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November 12, 2018

Pre-Med Monday #1

If you’re new here welcome to a place filled with faith, fun, college-life and modest fashion. I am Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley and I am 1998miss! I’m so happy you’ve stopped by my blog and that you’re interested in my new series called Pre-Med Monday.

Welcome to it’s launch and the first official post in the series! YAY!

I hope to continue this series throughout the next two years as a place I can share my experiences as a pre-med student at Sewanee: The University of The South. I am an unconventional pre-med student because I didn’t decide I wanted to be pre-med until my sophomore year at Sewanee. When I finally made the decision I dropped my pre-nursing track and started organic chemistry to get me to where I am today. I am a junior psychology major on a pre-med track with hopefully a Chinese minor if we get one. I am a modest fashion blogger, Instagrammer, and Youtuber. I love pink, to sing at the top of my lungs and to travel. I am unconventional. I want to be a doctor.

Since this series is new it might be a little rocky at the beginning but just give it time because I think it is a wonderful opportunity to share with Y’all!

I had this idea last year but sadly never got around to it and quite frankly was a little apprehensive about starting. I was worried some people would share their negative opinions about my different and unique path to being pre-med. BUT nonetheless, I decided that there have to be other future doctors out there who might have a different pre-med journey than the traditional biochemistry major. Don’t get me wrong if you’re studying biochemistry YOU are amazing but as a social science major, it can sometimes be a little tough to balance the two different course schedules!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about my experience this Saturday in Sewanee taking my first practice MCAT ever!

So WOW what an experience it was! I am so thankful to our amazing pre-med department here at Sewanee for providing all students interested in taking the exam an opportunity to do it for free! They even provided snacks for us on breaks! I finally got a real idea about what the MCAT was like and all the horror stories were gone! I did it. I decided I would spend my Saturday testing and I did it! I am so glad I did because I was able to really get an idea of what the test was like and how I should really start preparing asap! As a junior, I feel a little bit behind just now taking my first practice MCAT but again everyone is different. I plan to have a gap year between medical school and Sewanee so in that case, I am on track! I finally have a score to base off of and get to creating a study plan! I know exactly what testing day will be like and I even learned that the MCAT is taken on a computer, not on paper. Up until this point, I believed it would be on paper just like the ACT and SAT! How silly I felt before but how prepared I will feel now. The more I think about it the better I feel about taking this step towards my future no matter how small it may seem.

Honestly, the test was hard and there are a lot of pre-med courses I haven’t taken yet but I am quite sure that I can do my best on the test if I keep getting out there and trying! So if you’re a freshman and you are pre-med I highly recommend you get out there and take a practice test asap! It will put you at ease and so far ahead of the game! While I can not talk about what was on the test I can tell you that you should value every single one of your pre-med classes because you will need them!

Always remember the road may be long and tough but the destination is worth it. It is a beautiful career to be a doctor and to have the opportunity to help others. When it gets tough to remember the day you decided you wanted this and of all the different lives you will impact through medicine.

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Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley