The latest in Denim + A Skirted Fancy Review!

October 4, 2018

Hi friends!!! I am so happy you’ve stopped into 1998miss.com for today’s post!

This week I’m talking “denim” and let me just say it’s one of my favorite topics!

Do y’all ever have those moments where you think a piece of clothing is 100% you or your style? Well more than not when I put on a denim skirt I feel like I’ve found myself in clothing. So that’s one of the reasons I’m talking denim with you + denim is something that NEVER goes out of style! Just think, even in the 50’s gals were  rocking denim just like they are in 2018! Think about it- for sure your grandma must have had a classic pair of high waisted wranglers or maybe your mom has some amazing Joes Jeans! (P.S. If you can get your hands on those…do it because there is denim and then there is VINTAGE DENIM!!!!!!)

So while denim has been a constant in fashion since the beginging there are a few things changing. Some styles you might know and love like the

the boyfriend

the skinny jean

the high waisted

the low rise

the mom jean

the classic

the bootcut

the flared

the ripped

are still around but they might have just a little more spice than usual!


Let’s talk about some of these creative twists!!!!




  1. Adding Patches of other shades of denim.
  2. Custom Embroidery
  3. Bleaching your denim
  4. Painting your denim
  5. Adding diamonds or pearls

These are some of my favorite ways you can spice up your denim but there are so many more out there! I’m looking forward to trying out these trends and putting my own spin on them! The great thing about these ideas is that they are not limited to jeans or skirts…you can also do this to a classic staple piece like your denim jacket!

Here are a few visuals to inspire you……





Looking at these unique designs inspires me and reminds me that while denim is a classic there are so many ways you can make it personal!!!

I can’t wait to try some of these great ideas!!!!




So being a gal who wears only denim skirts I can help you out on a thing or two about where to acquire modest yet trendy. I can also let you in on where to get the best jeans if that’s your cup of tea!

Before I started wearing only skirts and dressing modestly I had a few favorite pairs of jeans! I actually ended sewing those favorites into skirts but am still certain that they were bomb jeans as well! (I’ll let you in on how to sew jeans in a little bit *stay tuned)

So here’s my top few!







So obviously price range is different depending on which of these stores you shop at so here’s my guide to buying your denim.

First of all denim is an investment because you can wear it with almost everything. Secondly think about how comfortable the denim is and if you feel like you will wear it 24/7 because that will tell you if the price is worth it. Also a good pair of jeans or jean skirt will last you a long time so don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars more for the higher quality!

So I’m a sale girl at heart but I also have expensive taste so more often or not I wait for a style to go on sale. For example when I wore jeans all the time I would wait and buy Rock Revival/Joes Jeans from Nordstrom/Dilllards when they were marked down. Thanks to my momma for teaching me how to shop!

I’ve gotten several jean jackets from GAP! I used to buy jeans from Gap but overall I always come out with a great jean jacket! I actually got one for $6 once!

Forever 21 has ocassinoally had some fast fashion denim! I love the ripped style so a lot of times I would get those jeans here! Now when I’m wanting a modest length ripped denim skirt I will still buy jeans here and sew them into a skirt!

H&M I can honestly find just good jean skirts from! They are usually modest and need no touch ups + AFFORDABLE

Finally for my high waist addiction I will always go to Goodwill to find my denim! I have sewn so many different skirts from denim that came from Goodwill! There is usually a lot of great quality denim here! I once got a pair of vintage Guess jeans and hello vintage Guess jean skirt!!! If you’re feeling the DIY spirit I would reccomend checking out Goodwill! You won’t regret it!

P.S. Don’t be afraid to buy a pair of pants you love and make it into a skirt! It just takes a little practice and you will love tailoring your own skirt!!!




So I’m not a pro when it comes to this but I am a person of experience! I have literally sewn so many different jean skirts from jeans this last summer in order to get the perfect skirt! I honestly have an addiction to denim skirts! So when I see a pair of jeans I like my first thought is always “oh my goodness that would make such a cute skirt”! Just ask my mom, the dinning room this last summer became a sewing room!!!! So I unfortunelty don’t have a tutorial for how to sew a skirt from pants available yet (thinking about doing one in the future) but I do have a link to what I used to guide me + a few skirts I sewed!!!!!


Click here to learn how to use a sewing machine!

Click here to learn how to make pants into a skirt!


Here are two skirts I sewed last summer! They started out as jeans and were both pretty expensive denim items I wanted to start wearing again! I really loved a ripped look so I searched for months about how to sew them into a skirt and how to make rips! They were a labor of love and the red one is for sure a spicy skirt! While they are not perfect I sure love them and I love that I made them!

The Black Below The Knee Modest Structured Super Distressed Denim Skirt

By Skirted Fancy


Okay so we’ve gone through the denim basics and now I want to share with you an AMAZING DENIM SKIRT I WAS SENT FROM SKIRTED FANCY! Literally y’all I don’t collaborate with anyone who doesn’t have something I actually love. This skirt is something I am 198% in LOVE WITH!!!!! Melissa Zimmerman you did an amazing job designing this skirt! Thank you from all the modest gals out there!!!

SO collaborating with Melissa Zimmerman (Skirted Fancy) has been something I have wanted to do for such a long time and I was SO excited when it actually happened. I’ve had my eye on her skirts for a while now and love her Instagram/blog/shop! If you are not familiar with this gal you’ve got to get aquainted!

Here’s her links:

Instagram: @skirtedfancy

Blog: Skirtedfancy.com

Shop: Skirted Fancy & A Little Bit Fancy

Not only is she a beautiful, talented gal paving the way for modest gals everywhere she is also a wife and a very talented lawyer! That is one of the reasons I find her so inspiring! Sometimes studying to be a doctor can be challenging and I feel like I’m neglecting the other creative passions I have but when I see Melissa Zimmerman I see I can do both! I also see how much of a blessing Law has been in making her other dreams come true! You go gal! Thanks for being an inspiration!


So now let’s talk this skirt! So It is AMAZING as I previously said but here’s why
















I literally love this skirt and can’t wait to style it up and down! I don’t think I can live without the light denim so lookout for it because chances are I’ll have to have it soon! It’s so cute! I got so many compliments when I wore the black to class on Tuesday! As a gal who wears mostly denim skirts I can 100% say if there was a denim skirt I couldn’t live without THIS WOULD BE IT.


It is a little bit of an investment but don’t worry about it because you’re gonna love it! I think you wear it so much that it’s worth the investment + let’s support a fellow modest advocate!

It ships so quickly so as soon as you order you’ll get it!


Melissa Zimmerman you are awesome! Thank you for making this modest necessity available for all the modest gals out there! Keep doing what you’re doing you are an inspiration! OH AND ENJOY YOUR TRIP!







Bless others & Be blessed!

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley



EVENING Home Wardrobe

My Fall Favorites: A list + fall inspiration.

September 27, 2018

Fall inspiration.

I love fall y’all! It is seriously one of my favorite seasons of all time. Fall to me means Thanksgiving, sweater weather, booties, warm coffee, beautiful leaves, pumpkins, fall candles, blankets and the crisp fall air.

I’m excited for this fall because I have special plans for fall break and Thanksgiving! I am working hard daily so I can enjoy and rest during these breaks spending time doing things I love.

My inspiration for fall comes from everywhere! I love searching fall on instagram, pinterest and of course in magazines! I’m always curious to see how people are celebrating fall in unique yet specific ways. Below you’ll find traditional ways to celebrate, unconventional ways, my favorite fall scents, movies, words and quotes.


 Traditional ways to celebrate fall:

Order a warm Starbucks drink and post about it.

Visit a pumpkin patch.

Carve a pumpkin.

Do a cute fall photo shoot with the leaves.

Wear cute fall clothes.

Corn Maze it up.

Light a fall candle.


So this blog post it to remind you of those wonderful and traditional methods of celebrating fall- also to inspire you to maybe do something unconventional.


More unconventional ways to celebrate fall:

Write a list of people you are thankful for and mail them a note (like actual mail not message but using cute fall stationary)

Legit go apple bobbing-like make it an actual event for your loved ones and either hang apples by string or do it in water!!!

Have a sleepover with all your best pals and talk about your favorite things about the season of life you are currently in.

Instead of watching new scary movies get all your pals together and watch some old frights because most likely they will leave you laughing.

Go to a football game with your loved one and drink hot chocolate.

Eat a fall breakfast.

Go on a weekend getaway and document it.

Start running.

Get up earlier to use all of the daylight.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

Paint a pumpkin instead of carving it.

Don’t order a PSL but order something unconventional.

Start a novel.

Write a poem.

Think about how blessed you are and do something to show your thankfulness.

Make Halloween Pancakes – Check out Pinterest.



My favorite fall quotes:

“Pumpkin kisses and harvest wishes.”

“Life starts all over again whe nit gets crisp in the fall” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it it is to let the dead things go.”

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”- Anne of Gree Gables

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time whe everythig bursts with it’s last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”- Laure DeStefano

“The only thing getting lit this weekend are my fall scented candles.”

“There’s always something to be thankful for!”

“Trick or Treat yo’self”


My favorite fall words:




Sweater Weather

Falling Leaves

Crisp Fall Air

Hot Apple Cider

Trick or Treat




Corn Mazes


Cuddling under blankets


My favorite fall candle scents:

Autumn Leaves -Yankee Candle

Pumpkin French Toast -B&BW

Marshmallow Fireside -B&BW

Apple Cinnamon-ALL OF THEM

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

Sweater Weather

Salted Carmel -Yankee Candle

My favorite fall movies:

Hocus Pocus

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Halloween Town

Monsters Inc.


Scooby Doo

Hotel Translyvania

The Goonies

Gossip Girl

Fall Fashion Inspiration:



An account you HAVE TO FOLLOW:

Courtney Toliver.

One of my favorite gals who is always providing the most darling modest fall outfits/home inspiration is Courtney Toliver. You can check out her blog here and her Instagram here!


Fall photos from a past photoshoot to inspire your fall photos!



Bless others & Be blessed!

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley






Being the single bridesmaid and three things to remember.

September 20, 2018

Hahahha~ hey y’all! Happy Thursday I’m so happy you’ve stopped in at 1998miss.com.

Today I’m talking about the beauty of weddings and being a single bridesmaid.

It’s such an exciting topic and it’s one I have wanted to write about for a little while!

So today’s the day!

First of all congrats to my friends the Keller family, the Pulliam family  and the Vaught family! I love you all so much and want to thank you for including me in your wedding. Each wedding was special, beautiful and uniquely specific to your love stories. I love y’all and I will never forget standing beside you beautiful brides!


Cheers to the beautiful brides I call friend!


The Keller Wedding


Abbie Keller, you were stunning and I literally cried so much when you walked down the aisle. You have been a very special friend in my life- you’ve been my oldest friend and you know everything about me. I trust you with the deepest things and I just want to say thank you for being a friend of seventeen years. I loved your wedding because of many reasons but my favorites were where you said “I do” (her grandparents a place I can remember spending many days there laughing with you), your unity ceremony (foot washing), your photography and your flower crown (it was so you)! Running around on the morning of your wedding is something I will never forget and our conversation the night before, I think it might be my fondest memory with you. I love you so much and I am so happy you have found a forever love with Jordan. You both love Christ and it is evident in your relationship. I pray God will continue to bless your marriage.

Oh and super cool thing about this friendship is that it started in pre-school and one day at a Christmas performance my great-grandma Virgina (a very special lady) was taking my picture with little Abbie bumping into Abbie’s dad when he exclaimed “Mrs. Payton!”. Yes my great grandmother Virgina was my pre-school best friends first grade teacher along with his twin brother and younger sister. My grandma was a very precious lady- she influenced so many lives including my own and the fact that she had been a teacher for most of Abbie’s family was a wonderful, unique and just so special. You see I believe God ordained my friendship with Abbie and I believe that is why it has lasted for so long. Thank you Jesus for your unique and beautiful works!


Abbie and I growing up!

Abbie and I on her wedding day!

Abbie on her wedding day!

Abbie and Jordan Keller on their wedding day!


The Pulliam Wedding

Mariah Pulliam, you were a beautiful bride with the most perfect dress. I also cried like a baby when you walked down the aisle to marry your best friend. I cried because you have been through so much yet you have stayed faithful to God. I am so proud of the woman you have become and of the life you have made for yourself. Your honor and comittment to Christ is so beautiful-it’s inspiring. Thank you for choosing me as your bridesmaid and thanks for throwing me your flowers (It seems like I’m gonna need them LOL). You have also been a very special friend in my life, we’ve been friends since we were 4 or 5 years old. Another beautiful friendship that has remained strong. Thank you for that and for loving my crazy uniqueness. You’re always laughing at something I’m doing and I love that! You and Nathan are precious together-literally God made you for each other. My favorite things about your wedding were the bridesmaid look (we got a color and were able to pick our own dress + we got to wear our hair however we felt most confident-a major bonus for the pictures), your dress (modest & BEAUTIFUL ON YOU), your music (it made me cry it was so perfect) and the fact that you did it all. You were so calm and you planned the perfect day something I hope to be just like when I get married. You and Nathan make a beautiful couple and I pray God will use you in mighty ways. I’m thankful for my new found friend in Nathan and the fact that you found your happily ever after. I love y’all and lookout I’m coming for ya St. Louis. 🙂


Mariah and I growing up.

Mariah and I on her wedding day!

Mariah on her wedding day!

Mariah and Nathan Pulliam on their wedding day!


The Vaught Wedding


Regan Vaught, GIRLLLL you were a gorgeous bride and you guessed I cried when you walked down the aisle (I guess I just do that-I love weddings). You had such a beautiful wedding and it was so unique to you. I loved that about it-every detail was you. You have been a very special friend in my life because we were not friends until we went to Madagascar, Africa together on a trip that changed both of our lives. Although we both came from good ole Arkansas it wasn’t until we were under a starry Madagascar sky that we became best amigos. (Cue the tears) Our friendship is special because of that and the memories we made on that trip are ones I will never forget. Also side note THANK YOU FOR BEING MY PHOTOGRAPHER LOL. We’ve been friends for 3 years now and they are some special years. They are the years where I fully accepted my call to missions and grew closer to God. You were a constant prayer partner in those times and that is one of my favorite things about you. Your journey to find Ethan was special and I am so happy that God brought you to together. Your ministry as a couple is beautiful and just plain GOALZ (like Jesus I’m taking notes ;)) I am so excited to see where God takes you as a couple and I’m excited I have found a new friend in Ethan. My favorite part of your wedding was that it was so y’all (the venue and the PB&J unity ceremony), your bridesmaids (I got to make a bunch of new friends who I love!!! Shoutout to having the best bridal weekend and for having stellar girlfriends), your VINTAGE DRESS and the fact that Ethan is your soulmate.

P.S. Thanks for having me a few weeks ago! Y’all are the sweetest and cutest friends. Love your house and the time that we spent together! XO

Regan and I over the last few years.

Regan and I on her wedding day!

Regan on her wedding day!

Regan and Ethan on their wedding day!


Being the single bridesmaid.

So in one summer I was a bridesmaid three times and I loved it. I got to stand by my friends and watch them start their forevers. I believe love is the most beautiful thing on this planet and I am certain that each one of my precious friends have found forever love.  Seeing my friends say “I do” makes me excited for the future, excited to graduate from Sewanee and find my forever. I believe everyone has their own journey and God has the perfect timing for every love story. While that is easy to write, it sometimes can be hard to swallow when you’re still single as a pringle. You will sometimes feel lonely, insecure and have doubt about where you are in your life in comparison to those around you. Those are normal feelings but we must do our best to avoid feeling that way because the bible advises us against it. If we truly trust God we will never doubt, if we truly love Christ we will know we are perfect just as we are, if we truly want the best life we can have in Christ we won’t compare ourselves with others because God has a different plan unique to each person. We can not truly have our best life in Christ if we are focused on someone elses best life in Christ.  🙂

Oh, and your twenty’s are a weird time… some of your friends are in college, some are getting married, some are working, some might be having a baby and some might just be chilling.

So here’s 3 things to remember when you’re the single bridesmaid.

  1. Celebrate where YOU are in life!
  2. Be excited for your friends and remember your time will come.
  3. Trusting God with your future means trusting him completely.

While these rules might seem like common sense sometimes we need to be reminded & trust me girl I’m here to help.

P.S. Wherever you are my forever love I’m working hard for us. I just know we’re going to do great things together for Christ and when the time comes to say “I Do” I’ve got three gals who made excellent brides in mind for bridesmaids. (Wabbs, Riah & Regan) <3

I love you girls and I am thankful for y’all.


Bless others & Be blessed!

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley





Featured Writers WOMEN OF FAITH

Your unique ability and using it for God’s glory.

September 16, 2018

My music career began in fourth grade when we were privileged enough to learn how to play the recorder. As a nine-year-old, I figured playing the recorder would be a life skill I would rely on throughout my lifetime. I mean, it had to have been pretty important in order for our music teacher to delegate all this time for us to learn to play “Hot Cross Buns”… right? Wrong. Fortunately for everyone else, I have not had to utilize my talent of, or rather my lack of talent, playing the recorder. 

The truth is, playing instruments is not a God-given talent for me. I tried my best at playing the piano, but shortly I become frustrated and gave up. I also learned to play the clarinet in jr high. I didn’t get too far with that either… 

Actually, there are a lot of things that are not God-given talents for me: sports of ANY kind, quilting, yodeling, race car driving, etc. 

Rather God decided to give me weird talents: organizing items in alphabetical order in record time, organizing my room to be as efficient as possible, solving calculus equations, etc. 

Despite the strangeness, I am able to use the talents God gave me for His kingdom. 

In Matthew 25:14-30, the parable of the talents is given. This parable is pretty common so I won’t insult your intelligence by summarizing the entire parable. What I want you to focus on is how the last man took his talents and hid them. 

Verse 18 tells us, “But he who had received one went and dug in the ground, and hid his lord’s money.”

If you jump down to verse 26, the Lord calls the man a “wicked and lazy servant” for hiding those talents. 

God was upset the man did not use his talents, or multiply them, so He took the man’s talents away. 

This parable should serve as a lesson for us all. 

We are called to do everything as unto God, and that includes using our random, unique abilities. 

I sat in a split session at a BOTT PK conference. In that class, the speaker randomly asked us what our talents were. Some answered the typical “church” talents: singing, playing an instrument, preaching. However, it was those that gave uncommon answers that we discussed the most- those that were talented with children, administrative work, manual labor, etc. 

The speaker then took each talent the audience gave and offered a way it could be used for His kingdom. 

Are you good with your hands? Help with maintenance around the church property.

You know how to interact with kids? Help out in Sunday school.

You do well at organizing things? Offer to organize closets or drawers around the church, or offer your assistance with administrative work. 

You have neat handwriting and can do calligraphy? Offer to help decorate for events or holidays.

You’re great at marketing, or you have the best IG flow? Volunteer to help your church’s social media 

You’re adventurous and like to go to unique places? Help plan outings for the youth group. 

I found a quote the other day that caught my attention:

“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” 

-Fabienne Fredrickson

God was intentional when He created each and every one of us. Your unique interests and hobbies can be used for His glory. All it takes is a true desire and hunger to allow God to use all that you have for His purpose.

God needs YOU. When He created the Earth, He saw that His creation was good. Yet, He wasn’t pleased until He created man. 

You are vital to His kingdom. Your unique abilities, personality, and situation will put you in positions to make disciples that others, including myself, would never have the opportunity to minister to. 

Don’t shy away from the talents God has created you with. 

We are the body of Christ (I Corinthians 12:12-31). Each person with their unique talents is needed for the gospel to reach the whole world. 

For the gospel to reach every nation, it requires you and me to not be envious of another’s abilities. Which means I cannot become overwhelmed with envy when someone is elevated because they are using their talents for Him. I can’t sit on a pew during praise and worship and roll my eyes wondering why I can’t sing like she/he can, or why I can’t speak as eloquently as him/her. 

Rather, we must thank God for the giftings we have. Then we must determine how we can turn and give those talents back to Him.

Our lives, our abilities, our giftings are all for His glory. 



Seanna Nickel is a “woman of faith” from the blissfully-Southern state of Arkansas. She is pursing a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Human Services at Urshan College. When she is not consumed with work or school, Seanna can be found either napping or trying out new coffee shops in the St. Louis area. She is a total nerd who enjoys math, stars and the solar system, and Taco Bell.

Follow Seanna on instagram @seanna_nickel

Huge thank you to Seanna for taking the time to write this article! She’s a very sweet gal with a big heart.


Sunday Best

September 13, 2018

Hey friends! Today I’m sharing the details of what I wore to church last Sunday! I thought it would be fun to do a Sunday best post because I haven’t done one in a hot sec! I also thought y’all would enjoy knowing where I purchased my darling dress bargain dress!


Sunday’s are good days for me but they are also busy days. Taking 20 credit hours, being pre-med, working a job and being super involved on campus means generally I have little to no time. On Sunday’s I get to leave campus to attend church where I can truly let go of my stress and focus on God. It’s a place where I feel safe. I enjoy service and choose to think only about God. It’s at this time that I find my strength for the week in Jesus by praying he will direct my path, keep me safe, handle situations that might occur and just walk with me through the week.

 On Sunday’s I choose to have a positive mindset because while it’s my organic homework day + it’s also the day I use to plan for the entire week. (There is no better feeling than checking of a to do list so imagine that times 10! Planning days make a world of difference in my life!) I make my mind up that I want to start the week out positively and organized because nothing is worse than waking up in a rush with nothing to wear (we wear class dress at Sewanee so we have to look nice for class which I love) homework not finished, 1998miss.com a mess and me stressed out. Monday mornings can be filled with sleepy eyes so I prep Sunday night by filling out my planner for the week in order to be aware of the week’s obligations. I also prep my blog and vlog for the week (this post was written on SUNDAY!) so that I can upload while I’m in the middle of the week. I pick out my outfit for Monday and I load my backpack up so in the morning I just have to grab it to go!

Spiritual Emphasis 

There’s a bible verse that talks about how we should view our days. This is something that my Grandma would greet me with every single morning I woke up at her house and it something I am constantly striving to live by.

Psalm 118:24 King James Version (KJV)

24 This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

As humans we can easily complain and focus on all that is going wrong in a day but this verse says “UH TODAY IS A DAY JESUS MADE FOR YOU!!!! YES YOU ALEXA! SO YOU BETTER BE YOUR BEST TODAY AND BE THANKFUL YOU HAVE ANOTHER DAY!”.

So I am intentional about saying this verse everyday especially on Sunday’s when I’m tired and know tomorrow is a Monday.

I hope this encouraged you! Be determined to accomplish your goals this week and live fully! Take today to start a positive mindset for tomorrow! YOU GOT THIS GIRL!

My Sunday Best 

Button Dress: Target| Similar Basket Bag: Amazon| Similar HeelsCole Haun | Similar Long Sleeved Modesty Top:  Poshmark

Hair: View my Crown Braid Hair Tutorial Here! 

P.S. Be sure to click the links at the bottom of each look…you’ll be able to buy them directly!



Bless others & Be blessed!

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


Home SUNDAY BEST Wardrobe

Game Day Style

September 8, 2018

Hey y’all!!!! Hope everyone has had a delightful week! I’m so exicted because I just uploaded a new vlog to my youtube channel! It’s another China travel vlog and this time we are visiting the city of Chengdu! I think this might be my new favorite vlog! It is just so special to go back and watch my trip through China! I miss it so much!!!! If you’re not already subscribed to my channel you can do it here! I post a video once every week!

Also, I have offically stuck to the new posting schedule for two weeks! Yay! I will be sharing the next “Woman of Faith” article on Sunday September 16th! This featured writer is a sweet friend of mine from Arkansas. She’s speaking from the heart on a subject I believe you will enjoy. Find out on next weeks post who she is!

Oh and this month’s Sewanee feature is one I know you’ll love! I can’t wait for you to meet her! She’s darling and is doing big things on campus! -STAY TUNED 🙂

Sewanee Game Day Style


Happy Day! It’s the first home football game! If you don’t already know I LOVE football! It’s my favorite sport to watch and it’s probably because I was a cheerleader 2nd grade- 12th grade! There’s just nothing like it! It makes me miss my days as a varsity cheerleader with my favorite gals (Carls and Pay)! We were the best of friends and always had the best times cheering. Sweet Carlie is actually still continuing her cheering carrer at Kansas State! I’m hoping I get to see her cheer just once before she graduates! LOVE YA CARLS!

Game Day at every school is a little different but here’s my go to tips for the perfect look!

It doesn’t matter if you’re in high school,  an alumni going to a college game, a football mom or a devoted fan……GAME DAY STYLE is important!!!
During my days as a high school cheerleader I wore my letterman sweater and my uniform to the game. These days I’m just a fan and so I enjoy putting together something from my closet! Here’s how I do it!

If there is a tshirt that everyone is wearing I will put it with a dressy skirt to give it some spice. This can be a tutu or a ripped denim skirt! Whatever you want just to spice it up! If you wear pants try pencil pants and some pointed heals!

If there’s not a tshirt I select something in the color family of the team I am rooting for. This is always the most fun because you’ll arrive at the game both classy and unique. Being unique is one of my favorite things about being alive! I love to put together a look I don’t think anyone else is doing. Being ordinary is well just plain. By using team colors you basically have the freedom to create the perfect look from scratch giving a dressy approach! You’ll be sure to stand out!

If it’s mid November i’ll add a cute little cardigan and some leggings. Warmth is important!!!!

I also love a good dress for a game! At Sewanee it’s a tradition to dress your best for every game! It’s the most fun on Homecoming to see what everyone is wearing. Every year as it approaches I anticipate what I’ll pick to wear and how I can incoperate Sewanee colors. The difference between Sewanee and most schools is that hardly anyone wears a tshirt and almost everyone wears whatever color they want! We just dress up! So this is always a challenge to imcooperate both!

My final tip and best tip is go out with confidence because whatever you wear you’re gonna rock it! BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU & THAT IS JUST HOW YOU ROLL!

Here’s what I wore to Saturday’s Game Day! Details linked below!

 Perfect Gingham Dress: Target *ON SALE $11 | Olisa Ankle Strap Sandal: Sam Edelman 

P.S. thanks boo for taking my photos!


P.S. Be sure to click the links at the bottom of each look…you’ll be able to buy them directly!



Bless others & Be blessed!

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


Featured Writers WOMEN OF FAITH

Answering your call will inevitably require sacrifice.

September 1, 2018

Answering your call wil inevitably require sacrifice.

Have you ever felt called to something you blatantly told God you never wanted? I have.

From a very young age I had made it very clear to anyone inquiring about my forming ministry that though I didn’t know exactly what my calling was, I was absolutely SURE it was not at all related to global missions. I actually remember saying at one point, “God wouldn’t call me to the foreign missions field because He knows I wouldn’t go.” I refused – not from a place of rebellion, but from fear of the unknown. I didn’t want to leave my family. I didn’t want to leave my church. And I c ertainly didn’t want to leave my country. It was great that some people would drop their lives to reach people far and wide, but that just wasn’t me – It was just way too far out of my comfort zone. And that was that… Or so I thought.

PAUSE: One thing you should know about me is I am an AVID planner. Like, it’s kind of ridiculous honestly. I make daily lists. I do intricate research on places I’m traveling to & create a detailed itinerary. I pack for vacation two weeks ahead of time. I mean, don’t get me wrong… I love a good surprise or a spontaneous road-trip with the girls! (And I’m also quite the procrastinator at times!) But at my core, I like structure – especially when it comes to my personal life. I want to know what’s going on. I want a plan that I can stick to and have it go… Well, according to plan!

So anyway, fast forward to 2015. There I was: a twenty-year-old who thought she had it all planned out, walking into the Nashville Music City Center for her first time at the UPCI General Conference. I had gone on a whim with a couple of friends of mine, and, if I’m being real here, I was initially just there to meet new people and hang with my friends. Nothing spiritual.

It just so happened that we had come on the Global Missions service night.

I stood in the middle of the large crowd of that convention center, overwhelmed as I watched missionary after missionary fall to their knees, weeping with joy because enough money was raised to send them back to their mission field. I was an emotional wreck. I realized that these people didn’t follow God’s call out of obligation, but out of love – love for Him and for people everywhere. They weren’t leaving their home to enter the field – the field had become their home. And they were heartbroken every moment they were away from it. They all gave up so much with no expectation to receive anything back. They just wanted to see others changed and God’s will fulfilled without regard to what would happen to their personal aspirations – all for His glory. And it was then that I found myself starting to feel a tug on my heart. No, not just a tug. A change.

By the time I reached the altar and stretched up my hands toward Heaven in total surrender to His will, I knew. It wasn’t an audible voice. It wasn’t a sweeping wind. It was just a complete turn of heart and mind. It was like all of a sudden, my thoughts were set on the country of France and all I wanted was to be a part of the revival happening there. All of a sudden, my

heart ached with a burden for the people of that country – a country so lacking in laborers. All of a sudden, the thing that once was my biggest fear became my deepest passion. And it’s only grown since that day.

You see, the funny thing about comfort zones is God really delights in pushing us out of them. All of the time. I’m pretty sure He actually laughs at our comfort zones. But He will only push you for so long before He expects you to make the leap on your own. And I’ve realized that there comes a point where if you are genuinely seeking to be used by God, you’re no longer allowed to have a comfort zone. You have to choose between one or the other: your comfort, or your unconditional desire to serve Him and His kingdom. They’re each too big to both fit into your heart.

I’ve had to learn to trust the Lord… t ruly t rust Him with every fiber of my being. I had to let go of my plans and aspirations so that I could allow room for His. And wildest thing is… The plans He replaced mine with are far bigger and more fantastic than anything I ever dreamed up for myself. It was because I invited God to take control that He revealed talents in me I didn’t know were there, and led me to opportunities I never thought I’d have. And three years later, God has so flawlessly orchestrated for me to minister to France at the most perfect time! I could not type all the ways made, promises come to fruition, miracles witnessed, or continuous heart changes within myself that have occurred over the past three years. All I can say is God’s unwavering faithfulness to me has been sweeter than I deserve, and I am SO BEYOND thrilled to answer this call!

Answering your call will inevitably require sacrifice – Sometimes a sacrifice of relationships. A sacrifice of time. Of finances. And always a sacrifice of self in some way. But any sacrifice we offer to God will forever be met by great grace and a much greater blessing – for we serve a most kind and loving Savior. But that’s not why we sacrifice. We sacrifice for God’s kingdom in whatever way we’re called so that we can see lives changed and His perfect will fulfilled – all for His glory.

And let me encourage you, friend… The moment you give your everything to Him, is the very same moment you find yourself more fulfilled than you’ve ever been in your entire life. Sure, there will be days when you have doubts and frustrations. But God knows our struggles and is quick to send peace and clarity into our lives at the time we need it most. And there is a constant joy in knowing you are living in the divine purpose God created just for you. If you stay in your comfort zone, you can still be used by God. But you’ll undoubtedly miss out on the very best that He has planned for you. Don’t allow fear or pride to dictate your choices, but instead, allow the Lord Almighty to paint a masterpiece of your life’s ministry. Rest in the knowledge that He is ceaselessly working for your good through His ways which are far higher than ours. And remember that if God has called you to something, He will not let you fail in your efforts to attain it. He deeply desires to see you succeed and will give you all the tools you need to do so.

1 Thessalonians 5:24 – “ Faithful is He who calls you, for He will bring it to pass.”
2 Thessalonians 1:11-12 – “To this end also we pray for you always, that our God will count you worthy of your calling, and fulfill every desire for goodness and the work of faith with power, so that the name of Jesus may be glorified in you, and in Him, according to the grace of our God.”
Deuteronomy 31:6 – Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”
Jeremiah 29:11-14 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,”
Philippians 4:7 – And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.


Peyton B. Johnson is a “woman of faith” from Terre Haute, Indiana. She graduated in 2017 with a degree in Business Administration, and now works as a Hilton hotel events coordinator. She’s known for being an avid list-maker, drinking far too many hazelnut cappuccinos, taking spontaneous trips, and wearing all black more often than the norm. She’s in pursuit of living a life of passionate worship, gracious servanthood, and overflowing love in order to further God’s kingdom.

Follow Petyon on instagram @paytonbrianne 

P.S. Please join me in praying for a safe and wonderful time in France for Peyton. She is a sweet gal with a big heart for Jesus and will do wonderful things for the kingdom of God. -Alexa Dudley


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10 things you NEED for your college dorm!! | 1998miss.com UPDATE

August 30, 2018

Hey my friends! I’m offically kicking off the Sewanee school year with a back to school post + a schedule!

It’s been a little bit since I last posted but I’m ready to get back into the swing of things! I am planning to post one blog post per week and if things are going great I’ll try to squeeze in a second. I will be doing one Sewanee Featured interview per month and hope to get two “women of faith” articles in each month. In additon to all of this I will be posting one video on my youtube channel once a week!  Subscribe to my channel by clicking here!  

It is my hope to start an additional youtube channel dedicated to something really special soon…so stay tuned on that. I seriously am planning on implementing this in the next week or so. It will be a challenge to get it done but I am so excited!


Now that those announcements are out of the way let’s talk 10 things you NEED for your college dorm room!

1. A Dyson Fan & Heater!

| This is my favorite thing in my dorm room. I honestly thought that it was absurd to pay so much money for an item like this until I realized it’s value. It is truly AMAZING. Living in a dorm room without air conditioning poses its challenges but is comperable with this DYSON. While it does cost a pretty penny it does double as an excellent heater. It is tech savy so you can controll it from your phone even out of the room. I highly reccomend purchasing this because DYSON is so durable and you’ll be using it even after you graduate. |

Linked here!

2. A mini refrigerator.

|This one may seem like a no brainer but let me elaborate a little bit. A fridge is where you will store your healthy snacks which will keep you making good decisions + steer you away from the freshman fifteen = an investment. Another reason you wan to have your own mini fridge is so that you can offer your guests/visitors a refreshment when they stop in. This is so that your sure to be a popular host. Yes it’s another investment but when you’re finished with it you can sell it to an underclassmen and get a little money back. I’m linkinb a somewhat mini fridge below because it is beyond CUTE! My mini fridge on the other hand was much less expensive and wasn’t quite so luxury-still an investment and wonderful stainless steel option. |

Linked here! 

3. Bed Risers

| Bottom line is that your room will be tiny and making use of all the space is an optimal goal. If you’re lucky you’ll get one of those snazzy beds which adjust allowing yourself to have a super high bed in additon to bed risers. Do this and you’ll be in buisness! I speak from experience Bed Risers are a necessity. |

Linked here!

4. A mattress topper of some sort!

| Let me just be real for a second…the mattress in your dorm isn’t the one you’re accustomed to from home. Get yourself a matress topper and get quality rest. I promise you’ll need it. |

Linked here!  

5. A full length mirror

| Maybe it’s the fashion blogger in me or maybe it’s just a necessary. Purchase yourself a full length mirror to really be on top of your college style! Plus who else can’t stand to leave without making sure you’re tucked in and sucked in!!! ME!!! I searched for a more luxury leaning mirror but purchasing one from Target will also do!! |

Linked here!

6. A surge protector

| Need I say more?!! Protect yourself from a fire and a fine with this must have item. Inexpensive to ensure your safety + allow you to really plug it all in! |

Linked here!  

7. A good faux flower arrangement.

| I would reccomend this to any gal out there because it does so much for the eye! Literally seeing flowers brightens both my room and my day! Home Goods has the best!

Linked here!

8. A big lamp

| This isn’t a suggestion-woah just kidding. But seriously dorms are notorious for having less than lighting not giving you enough ambiance or an optimal study space. Take my reccomendation and check out Home Goods for a quality lamp to style all four years of college! |

Linked here! 

9. Curtains

| If you’re gonna have windows you’re gonna need curtains. Get yourself a pair of neutral curtains and style them again in the future! It’s comfort and privacy with curtains. I also want to suggest checking out my favorite decorating store Home Goods-again. |

Linked here! 

10. Dorm Slippers

| I’m telling ya as soon as you get back to your room you’re gonna wanna switch into something comfy and relax + who wants to relax with their shoes on? Get yourself a pair of stylish or just utilitarian slippers for the dorm. I wear a pair of rubbber CUTE sandals around the dorm and in the shower. They are perfect for running quick arrons outside too! I reccomend checking out UGGS! |

Linked here! 

Posting Youtube Videos & Blog Posts everyweek!

All my love,

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley



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The 5 healthy snacks I can’t live without!!!

July 27, 2018

I love junk food just like the next gal (no shame) but generally when I try to keep what I’m eating healthy these are my go to’s!

1.Sweet Tooth

Halo Top Ice Cream | This Ice Cream will rock your world and keep your calorie count low! You can guilt free finish an entire pint and stay on track to loose weight as long as you’ve kept everything else in check! My favorite flavors are Cinnamon Roll, Cookies & Cream, & Cookie Dough! I literally keep a pint or two stored in the freezer in case I get a sudden sweet tooth!!!! I’ve done the leg work on testing flavors and these are the best-trust me! This ice cream is available at all grocery’s and I found it the other day at Casey’s!!! More information here! P.S. Some of the flavors are dairy free!!!!

2. Carbonation Fix

La Croix Sparkling Water | First attempt to like La Croix was a major bust-I actually hated it and refused to drink the container of Coconut I bought! I was testing it with my friend Hannah and she hated it too! I had heard it was all the rage and was bummed when I couldn’t jump on the train! Fast forward to a few weeks later on a study break I bought a can and thought this isn’t that bad…. Now I’m in love with La Croix!!! It’s so fresh and leaves me feeling lighter than Diet Cola!!! There are so many different flavors that I’m always trying a new one! 10/10 suggest sticking with it until you can love this beverage! It’s the greatest alternative to soda!!! My favorite flavor is Passionfruit or Berry! I tend to stay away from lime but it honestly isn’t horrible! I usually buy it at Sams or Cosco to get a good deal! More information here! 

3. Snack Fix

Skinny Pop | I love Skinny Pop and eat it all the time for a snack! A travel size bag of skinny pop and a pink lady even sometimes double as a great lunch. The flavor is light and airy yet so tasty! If you regularly love popcorn then give Skinny Pop a try!!!! More information here! 

4. Protein

Beef Jerkey | As I sit here writing this blog post I am craving beef jerkey-cause this girl loves her some!!! YUM! It’s a great snack to get in some protein yet keep carb count low! In the past loosing fifty pounds I did a low carb diet and lived on this + chicken! It’s a little bit expensive so I reccomend buying the biggest bag! Portion control is important!!! My favorite kind is linked here!

5. Weight Loss Supplement

Skinny Stix | I absolutely LOVE Skinny Stix! I have been using these bad boys since high school! I used to mix them with low calorie lemonade and ice in our magic bullet for a daily morning refresher! I now just add them to water with ice because I don’t have time to make the refresher but I still love it just as much! I used to be able to buy these in Walgreens but they discontinued them so Amazon.com is the only option! I use one a day and it curbs my appetite and gives me more energy! I supplement it for soda or coffee!! I never exceed more than one stix a day and am usually missing them when I don’t have them! These are a great investment and the berry flavor is so tasty!!!! Linked here! 

Posting Youtube Videos & Blog Posts everyweek!

All my love,

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley



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A Southern Travel Guide | My Spring Break 2017

July 25, 2018

A guide to all my favorite places in the south!! We had a fabulous time visiting during my Freshman year spring break from Sewanee! I’m sharing everywhere we went, where we stayed and what I reccomend!

P.S. if you’re reading this it’s probably because you’re planning a trip South-if you are please feel free to comment below or DM me on Instagram for more information!

Ashville, North Carolina

Where to Stay:

Luxury | Stay at Biltmore -We stayed one night at The Inn on Biltmore Estate & absolutely LOVED it! Very memorable and very easy access to Biltmore for touring the next day. The hotel had activities for our family and a very chic place to dine! If you plan to stay here book your room and dinner reservation well in advance or you’ll miss out! They also have a fabulous SPA at the Inn! Check out Biltmore’s additional two hotel if the Inn doesn’t suit your fancy!  Click the link here to know more!

Economy | Holiday Inn and Suites, Cambria Hotel & Suites, The Country Inn & Suites! Click the link here to know more!

What to do:

Visit Biltmore | This is the number one place to visit in Ashville, North Carolina! The history and beauty of the Biltmore estate will wow you! The grounds are beautiful for shooting photos or taking leisurely stroles! Just taking in the history alone is enough to bring you back a couple of times! We even got a season pass!!! I reccomend wearing your best to the mansion for the full experience + looking back at my visit I am so delighted I choose to dress to the nines! My photos turned out very chic and I felt Biltmore’s originators the Vanderbilts would be delighted. If you’re interested in dining they have several fabulous places on the grounds just a hop and skip away from The Biltmore Mansion! Be sure to take time to cruise around in the car to view the pristine and scenic grounds! Click the link here to know more! P.S. it does have a fare cost to get into the estate so be mindful when planning your visit-it’s well worth it!

Shopping | Downtown Ashville has many wonderful places to both shop and to window shop! It was delightful to preview the cute little boutiques and pick a few little goodies of my own! I purchased a blue tutu skirt from JCREW while I was in town to wear to Biltmore and I will never forget it! It’s the most darling little skirt from their party collection and it was just perfect for my visit + SALE!!!

Here’s a few more places to check out: Biltmore Village, Biltmore Park, Black Moutain, Downtown Ashville, River Arts District & The Ashville Outlets! Click the link here! 

Where to Dine:

Afternoon Tea “A MUST DO”- by reservation | “Join us for afternoon tea, complete with traditional English finger sandwiches, scones, fruit breads, and tea pastries. Served daily from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. by reservation. Collared shirts and slacks suggested for men; dresses, skirts, or dress pants for women. Reservations are strongly encouraged.” This was one of my favorite activities during our stay it was just so southern!! I will always remember having tea with my mother at Biltmore Estate! Click here to make a reservation!!!!

Good Eats | We dinned at our hotel at the INN on Biltmore for dinner and it was fabulous! I 10/10 suggest taking the time to sit down, get dressed up and have dinner here!

BUT…. if you’re interested in something less expensive, formal and just a bit more local click the link here for more information!

P.S. During our late night cravings one night we hit up The Big M and it was suprisingly even a bit more chic in Ashville so bottom line is you can’t go wrong.

Charleston, South Carolina

Where to Stay:

Luxury | Wentworth Mansion is Charleston’s most popular hotel’s! Click here to know more! I hope during my next visit to stay at this beautiful hotel! I believe it will be a 12/10 experience!!! In Lou of staying we did dine at this fabulous mansion during our visit to Charleston and found it to be utterly delightful! Read more in dinning!

If you stay here a exclusive must do for guests only is enjoy the full Southern Breakfast at Circa 1886!!! Read more below-

“Our guests enjoy one experience no other visitor or Charlestonian can – the chance to start their day with a full Southern breakfast at Circa 1886. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to keep all the goodness to ourselves. At dinner, Chef Marc Collins’ stellar cuisine is enjoyed by all who long for a lighter, brighter take on classic Lowcountry fare – in a setting that’s considered one of most romantic in the world.”

Luxury | Zero George Street is another deligtful place to stay during your visit to Charleston! It has quick access to all the major sites and is quite quaint! I highly recommend just checking out the hotel even if you don’t plan on staying there because the sweet southern vibes are all the rage here!! Click the link here to get the scoop! I PROMISE YOU WILL LOVE THIS HOTEL!!!

Where we stayed | Belmond Charleston Plazza- “an icon of Southern Style”! It’s a delightful time when staying at the Plazza and I highly reccomend booking a stay here even if it’s just for a night! When we stayed we had the most wonderful time and quite enjoyed being so closely located to everything!

Where we stayed | The Double Tree by Hilton Hotel & Suites Charleston-Historic District – We snagged a great rate on a room here and ended up getting a special suite which had two floors! It was quite exciting for my brother in me as we had never stayed in a hotel with two floors! We enjoyed having the kitchen, dinning, living area downstairs and the sleeping quarters upstairs! The best part of our stay here was the warm cookies we enjoyed as soonn as we checked in! It’s a lovely hotel and I would highly suggest staying here! + It’s got a great view!

We usually stay a few different places during our travels so if you’re looking into trying a few of Charleston’s finest add these to your list!

If you’re interested in knowing a few more hotels in Charleston click the link here! 

What to do:

“you won’t have time to do all of Charleston in one visit but that’s okay it’s a city you’ll wanna visit time & time again!”

Visit | The Pineapple Fountain-so darling and great for photos!!! This photo shoot was one of my favorites from Charleston!  More information here! 

Visit | Rainbow Row-won’t dissapoint and will leave your instagram feeling CUUUTTEEE!!! Seriously how lucky are the people who live on Rainbow Row!!! It’s the funnest little place to live and how beautiful the town houses look! Don’t leave Charleston without stopping here! More information here! 

Visit | Riley Waterfront Park for all of your pier vibes! It is so beautiful and cool at Riley Waterfront Park! You again can get the most darling Charleston Photos here and you will love how cool the temp feels! More information here! 

Visit | Mount Pleasant Pier for a breathtaking view!! More information here! 

Visit | Drayton Hall Plantation- LOVE THIS!!!! A MUST DO IF YOU LOVE HISTORY! More information here!

Visit | South of Broad- you can’t go to Charleston without going on South of Broad!!! Take a walking tour and see Charleston’s beauty! P.S. INSTAGRAM

Visit | Fort Summer- We took an entire day to visit Fort Summer, it was a great learning experience and quite fun for all the history lovers out there! It is worth taking the time to visit and it’s complete with a boat ride! Another way to knock out two of Charleston’s must do’s!!! More information here!

Visit | Kiawah Island just a quick 45 minutes from Charleston for a wonderful time! We enjoyed a packed lunch on Kiawah’s beach + a photoshoot! It was a great experience and such a beautiful island! We just took time to drive through and look at the beautiful homes! The Southern Hospitality was enough to have you day dreaming of moving to Kiawah Island + the beach was unlike any packed Flordia beach! If you’re going to Charleston don’t miss Kiawah Island or you’ll regret it!

Where to Dine:

Top Knotch | Circa 1886 Restaurant-Reservations required! A delightful experience for all who love Southern Hospitality, fine dinning and chic clothes! Get dressed up and enjoy a dinner at The Circa 1886 Restaurant! We loved it! More information here!

Southern Favorite | Magnolia’s- an upscale Southern treat! We so enjoyed dinning at this local favorite! I can’t think of not going here when visiting Charleston! It’s fabulous and the food is to die for! I reccomend ordering the special because it was beyond amazing! Be sure to dress in your Southern best for dinning here! More information here! DON’T LEAVE WITHOUT DINNING HERE!

These were my two favorite dinning venues in Charleston but here are a few more linked!!! We ate so well during our visit to Charleston and you really can’t go wrong with good ole Southern Classics! Click here for more!

Savannah, Georgia

“a little Southern Delight”

Where to Stay:

Where we Stayed | Hamilton- Turner Inn- We stayed at this delightful inn for one night during our visit to GA! We loved it so much we plan to stay there again the next time we visit. It is more of a luxury hotel so make sure to book in advance and scan for a good rate! We were visiting at just the right time and snagged a great rate! More information here!  P.S. it’s a small hotel not great for small children!

Moderate | Homewood Suites by Hilton- Historic District, More information here! 

Other great places to stay can be found here! 

What to Do:

Pictures | Downtown- If you love Spanish Moss then you’ll wanna grab your camera because it’s everywhere! We love the beautiful scenes in Savannah so if you’re a instagram lover then make sure to wear something cute yet comfy for a day downtown!

Tour | Historic Hop on & Hop off tour- just like it sounds! It’s a great way to see charming Savannah! More information here! 

Visit | Bonaventure Cemetery-more beautiful Spanish Moss! A historical look at Savannah and well worth the visit! So beautiful!  More information here! 

Visit | Pulaski Square-more information here! 

Visit | River Street- more information here! 

Shopping | We loved checking out the sweet southern city’s shopping and picking up a few goodies! Of course visiting JCREW was at the top of the list in addition to some sweet little local shops! My mom is a huge fan of Emily McCarthy so visiting her shop was our first stop! It was just as my mom promised-darling beyond mention! I actually ordered two custom monogrammed gifts for some gal pals while stopping in! We met the most charming southern gal named Emily during our visit and are still connected on instagram! She was an ADPi just like me and happened to be extra sweet! We chatted and exchanged social media’s! We still chat today and now she’s married! It has been so cool to see her life and stay connected! You never know who you’ll meet if you don’t get out there! Savannah’s got some sweet gals so if you love to make friends get ready!!! Shopping is a must in this city!

Visit | Macon, GA- near by and so cute! We visited because it was where Alpha Delta Pi was founded! YAY!

Visit | Tybee Island- will melt your heart! It is the cutest little place ever! If you liked Kiawah island you’ll love Tybee!!! It’s the most darling beach with the most beautiful sunsets! Take a day trip to Tybee!!!!

Where to Dine:

Fine Dinning | Olde Pink House Restaurant- We loved eating here and getting a few pictures outside! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! A must go place! More information here! 

Fine Dinning | Alligator Soul- Get dressed up for a night out and enjoy some tasty food at this fine venue! LOVE!!! More information here!

These are the two places we tried while in Savannah but here are a few more if you’re intersted! Click here! 

Hilton Head, Island

“A favorite”

Where to Stay:

Where we stayed | The Sonesta Resort- We couldn’t have loved a resort any more! This was the perfect location to rest and relax for the final leg of our trip! It was where we could “spring break”! We enjoyed dinner at the hotel, room service and the pool! The style of the hotel was modern and so chic! We found ourselves staying two extra nights at this resort because we loved it so much! Several of my favorite instagrammers who have visited Hilton Head have stayed at The Sonesta Resort and I was so shocked when I found out we’d stayed there too! We got an excellent rate and would give it a 12/10! In fact during our next trip to Hilton Head we hope to lodge at The Sonesta Resort! It’s a beach front resort and you’ll love it! More information here!


What to Do:

Enjoy | Take the time to enjoy the all exclusive Sonesta Resort! There’s really no reason to leave! In fact the only time we did was to grab lunch one day, shop and get groceries!

Where to Dine:

The Sonesta Resort | The resort has a great in room dinning selection, breakfast is amazing and the downstairs lounge is excellent!

Fine Dinning | Sunset Grill- More information here! 

Fine Dinning | Old Fort Pub- More information here! 


For more information and photos check out my previous post all about my trip! Linked here! 

All my love,

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley