Let’s Catch Up! A Coffee Date!!

June 4, 2019

Hi y’all!

It’s time to grab a cup of your favorite coffee beverage and get comfy! It’s been since April that I last updated the blog. So here’s my apology and honestly, I’m sad about the lack of recent content! I’m so consistent with Instagram @1998miss but it’s challenging for me to commit to blogging consistently. It’s honestly way more work than you may think! I’m hoping to hop back on to consistent updates because it’s summer and I made a promise to myself. I also really love the platform I built on 1998miss.com-so here it goes.

Also, I’ve been quite busy since we last talked and I’m excited to fill you in through one of my favorite style blog posts: Coffee Dates! I got this idea of my favorite preppy blogger’s Kate Bowman at Lonestarsouthern.com It’s kind of a more personal blog post and really an opportunity to fill you in because Instagram and OOTD posts just give you surface! It’s so important to share the details because life is not only what you see on the gram!

Oh & if you’re wondering I’m enjoying a latte with the tastiest foam coming off the top!

What are you having?

Since we last chatted I have successfully finished my Junior year at Sewanee (PRAISE GOD) and I finished with the best grades I’ve ever had. I am so proud of the progress I have made and the outcome of this semester! I’ve raised my GPA over .50 since I started at Sewanee. Between life and Modest Fashion Week, I’m blown away I did as well as I did. Thank you, Jesus, because I could not have done it without you.

I stayed around Sewanee for a little bit to assist at Sewanee Graduation as a Sewanee Angel so I didn’t actually make it home until mid-May. Congratulations to the class of 2019! A special shoutout to Susie! I also got to stick around for Grad week with some school friends! Shoutout to Yuting, Eddie, Yadi, Emerson, Andrew, and Minju!! Y’all are the OG’s!

I then stopped in Memphis to visit with some of my dear friends the Vaught’s who are celebrating one year of marriage very soon! I love y’all. Thank you for a great visit, the dinner and our annual WAFFLE HOUSE VISIT.

Due to the shortage of the Yellow Fever Vaccination in the USA, I was detained in Memphis for a little longer than expected where I eventually got it at the shot nurse. PRAISE YOU JESUS! THIS WAS A MIRACLE because I was looking at driving to North Carolina.

After Memphis, I headed home just in time for my brother’s graduation from high school. So proud of you Matthew! Since then I’ve been busy visiting medical schools (Pre-Med Blog Post update coming soon I promise), preparing for UGANDA, helping with stuff at home and just trying to get myself together. (Anyone knows what I mean? Sometimes you just need a little time to get sorted out!)

Currently, I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Dubai writing this blog post preparing to embark on an amazing journey to Uganda. If you’re new around here or just want to know more about why I’m spending my summer in Uganda check out this blog post here!

Blog posts are probably going to be touch and go at first this month because I’m going to be getting acclimated in Uganda! It’s an internship and I’m working so I have to iron out the details later. My plan is to get it to one day a week like every Saturday a new post will go up- but if you’re subscribed to my newsletter you’ll already be in the know! Same with Instagram! Follow me here! 

Summer 2019

This summer I will be in Uganda for June & July. I will return home to head to NAYC. Then I will turn around and head to the beach to watch my precious friend Myka get married! After that, I hope to make one more quick trips to see a friend before starting MY SENIOR YEAR AT SEWANEE!!! I will also be touring a couple more medical schools, applying for post-grad stuff and getting ready for life!!! Busy just like I like it!

To wrap it up I’d like to fill you in with a few things I’m obsessed with at the moment!


[ Totally loving adding these natural caffeine packets from Crystal Light to my water! + in Uganda it will be a real blessing! Linked here!  ]


[ Ladies you will WANT TO CHECK THESE OUT! GAME CHANGERS! Check them out here! ]


[ I’m obsessed. Like totally completely in LOVE! I’m still carrying my Chanel from March! I got it for my 21st birthday. I call it the lunch box bag and It’s great! I’m honestly not sure if I’m ever going to be able to go back to a large purse! Check out these other cuties here!


[ This is a total game changer! All the time I get DMS asking what products I wear and this is it! Well since about April because that’s when I made the switch from Chanel! This honestly is so natural looking, hydrating and I AM OBSESSED. It’s under $30 too! You can get it almost anywhere! Also, yes I do wear makeup but I wear the bare minimum for a natural coverage! I would highly recommend this brand because it keeps it clean and affordable! ]


[ I was moved, enough said. It was so amazing! I was in tears on the plane! YOU MUST WATCH THIS. ALSO SHOUTOUT TO DISNEY FOR MAKING A MOVIE THAT IS REALISTIC & TEACHES CHILDREN REAL VALUABLE THINGS. Linked here! ]


[ If you’re looking for a new book to read this series is a good place to start. Of course only if you’re interested in travel, extreme luxury, rich people problems, far fetched real-fiction, and Asian culture. My friends from China joke I have yellow fever already and that I did not need to get a vaccination because I’m clearly already obsessed! So check it out here! I’m finishing the last book! ]

INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT: @joy_dalynne_

[ Love this gal travel photos, style, and edits! + she’s a total sweetheart! I think you should check out her account!!! For all my apostolic peeps she goes to Urshan! She’s linked here! ]

Alrighty! It’s about time for me to get out of here to get ready for my flight! I’m so EXCITED! Thanks for stopping in and having coffee with me. In the comments is where you tell me what’s up with you! I really love to get to chat with y’all so please leave me some goodies in the comments!!!

P.S. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers! I need God’s protection and some extreme doors opened in UGANDA!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley









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