did you MISS ME MARCH?

March 25, 2016



I haven’t blogged since March 5th, & I feel 🙁 negative. So lots to talk about! I’m just going to do a brief summary of the events you’ve missed! Alrighty, so blogosphere you’ve missed these important & exciting events:

My foster sister was baptized in Jesus Name @ my church The Pentecostals of North West Arkansas. Link in my I believe tab. So happy about this!

I turned 18 years old on March 13! I celebrated by shopping in Tulsa, Oklahoma w/ my mommy. We had Raising Canes for lunch. (The best of the best) We checked out boots (that’s what I requested for my bday treat) @ Cavenders! Yet I couldn’t decide on a pair, so that’s still happening. We ate at an old fashioned classic restaurant  for dinner & for “cake” we had a Belgium waffle w/ Carmel & ice cream. YUMMY. Def. not on the diet. Oh p.s. I opened my first ever pair of LOUBOUTINS EVER! PAUSE FOR DRAMATIC SHRIEKING! I also was blessed w/ a little black bag, & some so cute wannabe Prada Sunnies! Thank you for all the birthday wishes and birthday blessings.

You also missed Baseball Season starting! YAYAYYYAYAYAY! I absolutely love being a diamond doll, it’s def. a highlight of high school & I am so sad this is my last year doing it. I would like to thank Chip Bailey for doing so much for MCHS baseball and for the Diamond Dolls. You are truly a blessing! Also if you could say a prayer for Potato Chip, he is very sick right now and needs a touch from the Lord. We love you Chip!

Next on the exciting events is the MCHS athletic banquet. This year my brother Matthew attended for wrestling & I went for my last year of Cheer. 🙁 I didn’t think I would be as sad as I am. I received my four year varsity cheerleading commitment plaque, & best facials/smile/spirit award! My best friends also received awards and it was bitter sweet as cheering with them @ MCHS has been one of my most favorite parts of highschool. I most def. couldn’t have survived cheer without Payton & Carlie. Countless memories!

My amigo Myka turned 18 this month!

My friend Kennedy (she works at Burger Time – I blogged about this restaurant) surprised me with funfetti rainbow bagels! She’s the bomb & I love her! She also treated me with a lettuced wrapped burger (a low carb option) YUM! You can find Kennedy on Instagram by clicking on my photo of the bagels, also listed below on the insta carousel!

I am currently on Easter Break, MCHS doesn’t get a Spring Break (Pause for dramatic gasp)! I worked this evening & had a customer leave me a check for my mission trip to Madagascar! I can’t tell you how much of a blessing this was-my mom told me when I got home tonight that she had been praying for a financial blessing for me! The Lord is so good. Tomorrow I have plans to renew my passport, renew my license and go out with SQUAD to finally celebrate my 18th.


I received a car decal from Sewanee & my pennant hanging in the school!

Check out my Easter look on Sunday as I PROMISE TO BLOG IT! Also if you’re looking for somewhere to attend church on Easter please join as at The Pentecostals of North West Arkansas! Link in bio & on I believe page. We will be having many festivities and the drama praise team (I’m in this! Yay) is doing a praise to Victors Crown! I’m so excited! It’s going to be a Happy Easter in JESUS NAME! Following the service we will also have an egg hunt!

Enjoy these photos from the month of March that you missed.

I love y’all & again I’m sorry I’ve been out.


Alexa Dudley

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