Happy Birthday Jesus!

December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas Jesus 

Wishing love, blessings, and warm memories to everyone! Christmas comes once a year and is so very special, a holiday to cherish. GOD BLESS.

So I’ve been busy, guilty as charged. But let’s talk Christmas Day & Christmas Eve combined. Christmas Eve consisted of shopping and searching for a Lego star destroyer. We grocery shopped and wrapped, wrapped, wrapped, & WRAPPED! I’m very pleased with our assortment of paper this year, included in the photo gallery! (All from Target) Oh & I forgot all about our Christmas charades game, Christmas Eve party, & family time galore. A grand evening to say the least. CHRSITMAS DAY, we woke up in our Jammie’s (MOLLY AND I MATCHED) mixed some breakfast blend hot tea in our festive cups, chowed down on pistachio muffins, unwrapped gifts, watched The Family Stone upon many other Christmas movies, baked and rushed to Sharon’s (our cousin who is running for Arkansas District 7 Senate…Springdale) for a Christmas dinner! We played board games, dined, went to the $3 movie in Springdale (A bargain & bundle of fun) & had a grand time! I’m looking forward to nuzzling up at home with my sisters and watching more movies. I promise to blog more, I’m looking forward to my adventures to come the rest of Christmas break! Stay in touch, check my insta for brief updates or my Twitter. (@1998miss) 


Love Always,


Alexa Dudley

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