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I ran home to Alpha Delta Pi!!!! ???

February 8, 2017

Alpha Delta Pi 


My experience.

Y’all I participated in rush at my school not knowing that I would actually find sisters in the process. If you know anything about rush…I’m going to tell you something totally different! Rush is very different at Sewanee but still quite the memorable experience. I went into the process with an open mind but my heart was leaning toward one particular sorority. It wasn’t until I actually had the opportunity to get to know each organization on campus that I knew exactly where I belonged.

Alpha Delta Pi was the sisterhood I walked into hoping I would never walk out of. ADPi is extra special because it is the very first sorority ever established. It was founded in 1851 at Wesleyan University. I am a founding member of Alpha Delta Pi’s Sewanee chapter and I am never going to forget running home to ADPi. I am proud of my ability to look into myself and really listen to what my heart was saying. I prayed and trusted God to lead me to the right group of sisters at Sewanee and to open doors for me on this campus. It was no coincidence that a door opened and ADPi joined greek life at Sewanee the same year I did.

Alpha Delta Pi was unique to Sewanee’s rush in how they presented themselves, let me just tell you it was all class and pearls. I’ll never forget walking into McGriff Alumni house where a parade of beautiful poised young ladies stood to greet us. They were dressed head to toe with darling ADPi blue accents and southern charm. It was love at first sight!!!! The decorations were incredible-fresh flowers, an array of sweet treats, baby diet. cokes, sweet tea, infused lemon water, and all things Alpha Delta Pi. I was so dazzled as it was exactly how I imagined rush would be + it was down to the little details perfect! (I fancy myself a party enthusiast, so I know when a party is extra grand-THIS WAS AN EXTRA EXTRA GRAND AFFAIR) After meeting the girls we sat down and watched two short clips about the values of Alpha Delta Pi where I fell deeper into love! We learned about the philanthropy ADPi supports which is the Ronald McDonald House, a home for families with children living in the hospital. The Ronald McDonald house does so many beautiful things to help make those unfortunate circumstances better.

 I listened to the many wonderful things that ADPi stands for and I went into a “rush” of mixed thoughts. You see even as I was dazzled by so many wonderful things in this experience I had already set my mind on a different chapter which made this process a whole lot harder! I listened to my mind saying one thing, while my heart was beating for another.

As we continued through the week we arrived at return house night and I was excited/nervous, I thought I already knew what I was doing except I didn’t. I went back to my favorites spending the most time at Alpha Delta Pi where I felt my heart tugging again, I promise it wasn’t the gold letter balloons spelling out Alpha Delta Pi with a heart, or the sweet and salty popcorn bar (it was def a major plus tho), it was interacting with the girls when I felt the tug.

I sat and talked with Aryln (the beautiful, sassy, southern leadership consultant at Sewanee this semester) for at least an hour about her experience during rush and how she also joined Alpha Delta Pi during its installment year at her university! She had the same thoughts I was having + she was a double legacy for another sisterhood! #superstressful #grandmaswasan….. After talking with sweet Arlyn I felt like I’d made a friend and that I was one step closer to maybe picking ADPi.

After finally leaving ADPi I went to my other return house visits where I felt myself comparing how I felt at each house with how I felt at ADPi- I felt so unsure about what to do so I stopped and prayed asking God to direct my path.

I talked to my friend Isabel (now sister) about my return visits and she decided that we should just say the one we truly loved the most at the same time to help make this process easier…she counted to three where we both shouted I’m going ADPi!!! WE WERE SO HAPPY THAT WE BOTH SAID IT OUTLOUD & WE WERE EVEN HAPPIER THAT WE WERE GOING TO GO ALPHA DELTA PI TOGETHER! WE DEEMED THAT WE WERE ALREADY BASICALLY SISTERS! EEEK! After calling my mom and telling her which one I finally chose she simply said: “I knew you’d pick the right one, God knows exactly where you need to be….and I am so excited you came to your senses”!!!! LOL. My mom is my best friend so telling her made it final!

This long story brings me to today… I am officially an Alpha Delta Pi and loving every second of it. I ran home to sisters that live for me, love me, and let me live for them! My shake day was darling, divine, and super classy!!!! We painted tiles, ate finger sandwiches and ADPi cake (yes it was special for shake day), sipped from ADORABLE paper straws, glittered our faces to perfection, took millions of pictures, laughed with each other & celebrated our new sisterhood!

P.S. our shirts were blue & long sleeved & like so totally perfect! (shown above in pictures)

So basically, after having the best shake day, sister retreat, initiation, and first chapter meeting I can say with my whole heart that I made the right choice…. but I knew all along that I was meant to be an Alpha Delta Pi girl!

I prayed for him to direct me, but he had already been leading me to the right one.

So, which SoROARity are you going to join??

Because ? ALPHA DELTA PI girls live for each other


? DIAMONDS last forever!

I pray that your rush experience will be filled with excitement and that you will pray about the choices you must make because God has a place for you! I also pray its Alpha Delta Pi-just teasing. 😉

I want to encourage you to trust God with your future because he designed you he has YOUR perfect plan.

Jeremiah 29:11New International Version (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

P.S. Thank you to Arlyn for EVERYTHING YOU DO. You’re chic from head to toe, super sweet, and extra lovely! You are already a favorite of mine!!! I am so glad God brought you into my life! XOXO

Thank you to Anna Kate for investing so much time into my Alpha Delta Pi experience, I’ll never forget it! You have been a blessing + you’re are insanely gorgeous!

Thank you to all my other sisters who have helped make Sewanee’s Alpha Delta Pi chapter a success. You all have truly shown what is means to live for each other!

I love you.




Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


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