Hippity Hoppity Easter is tomorrow!

March 26, 2016

It ’twas a busy day. 

Peter Cotton Tail must have been extra busy like me! Today was chocked full of arron’s & a super exciting practice for drama praise at church! I’m so excited about it! I again want to invite you to be my guest at The Pentecostals of North West Arkansas. Service starts @ 10 A.M. & @ 12 P.M. we will be having an egg hunt! Anyways today was mainly in search of the perfect Easter look, baskets, & dinner! My look was cute & comfy for all of today’s needs! Also the extra length was an added slip! (Modesty!)


Dress: Old Navy

Slip: homemade

Babydoll shoes: Dillard’s

Bag: Marshalls (Birthday Gift)



Alexa Dudley

p.s. Can’t wait to share my look for tomorrow!

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