Class Dress

September 4, 2016

Class Dress

Hey y’all this look was from a few days ago….sorry I am still so behind! Class Dress at Sewanee basically means your classiest dress….we dress NICE. I love this!!!! If you’re walking around campus you can expect to see sundresses, wedges, boots, jack rogers, button downs, bowties, oxfords, chubbies, & blazer’s. This is a great fit for me because it’s totally different than the public school environment I was accustomed to in high school! I’ve included some pictures of my darling room mate in today’s post because it’s been said around campus that we are perfect for each other…..we both have fashionable style. We compliment each other I think 🙂 She is wearing a precious petite look! Miranda is chic but also modest!!! It’s crazy how much we actually have in common…and she ALWAYS takes my pictures for me-no questions asked. Alright Y’all before you GET MY LOOK, you need to GET MY CHANNEL! That’s right I finally created my own You Tube Channel with my first official video! Don’t miss this-subscribe and share! I’m excited to make videos become a regular thing with more serious content but today’s was just an assignment for Econ that I thought was a lot of fun! It was just a simple “Selfie” video for a introduction of myself for the professor! Shout out to PROF. SKEE!


Shirt: JCrew

Dress: Lacoste 

Heels: Target

Bag: Tory Burch

Bike: Graduation Gift from my parents! It’s vintage & my new “old blue” 🙁


Alexa Dudley

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