Las Vegas, Paris Edition

January 3, 2018


Hello friends! While many of you know I am currently adventuring in Viva Las Vegas you need to be updated on my recent Parisian adventure! I had convinced my roommate that I was actually in Paris for the New Year (never actually saying France) and with my multiple trips to the Las Vegas, Paris it actually felt like I was. 12/10 reccomend visting this beautiful hotel if ever in Vegas and apsolutely make time to eat at the restaurant. It is $$$$ but it is worth every penny. The experience was so memorable and we got a package deal to save money! While we thought we would be eating dinner in the Eiffel tower we found brunch was actually the plan. Brunch was incredible-literally the best I have ever had. (that’s saying something since I love food and have been to the eiffel tower in Paris, France) I enjoyed a classic favorite of mine eggs benidict but witht the added flavor of lobster! We had pumpkin bisque, baquuettes, french onion soup, creme brulé and mock mimosas. Y’all just take my word for it-AMAZING.

On a second adventure to the hotel we enjoyed parisian crapes, giant paris “fancy” beverages, (which I have great things planned for) and visiting in the scenic surroundings. The hotel was perfect for endless pictures which I took advantage of! Shoutout to my mom and brother for being number one! As many of you usually ask I do use a cannon camera but during this trip I have used my iPhone 8+ camera! (does the trick just fine and is much quicker.

I hope you all are enjoying the new year and don’t miss yesterday’s post about my 2018 goals!!!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley

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