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March 4, 2018


Bikini Body Guide 



Why I started the program: I honestly can’t give you one solid reason as to why I chose to start this fitness program because there are just so many. I’m a blogger, an insta fanatic and I have seen this program EVERYWHERE. I literally have seen all my favorite gals joining and LOVING IT. I was skeptical because it is another monthly cost, an additional time commitment and I wondered would it actually work? I went back and fourth with myself for weeks and I finally decided to go for it. I have been eating healthy for two months, consistently drinking half my body weight in OZ of water and I have lost a total of ten lbs. I set a birthday goal and decided I needed to pick up exercising to really get things moving! Previously I did an intensive lifestyle change losing fifty pounds by cutting carbs, drinking water and exercising! The results I saw were insane-so I figured exercise is what was missing this time around. In 2018 I set a goal to live my best life and getting healthy/fit was a major part of reaching that goal. So here I am one week into BBG and already loving it. The community is amazing, the workouts are intensive and I feel empowered. I FEEL A DIFFERENCE!


Is it hard? I mean I hate working out and I’m like a baby when it comes to knowing stuff! Can I still do it?: YES, it is physically hard but the HOW to do it isn’t. Kayla breaks the workouts down to the basics and I feel confident in saying anyone can do it/figure out the app. I worked out a lot in high school so I have a lot of background knowledge about many of the exercises but the app has very simple directions if you are not familiar with exercise what so ever.


BBG What does that mean? Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines


Wait what even is this?  This is a weekly consecutive work out program teaching gals all over how to live healthy, eat healthily and exercise!


How was week one?  Week 1 was so empowering but also Y’all it was also challenging. I really had to push myself to get through those basic beginner workouts!!! I remember day three it got a little easier because I finally had the mentality that if I wanted this and I mean really wanted this I was going to have to WORK for it. So I made it through workout after workout going to bed sore, waking up sore and absolutely loving it. I also loved tracking my progress in the app with how much water I was drinking, checking off my goals and basically ruling the world! They don’t call us Kayla’s Army for nothing! It was so much fun and I feel 100% excited to start week two tomorrow!


Do I see/feel results yet? YES, I DO! I know that it seems crazy and I didn’t until the very end of this week! I felt the soreness every day but I didn’t really see results until I went to put on my dress this morning for church-I noticed how much better it fit! My stomach wasn’t taking over the world and I didn’t feel uncomfortable! I felt results after just one week of BBG!!!!


So how do I get this/what are the things you post on your insta stories?  I downloaded the SWEAT app on the app store and signed up for the exercise program/eating plan! After that, I paid, created a profile and literally got started! (I explored it a little before I kicked off the first resistance training) It was so cool and I was a little overwhelmed! I talked with my mom who actually started the program a little before me and she told me I had to do the reading provided because it was so informative! I’m loving that we are doing it together and that there is a community of strong women empowering each other! The stories I post are my trophies for completing the weekly/daily goals and I LOVE THEM! Being the social media guru I am…I love sharing these! It encourages me to keep at it even when I don’t see the results immediately.


Should I get it? Will it also work on me? Honestly, this is a question I can’t give a definite answer on….everyone has a different body and a different story. I believe everyone will feel a difference but not everyone will see results at the same pace. I think it that this aspect varies person to person but I do believe that you will feel better as soon as you start. If you get it we can work out together by joining the BBG gals all over! You can challenge your friends and have that accountability partner really helps!


I’ve linked here how to start & the IG account of Kayla Itsines here!


Sorry, it took me a while to get this post up…I’m in midterm season and I just haven’t had the time! I have really enjoyed all of the encouraging messages, questions and comments on social media about starting BBG-I hope this post helped answer some of those questions! Please continue to reach out if you still have more thoughts or questions! I love this program already and would love to see y’all join too!

I will be doing a separate post about modest workout attire very soon as it has been very requested!! I can’t wait to share how I bring my daily commitment to dressing modestly into the gym! You will recognize you don’t have to compromise to be comfy, cute and active! I love being the gal in the skirt in the gym as it makes me feel feminine and covered!!! Look for that soon!

I’ll be posting my progress pictures on next week’s BBG post as Y’all have requested I do weekly updates!!!!

All my love,

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley

Be blessed and bless others!


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