pink lace & ? sweetie dress #arcamps16

June 30, 2016


Little pink lace & bow sweetie dress!!!

Y’all!!!! You loved this little handmade linen dress! I think I got the most feedback on this look at #arcamps16 than any other!! I can tell you exactly why…it’s because everyone wants a unique & sweet dress like this. I would love to tell you where it came ¬†from & link one for you to get but I can’t. It’s impossible, this little dress came from GOODWILL. Yes I said it. ????? It was one of those “on the rack & it’s a no go” but my mom asked me to try it on & I did & I LOVED IT. Here comes the “?” moment, I got it for $3. I’m blessed. It’s like the sweetest most presh look. The little lace underneath was my modesty top from Forever 21 which I talked about in another post from this week + on my Instagram. @1998miss The lesson is never turn down an item until you put it on your body. You could be amazed & also the other lesson is you can get darling, & unique items at goodwill so don’t turn your nose up to something “pre loved”! That being said, have some taste with what you choose & also don’t load up on trendy items that are a “one time wear”‘or else you will fill your closet with stuff you don’t want. I’m guilty of this, just don’t do it. Have a plan when headed to Goodwill. Set a limit of $$$$

alright y’all

I love you bunches!

I really appreciate all the love on IG with this look, I went out feeling confident! I felt like a million bucks because of the sweet words. Please continue to comment your thoughts & ideas! Don’t hesitate to ask me where it’s from! Comment on here too!! Share too! Give me a follow on

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