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August 28, 2016

Pink & Preppy

Sewanee + Alexa = Pink & Preppy. I love going to Plenary Lectures because the conversation is intriguing and the fashion is alive. In public school there wasn’t consistent effort in Class Dress like here at The University of The South. Everyday students at Sewanee dress for success! This is going to be an exciting new chapter in my life because I am suddenly going to be surrounded with inspiration. I look forward to learning more about Southern trends and how I can put my own little spin on them!


Shirt: Ralph Lauren

Skirt: Banana Republic

Shoes: Boating Classics/Sperry Top Sider

Sunnies: Kate Spade


Alexa Dudley

P.S. Tomorrow’s look will be featuring a new BCBG item I got on sale this summer for back to school!! It’s classy & I am looking forward to getting to wear it to church tomorrow. THAT’S RIGHT I SAID IT…..I GET TO GO TO CHURCH TOMORROW. YAY! It’s been far to long y’all-I haven’t gotten to go since I’ve been on the mountain and that’s been far to long. I’ll be attending a church in TN that my friend Trey Kelly’s attends. I met Trey in Madagascar, Africa this summer. Throwback to my trip to TN with Regan Hampton this summer to TN Camp Meeting. Shoutout to you Regan, I love & miss you so much.

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