Easter Sunday |Resurrection Sunday|He Lives ????

March 29, 2016



It was a happy, happy, happy day on resurection Sunday! So happy Jesus died for our sins, but he lives! We celebrated his life at my church on Sunday, I was apart of drama praise & that was an amazing experience. You can view this service if you go to our web page (linked in my I believe Page) & go to archives of live stream. I had to be at church early on Sunday morning, at 8AM for practice & prayer so I needed a tasty breakfast that was quick! My mom made these bunny cinnamon roles! They were so easy & def. delicious carbs. ? 😉 but who’s counting on Easter right? 

I tried out sponge curlers on Saturday night in preparation for Easter morning. I had high hopes for beautiful, bouncy curls for church. I used the smallest conair curlers & that was not smart. My mom warned me but I didn’t listen. LOL. (mothers always know best) I woke up, took them out & was surprised to find I had Shirley Temple curls. So I brushed them out & boy oh boy that wasn’t good….IT MADE THEM FRIZZY. I was forced to do a twisted low bun because I was out of time. It wasn’t as planned, but I worked with what I had. That’s something I’ve learned in life, plans don’t always work! When it comes to beauty tips, you need to do a trial run before automatically trusting them. I am exhibit A.

As far as Easter baskets: my mom did a tremendous job! I’m so blessed with my mother, she got me the swagger mini purple (Sewanee inspired) for my basket. I included pictures of all the other baskets she did too! (For my brothers & sisters) All the chocalote in the baskets came from the Fresh Market, in ROGERS, AR @ the pinnacle. If there was  a day I would break the diet, (& I did) it would be Easter!

The beautiful arrangement featured was special at my church for Easter Sunday & WAS BEAUTIFUL!

The lady in my photos wearing a striped top, is a dear lady from my church whom I LOVE! Her name is Amanda & she has four kids! She looks rockin’ right! We matched unintentionally! I guess we both got the pattern memo! Banana Republic had all of my Easter needs! I totally reccomend doing this stripes & floral trend because it’s so in & fun!


Skirt: Banana Republic

Blouse: Banana Republic

Shoes: Dillard’s (Last Season, also featured in my prom post)

Basket: Gift from my dad (purchased at flea market) 

Anyways much love!


Alexa Dudley

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