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What to do when you feel down/low.

July 18, 2019

Hey, my gals! 1998miss here and sharing something major today. It’s been a while since I slowed it down and did a post like this but it’s really heavy on my heart. Recently like in the last two months since I’ve been in Uganda (but before throughout all of University) I have experienced a lot of hurts. Many of my experiences were just life but the majority of them were from people who didn’t like my stance. My stance as a conservative, apostolic girl on social media and on campus. I have experienced bullying and it saddens me to say on multiple occasions political profiling. I’m not writing today to get into all the details but I decided I would take a positive approach to try to lessen the pain from the blows with a blog post. In this blog post, I simply want to talk about some of the things I do to counteract sadness, depression, hurt, oppression and negativity. I have to be honest and say yes, I have experienced all of these things. My goal is to encourage you and help you get control in these situations because chances are you might have experienced one of these hurts too.


Number one is simple and it’s how I always start to recover from a hurt. I take time to just digest what occurred by myself. I try to understand where something came from and why something went the way it did. I always try to take another perspective and understand a different point of view…sometimes I see it but sometimes I don’t. (THAT IS OKAY & I HAVE TO START TO ACTUALLY verbalize because I take things very personally) After I do this (usually takes me longer than a couple of minutes) I proceed to number 2.

2. T A L K to your mom or someone you love.

Sounds basic but it’s what works for me. I’m so blessed to have a great mom who listens to me and helps me with whatever I’m going through. When I’m feeling down this always helps me because my mom guides me and she helps me figure out how to start the healing process. I am always completely honest with her because she has many years on me and she has a different understanding. After I talk to my mom I start to feel a lot better but I’m not done. My mom tells me how to move forward and always asks me if I have prayed about something…if I have already then I do it again but if I haven’t then I do. That leads me to number 3.


Yeah, so this should probably be number one because it’s really the only way true and complete healing can happen. As much as the world would like to tell you that wholeness is achievable through its contents I am here to tell you = wrong. Spending time with Jesus in private is where healing occurs. When you began to tell him how you’re feeling and what happened he can help you. He will heal you. Christianity is about a relationship, not a religion and prayer is where you talk to God just like you would talk to a friend. You tell Jesus exactly where it hurts so he can fix it. You can feel temporarily better when you eat something good, buy a nice thing, go shopping, watch a movie, cry it out but for long term healing, it comes from Jesus. To follow up you should do number four and maybe a couple of times.

4. P L A Y worship music & then play it some more.

I would recommend starting out with Lauren Daigle YOU SAY & RESCUE. I can not tell you how much they have been of help during times where I’ve felt low. The lyrics speak to your heart when you feel like you’re desperate. By listening to worship music you surround yourself with a shield, you create a space for the Holy Spirit to fill and you start releasing some of the pain you are feeling. I promise your mood will start returning to J O Y as soon as you do this.


For me, this is how I get my body physically ready to be back to happy. I will usually shower, wash my hair do a facemask, pick out a fresh outfit, work out (like sometimes full-on cardio/ other times just a walk) and then like pull myself together (hair, face)! After this, I instantly feel at least 17% better… okay maybe more like 43% better. Anyways just as long as I am feeling somewhat better. P.S. the whole exercise makes you feel better is true because endorphins are released!!!!


That’s right to keep yourself busy use this time to get something good done. I find organizing therapeutic, which, means jumping into a mess in my purse/closet/drawer or car helps!!!!! You’ll start to feel order and that’s what you want when you’re feeling down. If you’re feeling really upset do a big project-let your hurt be your motivation.

7. Go to see a T H E R A P I S T

That’s right Apostolic Alexa recommending you go see a therapist because mental health is important. Yes God is great enough to heal but he also encourages you to seak resources. If you are seriously struggling you need to get licensed and trained help in combination with God. I have seen a therapist throughout my life on a couple of different occasions and I hope to do it regularly when I can afford it. You are not weak for getting help you are strong.

8. A C C E P T what you can not change.

You can not pretend like something that hurt didn’t actually happen because if you do you will never recover. Basically, it’s all up there in the title ACCEPT what happened and understand you can’t change it but you can control the future. Take the time you need, get the support you need, trust in Jesus and realize it’s all going to be alright.

I love you all and I hope this post encourages you. It was inspired with some recent hurts and Olivia Rink who posted a blog post addressing this issue as well. Check her post out here: http://oliviarink.com/advice-thoughts/8-ways-to-turn-a-bad-day-around/#comment-75204

Before I sign off I want to leave you with two scriptures a sweet follower left me during my recent sorrows. Romans 12:2 “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Phillippians 4:8 “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” Thank you for these Cindy!!!

See you next Tuesday back here and tomorrow on my youtube channel! I have a fun new video going up!!! XO!

alexa sue-anne dudley


My Summer Beauty Essentials!

July 11, 2019

Hey, gals! Welcome back to 1998miss.com! I’m so happy you’re here to check out my | SUMMER. B E A U T Y . ESSENTIALS. | I have been wanting to do this post for a while now because I have several things I love to use in the summer and I thought you may like them too! Also, look who is posting on a THURSDAY!!! šŸ™‚ I’m back baby!!!

1. Living Proof Hair Care : https://www.livingproof.com/shop/shop-by-collection/frizz/
2. Cucumber Face Mask: https://www.kiehls.com/skincare/cleansers-and-scrubs/cucumber-herbal-conditioning-cleanser/KHL8901.html
3. John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray: https://www.johnfrieda.com/en-us/products/sheer-blonde/hair-lightening-spray/
4. Wet Brush: https://www.wetbrush.com/
5. Bronze Goddess Bronzer: https://www.esteelauder.com/product/640/25326/product-catalog/makeup/face/bronzers/bronze-goddess/powder-bronzer
6. Quick Tan Self-Tanner: https://www.amazon.com/Body-Drench-Instant-Tanning-Medium/dp/B00GP0Z96E
7. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm: https://www.burtsbees.com/product/tinted-lip-balm/VM-792850894624.html
8. | O. P. I. | Samoan Sand: https://www.opi.com/nail-products/long-wear/samoan-sand
9. Fun Hair Scrunchies:https://www.etsy.com/listing/694550572/hair-scrunchie-muppets-fun-hair-tie-hair?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=fun+hair+accessories&ref=sr_gallery-1-33
10. Batiste Blonde Dry Shampoo: https://www.batistehair.com/products/dry-shampoo/color-brilliant-blonde
11. Elf Tinted Moisturizer: https://www.elfcosmetics.com/tinted-moisturizer-spf-20/300125.html

I hope you all will give these products a try because I think you will LOVE THEM! They are ALL linked above! Also HUGE blog success I finally learned how to make a blogger collage! It’s been over 3+ years of blogging and I finally learned how to do it myself! The great news was that I didn’t even have to buy photoshop!!! YAY!

Anyways thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow on my youtube channel and again on Tuesday! XO.

alexa sue-anne dudley



July 9, 2019

Hello gals!!

Welcome back to 1998miss.com. I am thrilled to see you here! It’s Tuesday so that means a new blog post! I am thinking the new posting schedule is going to be a new blog post every Tuesday & Thursday. That means you can expect something exciting on both of those days every single week! Hold me to it y’all! It gets SO busy so I’m going to try my best to stick to it. I love reading and following Rachel Parcell who said something that really clicked with me recently…she said: “make weekly goals and then you’ll keep them”. I love that & I’ve been doing it a lot. I have successfully worked out 7 days in a row, read my bible for a week, talked to my friends, etc. It really works y’all. It is so manageable and then you can actually reach your goals! If you’re like me you’ll love this because that means you’re a goal junkie too!

Let’s just get into it!

So as you can see from the title today’s blog post is going to be all about the cutest and most recent hair trends. Yes, the pearl clips are still involved! (I’ve been loving them for months!!!) I also thought it would be really fun to share some of my favorite Instagram accounts that really focus on hair! You’ll be able to find those linked at the end. Also, I will be sharing links under each photo if you want to shop the accessories!

I am recently SO obsessed with all the darling hair accessory trends. I think they take up a look and they are super easy. This post has all similar styles linked from AMAZON!!! HOW EXCITING RIGHT! YOU CAN PRIME THESE RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR! Anyways, thanks for stopping in & checking out this post!

For more frequent updates and photos follow me on Instagram @1998miss | Also, weekly posts are here to stay! So check back on Thursday for another new one! God Bless!!!!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


Fourth of July Outfit Inspiration

June 24, 2019

Hello, my dears.

I hope this day finds you well and thank you for stopping in to visit 1998miss.com! I’m getting back into the swing of regular content sharing and setting new goals for my blog. Things started to slip a while back with the business of school and when I was guest writing for another blog! I’m so happy to say we are on the mend and I have an entire page with blog post topics ready to roll. If you haven’t already be sure to check out my first Uganda update blog post-here-if you didn’t already know I’m working as an intern in Uganda this summer. I am having such a life changing experience and I can not believe it has already been a month! Only one month left and I will be back home in the USA. This prompts me to go ahead and jump right into today’s topic, which, is one of my all time favorites…

TheĀ  F o u r t hĀ  ofĀ  J U L Y!


A complete guide to celebrating and dressing for America’s favorite holiday.Ā 

If you’re not a reader from the USA here is a basic rundown about America’s Independence Day.

America’s Independence Day is a federal holiday celebrated in the United States of America recognizing and celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence was a document signed on July 4th, 1776 by all the committee of five. It submitted that the thirteen original colonies were no longer bound to the monarch of Britain, thus they were free and independent states. The Declaration of Independence still stands today as the governing rules of Americanā€™s freedoms and laws. On this day every year, Americans gather to eat hot dogs, barbecue, light fireworks and to celebrate with family. This day reflects on the freedoms of America, the recognition of the many who sacrificed their lives for this freedom and the goodness of God. Basically, it serves as a time to really and truly celebrate being the greatest country in the world. (I may be biased but I love my good country.) On this day people will generally wear colors of the American flag, these colors are: red, white and blue. Songs sung in the celebration are the national anthem (the star spangled banner), God bless America, etc. There is honestly no greater day to be an American than on the Fourth ofĀ  July as I believe all across the nation we stand in unity to appreciate the sacrifices made for our freedom.Ā 


It’s a tad bit tricky, isn’t it? You want to wear your red, white and blue classily. You don’t want to look like a clown yet you also want to capture the essence of America!Ā Ā 

When dressing for the Fourth of July one should be certain about a few different things. You need to be aware of the formality of the celebration you are going to be attending, which, will get you on the right track to selecting your best festive look. If attending a family function like a BBQ you can almost count on being able to wear a more casual look. If you will be at a dinner party/boat ride you may need to select something a little bit more dressy. But not to worry either way I’ve got you covered!!!


Don’t be caught out on the Fourth of July in a purple dress (well it is a free country so do as you please but really?)! Wear something that signifies you are proud to be an American-red, white or blue! It’s honestly a very simple way to celebrate our great country. You don’t have to be decked out to the nines but even a classic Old Navy Fourth shirt with some denim does the trick!!! Below I will share some of my past looks on the fourth of July (or just looks that are “American themed”!) and I will pull some of my favorites from Pinterest. So you’ll be photo ready for sure!!!!

The Big Lookbook.

The MINI Lookbook.


Here are just a few of my favorite outfit ideas from Pinterest! I love using Pinterest to get inspired for a look! I would encourage you to do your own search too!Ā 








Image result for asos polo flag jean jacket

2. Add a Cardigan.





To conclude here is a little home inspo! My mom always does an exceptional job decorating for the Fourth of July! Here is last year’s arrangement.Ā Ā 

Hope this helps!Ā 



P.S. This year I will be celebrating the Fourth of July in Uganda!!


I’m officially in Uganda.

June 24, 2019
Hello, my friends.Ā 
It's been a bit since we last checked in! I'm offically in UGANDA!!! 

I had a very long post all ready to post but I decided I would save it for another day. I wish to share it separately than my Uganda update because I choose to talk about some of the tough things I have experienced. I wish to address in that post, political profiling, social media, bullying, and negativity. Within that, I must share that this update is for my blog readers only the ones who choose to follow this very personal platform. That means if you do not know who I am as a person, my calling and my style of sharing please do not be negative about this post. I am not welcoming anything other than positivity. Many times in my life my kindness has been mistaken for weakness. Iā€™m not weak.

I ONLY aim to spread love, positivity, and joy. I am not trying to do anything other than celebrate the beautiful things happening around me and the beautiful people Iā€™m meeting here. I love Uganda and I want the many people who do not have the opportunity to travel to be able to live through my experience. Not everyone is called to missions, not everyone desires to travel to Uganda but they may wish to understand what my experience has been here.

Today my effort is to show that as my life is being impacted, while, here. I am learning so so so much and I love the staff and students at FOCAGIFO. They have taught me so many different things!! One of my favorite things to do is to visit with the students in fashion design!! They are so talented. Aside from that Iā€™m learning about the youth in UGANDA in my everyday interactions with them. Itā€™s amazing!!!

Ā  BUT Iā€™m not out here trying to save the world! What I am trying to do is love this experience and share it will my followers. I fully believe thatĀ Jesus is the only savior. Ā I am just his vessel.Ā 

Unfortunately due to a series of events I have to make this clear but most of you who know me already know all of this.

Upon arriving in Uganda I fell in love. I truly fell in love with Hope Institute and it’s students. It is a vocational training school doing amazing things. It focuses on helping students who have in some capacity been affected by HIV/AIDS an opportunity to learn vocational skills. It gives them an opportunity to succeed and escape the negative effects that come with HIV. Ā The different departments in the school are: catering & hotel management, electrical engineering, mechanics, construction, early childhood education, hair & cosmetology, and fashion & design.Ā  The students are also learning other basic foundations such as business, life skills, community health, computer, leadership, etc. I am assisting in these courses as well as learning so much! I love helping in the leadership class & the health class! Itā€™s where my passions lie!!! The students are 16-25 years old and we are really enjoying each others company! This is a huge blessing to be able to interact with youth my own age!! God is so good. It is also such a blessing that I am able to even be here this summer interning!

Fun stuff: The students have already braided my hair at least 100 times and itā€™s actual art. I appreciate the hard work that goes into braiding & I think itā€™s beautiful. The students and I also really enjoy worshiping together. This might be my favorite part because connecting through Christ is beautiful. Ā I love that all the way in Uganda a love for Jesus remains constant and we are able to come together within our different cultures to just glorify God. As an apostolic Pentecostal my worship is similar to what I have experienced with the students! I have also really enjoyed eating local foods as well as enjoying the students from catering and hotel management cuisine. They are so talented at cooking!!! I have loved sharing starbursts, water packets, beef sticks and caramel candy with the students and staff. Itā€™s fun to see if they enjoy them or not. They also love to share their favorite treats with me. Ā It’s amazing that we are both learning about each other’s cultures together! One of my duties as an intern is to plan a celebration for the fourth of July and I am so excited. On the first day, we had a meeting where I learned that I would be selecting an American song to teach the students and planning a party. I love that we can celebrate America’s independence all the way in Uganda. It is amazing because Sewanee’s relationship with FOCAGIFO is very special. Every single summer Sewanee selects two interns to send to Uganda!!! Itā€™s also special because itā€™s giving the students & the interns an opportunity to have a cross-cultural learning experience.

So in addition to having the time of my life making so many friends and learning so much about UGANDA… I am also seeing God do so many things. I feel I have become stronger as a Christian and as a future missionary. I have seen my calling be questioned. I have experienced working in a secular setting and a church environment. I am encouraged because I see without a shadow of a doubt this is my purpose. Regardless of what anyone may suggest about missions I am called. At 13 years old God told me & I ran from it until I was 17. Here I am at 21 not apologizing and not denying that it is where I am supposed to be. Big hearted me ready to GO where God desires. China & Africa he told me. I didnā€™t believe it but Iā€™m 21 years old and I been both places. God is preparing me in the now. Regardless of the negative comments that comes from those who are against missions I stand firm knowing JESUS is the one who has the final say. He is the one I am going to trust & he is the one who called me. He is the only thing that matters so forgive me if I dismiss your negativity.

Finally, I am so thankful for all the things I take for granted in the United States. It would be beyond ridiculous for me to write this post without being honest about that. We are a blessed nation and I personally take so many things for granted. Living here in Uganda in beautiful Africa I have to recognize in myself that I can do better. I can be better & I can remember to thank Jesus for the little things.

I have seen the true beauty is in the people you call your friends. People are more valuable than materials could ever be. We are so consumed with stuff. The Bible does talk about this and sometimes we forget. No this doesnā€™t mean we should criticize every single person from the United States but it does mean we should look within ourselves. Remember God is the judge, he is just. šŸ’›


Love others, Love Jesus. Itā€™s the only way to be. Respect others. Not everyone was raised the same as you. Not everyone has the same education as you. Not everyone will agree with you. Get used to it.


PLEASE NOTE: All photos are mine and are being shared with special permission. Thank you for your concern!Ā Ā 

For more frequent updates and photos follow me on Instagram @1998miss

Also, weekly posts are here to stay! God has opened the door for me to return to regular programming on the blog!!!

God Bless!!!!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


Let’s Catch Up! A Coffee Date!!

June 4, 2019

Hi y’all!

It’s time to grab a cup of your favorite coffee beverage and get comfy! It’s been since April that I last updated the blog. So here’s my apology and honestly, I’m sad about the lack of recent content! I’m so consistent with Instagram @1998miss but it’s challenging for me to commit to blogging consistently. It’s honestly way more work than you may think! I’m hoping to hop back on to consistent updates because it’s summer and I made a promise to myself. I also really love the platform I built on 1998miss.com-so here it goes.

Also, I’ve been quite busy since we last talked and I’m excited to fill you in through one of my favoriteĀ style blog posts: Coffee Dates! I got this idea of my favorite preppy blogger’s Kate Bowman at Lonestarsouthern.com It’s kind of a more personal blog post and really an opportunity to fill you in because Instagram and OOTD posts just give you surface! It’s so important to share the details because life is not only what you see on the gram!

Oh & if you’re wondering I’m enjoying a latteĀ with the tastiest foam coming off the top!

What are you having?

Since we last chatted I have successfully finished my Junior year at Sewanee (PRAISE GOD) and I finished with the best grades I’ve ever had. I am so proud of the progress I have made and the outcome of this semester! I’ve raised my GPA over .50 since I started at Sewanee. Between life and Modest Fashion Week, I’m blown away I did as well as I did. Thank you, Jesus, because I could not have done it without you.

I stayed around Sewanee for a little bit to assist at Sewanee Graduation as a Sewanee Angel so I didn’t actually make it home until mid-May. Congratulations to the class of 2019! A special shoutout to Susie! I also got to stick around for Grad week with some school friends! Shoutout to Yuting, Eddie, Yadi, Emerson, Andrew, and Minju!! Y’all are the OG’s!

I then stopped in Memphis to visit with some of my dear friendsĀ the Vaught’s who are celebrating one year of marriage very soon! I love y’all. Thank you for a great visit, the dinner and our annual WAFFLE HOUSE VISIT.

Due to the shortage of the Yellow Fever Vaccination in the USA, I was detained in Memphis for a little longer than expected where I eventually got it at the shot nurse. PRAISE YOU JESUS! THIS WAS A MIRACLE because I was looking at driving to North Carolina.

After Memphis, I headed home just in time for my brother’s graduation from high school. So proud of you Matthew! Since then I’ve been busy visiting medical schools (Pre-Med Blog Post update coming soon I promise), preparing for UGANDA, helping with stuff at home and just trying to get myself together. (Anyone knows what I mean? Sometimes you just need a little time to get sorted out!)

Currently, I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Dubai writing this blog post preparing to embark on an amazing journey to Uganda. If you’re new around here or just want to know more about why I’m spending my summer in Uganda check out this blog post here!

Blog posts are probably going to be touch and go at first this month because I’m going to be getting acclimated in Uganda! It’s an internship and I’m working so I have to iron out the details later. My plan is to get it to one day a week like every Saturday a new post will go up- but if you’re subscribed to my newsletter you’ll already be in the know! Same with Instagram! Follow me here!Ā 

Summer 2019

This summer I will be in Uganda for June & July. I will return home to head to NAYC. Then I will turn around and head to the beach to watch my precious friend Myka get married! After that, I hope to make one more quick trips to see a friend before starting MY SENIOR YEAR AT SEWANEE!!! I will also be touring a couple more medical schools, applying for post-grad stuff and getting ready for life!!! Busy just like I like it!

To wrap it up I’d like to fill you in with a few things I’m obsessed with at the moment!


[ Totally loving adding these natural caffeine packets from Crystal Light to my water! + in Uganda it will be a real blessing! Linked here! Ā ]


[ Ladies you will WANT TO CHECK THESE OUT! GAME CHANGERS! Check them out here! ]


[ I’m obsessed. Like totally completely in LOVE! I’m still carrying my Chanel from March! I got it for my 21st birthday. I call it the lunch box bag and It’s great! I’m honestly not sure if I’m ever going to be able to go back to a large purse! Check out these other cuties here!


[ This is a total game changer! All the time I get DMS asking what products I wear and this is it! Well since about April because that’s when I made the switch from Chanel! This honestly is so natural looking, hydrating and I AM OBSESSED. It’s under $30 too! You can get it almost anywhere! Also, yes I do wear makeup but I wear the bare minimum for a natural coverage! I would highly recommend this brand because it keeps it clean and affordable! ]


[ I was moved, enough said. It was so amazing! I was in tears on the plane! YOU MUST WATCH THIS. ALSO SHOUTOUT TO DISNEY FOR MAKING A MOVIE THAT IS REALISTIC & TEACHES CHILDREN REAL VALUABLE THINGS. Linked here! ]


[ If you’re looking for a new book to read this series is a good place to start. Of course only if you’re interested in travel, extreme luxury, rich people problems, far fetched real-fiction, and Asian culture. My friends from China joke I have yellow fever already and that I did not need to get a vaccination because I’m clearly already obsessed! So check it out here! I’m finishing the last book! ]

INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT: @joy_dalynne_

[ Love this gal travel photos, style, and edits! + she’s a total sweetheart! I think you should check out her account!!! For all my apostolic peeps she goes to Urshan! She’s linked here! ]

Alrighty! It’s about time for me to get out of here to get ready for my flight! I’m so EXCITED! Thanks for stopping in and having coffee with me. In the comments is where you tell me what’s up with you! I really love to get to chat with y’all so please leave me some goodies in the comments!!!

P.S. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers! I need God’s protection and some extreme doors opened in UGANDA!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley










Are you content?

April 25, 2019

Happy Thursday friends & welcome back to my blog! Itā€™s been a busy week but Iā€™m happy to be back with another post!!

Feeling Content

The big word no one actually likes to say that they are… because it comes with strings attached. Why don’t we like to say it? It’s probably because it requires us to be happy with where we are. It would mean feeling 100% okayness with what is happening with your life at this exact moment.

The dictionary defines being content as being in a state of peaceful happiness. Similar words are satisfied and pleasing.

Contentment isn’t the easiest way to feel about life. Especially if you’re not actually happy with where you are. I know this struggle first hand. While I live a blessed life I’m still human and I still struggle with this. Understanding this struggle is the key to becoming content.

Just to be real with y’ all I think feeling contentment is hard because I’m not 100% okay with where I am. There are so many goals that I have yet reached so how can I be satisfied?! I still want to go to find the love of my life, get married, get super fit, get into medical school, graduate medical school, become a mom, participate in the March of Life in DC, see the world, become a maven of modest fashion and change the world. (Not in that order) That last one’s a big one isn’t it, lol. šŸ˜‰ + be on the cover of Vogue (kidding but really…dream big)This all feeds into my struggle with feeling content.

I’ve been in four weddings in the last year, which, is actually crazy. It’s crazy because I was a bridesmaid to the gals I grew up with! Ever since we were little girls we imagined the day we would wear white and walk down the aisle. I’m so happy for them and so blessed I was able to take part in their big days.

I did struggle with contentment with where I was at- I should stay still am (cute godly boys reading this šŸ™‚ take note ;))Ā  at as it seemed all of my friends were saying I DO. I know that I’m not yet ready to get married- believe me I’m not but when I started comparing timelines I started to feel inadequate, alone, nervous and NOT CONTENT! The key to telling you all that is so that you will see I’m not perfect and I do struggle.

Furthermore to help you recognize that comparison is literally the thief of joy. Addtionally contentment is being in a state of peaceful happiness, which, means comparison canā€™t lead to contentment.

So from here on out stop comparing!!! The Bible says donā€™t!

Next, while I have all of those beautiful goals that I will strive to reach I have to stop and say ā€œam I letting God be in controlā€? Because ultimately if the answer isnā€™t yes I will never be content. I will never be in a state of peaceful happiness. The reason is simple. God is the author and he writes the story. If we write our own then we miss out on his blessings. We miss out on his will for our lives. I know I say but I donā€™t do it enough….let God be in control because when we do it all works out. I must let God be the source that I drink from, the place I go when I donā€™t feel content and the place I share my dreams. When I go to him and let him hold my hand everything changes. He knows. Be content my friends. ā¤ļø

There is beauty in ambition but the most beautiful is being solely sold out to Jesus. You trusting him day by day to get you to and through those goals. Most importantly giving those goals to him & saying lord if these are not your will I donā€™t want them.


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley



Restoration Hardware in Nashville, TN: Celebrating 21 & TWENTYFUN!

April 18, 2019



Wow, it’s been almost a month since the last blog post on 1998miss.com.

I would first off like to say SORRY, Y’ALL!!! I have been overwhelmed with school and work. Basically every single day I am WORKING MY booty off to get my school work done, study, be present at all of my extracurriculars and absolutelyĀ kill my grades!!! The end of the semester is always the hardest but I talk a little bit more about that here in my skirt society blog post!! It’s about keeping the hustle and that all things are possible with GOD! (Click the link to check it out)

So now that I’m officially back and back for good with blog posts on Thursday’s (I’ve honestly missed it so much and I love the consistent content of scheduled/expected posting) I’d like to start out with my 21st birthday celebration and the amazing experience I had at Restoration Hardware. This isn’t just any Restoration Hardware…the Restoration Hardware cafe, which, was recently opened in Nashville, TN.

On a Saturday afternoon, after arriving back from Dubai Modest Fashion week my best Sewanee gals and I traveled to Nashville for a late lunch at Restoration Hardware. In many previous visits to Green Hills Mall in Nashville, I gleaned in excitement as I watched reno being done to open this cafe. I knew as soon as it finally opened in this year that I had to visit….but, I actually didn’t get the opportunity to go until just a few weeks ago. It was the perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon with my gals to celebrate turning 21.

If you haven’t been following me for long you might now know I recently attended Dubai Modest Fashion Week as a Speaker and Influencer!!! By far the coolest thing I have ever done and the most amazing opportunity I have been given in my 20 years!!! On the way home from Dubai we had a layover in Rome, Italy where I essentially actually rung in 21 with my momma. We wandered around Italy together eating gelato, laughing and taking photos! Our hotel comped us some special treats and upgraded our room to celebrate the big birthday. It was very sweet and I would highly suggest staying at their establishment if you’re visiting Rome. In my travel guide (COMING SOON) I will link all the details about Italy & Hotel Rex. For dinner, my mom and I ate some AUTHENTIC ITALIAN FOOD!!! PASTA GALORE. TO THIS DAY I’M STILL DREAMING ABOUT THAT PASTA. It was just a restaurant we found as we were wondering around.

Back to RH. So my gals from Sewanee: Yadi, Daisy, Song, Boo & I were the celebratory crew. After a fun trip jamming in the car (Nashville is an hour and a half from Sewanee) we arrived at our destination. Beforehand I made a reservation for our table (YOU NEED TO DO THIS BECAUSE THEY ARE VERY BUSY) and noted that it was a bday celebration. When we arrived they were so friendly and we were actually awestruck by how beautiful it was! I honestly had no idea that it was going to be the level of fabulous that it was (I mean I thought it will be good but not this level….that was my fault for ever doubting Restoration Hardware)! We were put at a table in the back corner where we could overlook the entire venue but we could also be in a more private area. It was perfect! Thank you, RH!!

After a great meal with lot’s of laughter and fun, we took a break for some pictures and they turned out beautiful! The lighting in the restaurant is so nice and if you’re even in the slightest bit interested in aesthetic then this is the place for you. Photos to follow.


For the table: I ordered the most delicious Artisanal Prosciutto Board. It came with seasonal fruit and a warm baguette! YUM!

Entrees: I almost ordered the RH Burger because to be honest I love gourmet burgers but after talking to our hostess I went with the Lobster Roll! It was to die for! I got fries with it because it was my birthday and I was totally using the “I’m treating myself card”. Some of my gals got the side salad and I gave it a taste…it was AMAZING! So either way you’ll def be happy…fries or a salad.

Dessert: RH was the sweetest to send our table a plate of their homemade warm cookies with a candle + I ordered the banana split for the table.

It was truly such a special day and the best place to lunch with my gals.


I wore my new favorite style of dress from Skirt Society: The Milan in Ivory!!! Thank you Michelle for sending it over! I love it!!!! Linked below!

Dress:Ā Skirt SocietyĀ Ā | Belt: Gap; similar style available here| Nude Heel: Dillard’s; similar style availableĀ hereĀ | Bag: Chanel; similar style available here

P.S.: If you’re looking for the Amazon link for the pearl barrettes/clips its here!!! These are what looked to be the best option and I love my mine!!!Ā Ā 

XOXO My loves!!!

See you soon!





March 29, 2019

Hey y’all!!!! WOOOOO HOOO! I’m so excited to officially announce that I will be returning to Africa to live and teach Health/Vocational Skills at Hope Insititute this summer. I will be in Kampala, City, Uganda.


Today I’m sharing the journey to getting this opportunity to go to Uganda, my personal story and some pictures from when I went to Africa in 2016.

Early this semester (spring of my junior year, that sounds crazy to say) in Sewanee I just like the many other juniors pondered my summer plans. Originally I planned to take physics this summer and study for the MCAT…plans always change when you let God be in control. LET ME TELL YA! BECAUSE THAT IS NO LONGER MY SUMMER PLAN.

I started to feel like maybe I should be doing an internship this summer too because all my friends were. I started thinking maybe I should apply for one even though the chances of me getting one is unlikely (SewaneeĀ is SUPER COMPETITIVE JUST SO YA KNOW). I started to say “Hey, Jesus” “what should I do this summer?, which internship should I apply for, should I take physics?” and a series of those kinds of questions. After many moments in prayer I still wasn’t clear on the best thing to do (it’s funny how sometimes we are blind to what God is saying to us). My roommate and friends on campus kept telling me about an internship in Africa that they felt like I should apply for. I love Africa and going to Madagascar in 2016 on Apostolic Youth Core literally changed my life but I kept telling them “yeah that looks cool, but I’m taking physics this summer”. Then I kept seeing posters about it, emails about it and like literally not a day went by that someone didn’t mention it to me.

But, not surprisinglyĀ I didn’t plan to apply-still even after all of that. Literally, after God put the answer right in front of my face, I was still walking around oblivious to the fact that God was calling me back to Africa. SIDE NOTE: If you didn’t already know I’m called to missions, I feel a calling to Africa and China specifically. (if you look at my life you’ll see how crazy things happened to make China evident in my everyday life, LITERALLY, IT IS INSANE Y’ALL!) I was called when I was just 13 years old but I didn’t surrender to the call until I was 17 years old. It was my junior/senior year of high school that I really dedicated my life to God and I was reminded of his plans for my life. It was in that time that I started my journey with Modest Fashion, 1998miss.com, Sewanee and allowing God’s will to be the ONLY plan for my life. Ā CUE THE SONG: MY LIFE IS NOT MY OWN…TO YOU I BELONG…

That really is another long story and honestly, the most amazing story of my life. Ā I have come on an amazing journey, where, I literally have seen God do MIRACLES THAT WOULD BLOW YOUR MIND. It’s my testimony and I’m proud of it.

You see my life isn’t perfect, and it’s not always as InstagramĀ may make it seem. I’m blessed but not because I come from a super wealthy family, have connections, or am super smart. I am blessed because my father is Jesus and he has given me EVERY SINGLE THING I HAVE. He has opened every door in my life, he got me into Sewanee, he got me to Madagascar and China, my car, my blog, being invited to attend Dubai Modest Fashion Week-LITERALLY THAT ISN’T EVEN THE HALF OF IT. I AM NOTHING WITHOUT JESUS.

But we will save that for another time because it’s a very long story and I want to give it the attention it deserves.

So anyways back to Uganda. I wasn’t seeing the signs and then my mom came to campus…during her visit she saw the poster about this internship 3 times and said: “Alexa, I think you should go to this information session about this internship”. I said back “Mom, I’m going to take physics this summer and I would never get that internship it’s competitive”. She again said, “Alexa, you should go”.

I argued with her a little more, it’s funny how we do that… MOM’S ALWAYS KNOW BEST. Eventually, I agreed that I would go to the information session about the internship.

Fast Forward: It was a busy day at school and I had to change my hours at work to go to the information session. I was tired and hungry but off to the information session I went. I was late, I walked in super awkward and found a seat at the door. I was surprised to see SO many kids in the room. I started to feel like…great, look there’s so and so, and wow I didn’t know she was going to apply, and yeah I’m def not going to get this internship.

But the more I listened, the more I felt like I should go to Uganda. So I left the internship session feeling like I knew I was supposed to apply but discouraged because I thought I would never get the opportunity to go. (Again, why wasn’t I trusting God this early in the game).

Fast forward again: I had been praying about Uganda and about, which, one of the Uganda internships I should apply for. It was time to apply and it was a busy Friday night in Sewanee. I said at my desk after an extremely long day and began to look at the application, which, was due at midnight. I decided I would apply to all three and keep my options open but as I worked on my application I realized how much effort it was to apply. I began to understand that I was only going to have time to apply to one of the programs and that I really needed to devote my time to that one. It was the first application I started working on so I put all of my energy in that one…the one at Hope Institute. It wasn’t even the one that was my top choice but I had already started it. Hours passed and I barely made the deadline to turn it in… When I pressed submit I prayed that God would be with my application because I was starting to really feel the call to go back to Africa.

A few days passed and I got an email from Dr. Amy Patterson saying: “We would like to offer you an interview for this position in Uganda this summer, please sign up for a time below”. I was like MIRANDA I GOT AN INTERVIEW!!!! I was so stinking excited but also so nervous now because it was getting real. I pondered over the scheduled times and selected the only time slot that would work with my schedule and I prayed that God would be my help in the process.

Interview day came and even though in the past I have always been strong at interviews I never seemed to get the things I applied for after the interview phase in Sewanee, so I was nervous. (Yep, I have had many failures…especially here) I selected my green skirt society dress and said okay God if this is not your will I DON’T WANT IT! It calmed my nerves and I went to the interview. It was really and truly how I felt because I literally KNOW after 21 years of life that God’s plans are always greater.Ā 

I met Amy Patterson andĀ Asiedu-Acquah for the interview. They asked me a series of questions and I answered with my beaming smile knowing God would work it out if it was his will! (I WAS SUPER NERVOUS ON THE INSIDE) Although, my favorite moment from the interview was when I was asked “Alexa, what do you do when you are feeling down or homesick because you’ll be in Africa for a long time if you get selected for this internship”, I replied honestly and very quickly with “I listen to Gospel music and sing because it always helps me to feel God. It helps me to get positive and know that I’m going to be okay whereever I am, whatever I’m going through”. Then I kind of laughed because I realized how funny that might make me seem but it was the truth!!Ā 

Both of my interviewers smiled back at me saying “they would love you in Kampala and want to bring to church”. My hopes got up and I realized just how badly I wanted to be there, how badly I wanted the internship and how much God had planned for the summer and that I was limiting myself with physics and staying home.

A week or so passed and I got another email from Dr. Patterson, I was about to open it preparing myself that it was a rejection email and that I did my best (plus that it must not be God’s will). I opened it and OH MY LORD, IT WAS THE EXACT OPPOSITE!!! I HAD LANDED THE INTERNSHIP IN KAMPALA CITY, UGANDA!!! JESUS WAS FAITHFUL. HE WAS WITH ME. HE WENT BEFORE ME. IT WAS HIS WILL FOR ME TO GO BACK TO AFRICA.

A FEW WEEKS LATER I GOT ANOTHER EMAIL THAT MY FUNDING PROPOSAL FOR THE INTERNSHIP HAD BEEN SELECTED (that was another 20+ hours I spent writing, editing and working on…the proposal for funding to go to Kampala City. I literally stayed up until 6AMĀ with NO SLEEP to finish the funding proposal and then went to class at 8AM) AND THEY WERE GOING TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE COSTS OF GOING TO UGANDA! IT WAS LITERALLY A MIRACLE FROM JESUS! Ā 

It’s important to see the destination is not always easy to get to. I’m just keeping it real over here.

So while all of my costs are not covered God has already started providing for my journey back to Africa, the place that I left a piece of my heart in so long ago! I’m excited and I have faith that God will be with me every step of the way!



So while that may seem like the long version it is actually the shortened version. There is so much more to it but I’ll leave it at that.


Please join me in praying for my internship, travels, fundraising and the amazing journey that will be Kampala City, Uganda.Ā 



Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley





February Update + VDAY Look

February 20, 2019


Hello 1998miss.com readers! I am so glad you’re back again for this super spontaneous post which wasn’t planned but is indeed my way of making up for the fact I didn’t have a new blog post last Thursday or a video on Friday. A lot has been happening so I’ve been kind of adjusting to a new schedule but these are ALL good things. I’m happy to have to adjust my schedule because it means I’m busy which means I’m blessed.

I’ve been spending lot’s of time with some new friends and I’m so happy about that. It’s nice to make your circle bigger and to have plans all weekend. I’m also preparing for one of the biggest most exciting events of my life…so yeah that’s happening too.

In all of this, I feel JOY. I feel so blessed I get to do all of the things I get to do, meet all the people I get to meet, see all the places I get to see and study all the things I feel passionate about. I’m privileged without a shadow of a doubt- but it’s not because I come from important people or because I was born Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley in Joplin, Missouri. The reason I’m blessed is that I gave my entire life to Jesus Christ and when I surrendered my plans, desires, and dreams to him…he saw my heart and started doing a work in my life. If y’allĀ ONLY KNEW!

I have so many things I want to scream from the rooftop right now because I am so stinking excited and SO thankful for God’s favor in my life.

He’s been opening doors since day one of me saying “Jesus my life is not my own but to you, I belong. I give myself, I give myself away” and “Jesus at the center of it all”. Y’all think I’m kidding but these songs became my anthem because I desired to live 100% for God. Sold out to him if you will. (Lol I always think it’s funny when people say “if you will” so I wanted to use it too).

The focus of this blog post may be a little hazy at this point but I really just wanted to take a moment to update everyone on what’s been happening with me + share my Valentineā€™s Day look!


This was seriously the most fun look ever!! I was sent this dress from one of my favorite brands (Y’all know I’m always sharing things about Skirt Society) and when I got it I immediately thought I needed to save it for Valentines Day. The pink color and the fun pom details looked perfect to celebrate in! I ended up pairing it with some patterned tights, shoes and an eccentric pink jacket.

Single Gals ROCK!!!

Jacket: Saks Off Fifth | Tights: Amazon | Boots: Sam Edelman | Bag: GIFTED | Lovely Dress: Skirt Society


XOXO My loves!!!

See you soon!