Happy Birthday Celebration 4 MOMMY <3

October 14, 2015

C E L E B R A T E   G O O D   T I M E S
C O M E   O N 

Happy Birthday Mommy.
Better late than never right! Just now getting the chance to share with you the details of yesterday’s look and the Happy Birthday party for my mommy. This was a huge event for me, I funded this all on my own & designed every aspect of the party without my mom knowing at all. Well, I Co Hosted this with my sister Adrian…she helped a lot. 🙂 The colors for this party and for any party that my family hosts, is determined easily because we always use timeless colors. WE ALSO ALWAYS COLOR COORDINATE TO THE EVENT SO PICTURES LOOK ON POINT. The doll featured in the pictures was my mom’s childhood doll that she gave to me! A tip for any party is PICTURES as PLACE SETTING! Lanterns or candles makes the event more magical in my opinion. Color straws are a must! Sombrero’s for your pets make everything better…especially if they are only $1.99 from Walmart. (I added the stickers to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM) The green glasses on the table are all generational heirlooms. The birthday cake was a special and funny adventure that my sister and I will never be able to forget. This cake was redesigned. LOL. (WINK WINK. THERE IS AN INSIDE STORY) The candles are sparkler candles and I will never use reg. candles again. The flowers were a birthday gift. The indian ring was my gift to my mom! My mom also got a beautiful couch to celebrate her birthday on top of many other things. She is blessed, our family is blessed! We love you mom. 

If you have any questions concerning her birthday decor or just special event planning please feel free to comment below! You are welcome to sign up to my 1998miss newsletter! <3 <3


Dress: Kohls (APT) *OLD

Navajo Chevron Sweater: CRAFT FAIR 

Green with envy pumps: NBC ($2) *Also Featured in Homecoming Week Post 

Hair Style: Middle part. This was new for me, but I actually liked it! I just braided my hair into two braids after washing it and applying it’s a 10 magic potion. I went to sleep and woke up with it extra wavy without having to apply any heat! YAY! This is good because I am trying to avoid all heat! I allow myself to apply heat only once a week, my choice LOL. I just want my hair extra healthy. Of course before the party I added some waves from my waver just so it looked perfect. This is for sure something you should try, I am on day two and my hair is still ultra wavy. 

P.S. I am really loving fall. I am really ready to share with you my fall favorites…so look for it this week in a featured fall favorites post. I am excited to be sharing some extra special news soon also! Well Yay! 


Happy October.

Happy Birthday to the best mommy ever!

Alexa Dudley

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