don’t know Jesus. I hope to share with them through my actions that Christ lives inside of me. I want people to know that there is POWER in the name of JESUS. I felt inspired in my commitment to modesty all over again being on Sewanee’s campus. I am a light of the living truth and what better way to be set apart than by my modest apparel. I am sharing my blog with others which in turn is another outlet in which I can minister to those I encounter. I don’t feel worried when people ask me “what is it that you believe?”, “what is your religion?” or “why do you only wear skirts?”- Instead I feel excited to answer these people. I simply want to say that my whole life has changed because of my God. I mostly say I am a Apostolic Pentecostal and I believe in only one God, Jesus Christ. Duet 6:4 Anyways let’s get down to business on how you can


Headband: jcrew


Skirt: Banana Republic

Shoes: Dillard’s

P.S. I got the best compliment today from my friend Keely, She said “I know who you look like….Serena Van Der Woodson! You’ve even got the hair”. How could I not just squeeze this girl after this beautiful compliment. What teen girl doesn’t want to be called a replica of the BEAUTIFUL BLAKE LIVELY (Also Happy Birthday…even though you probably won’t ever read this)

That’s all for now about this look.


Alexa Dudley

P.P.S. I had my first dinning experience eating Indian Cuisine in Nashville today with my FYP class. It was delicious and the perfect meal after we visited the Hindu temple where I felt a deeper connection to witness truth all over this world.

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