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Sunday Best

September 13, 2018

Hey friends! Today I’m sharing the details of what I wore to church last Sunday! I thought it would be fun to do a Sunday best post because I haven’t done one in a hot sec! I also thought y’all would enjoy knowing where I purchased my darling dress bargain dress!


Sunday’s are good days for me but they are also busy days. Taking 20 credit hours, being pre-med, working a job and being super involved on campus means generally I have little to no time. On Sunday’s I get to leave campus to attend church where I can truly let go of my stress and focus on God. It’s a place where I feel safe. I enjoy service and choose to think only about God. It’s at this time that I find my strength for the week in Jesus by praying he will direct my path, keep me safe, handle situations that might occur and just walk with me through the week.

 On Sunday’s I choose to have a positive mindset because while it’s my organic homework day + it’s also the day I use to plan for the entire week. (There is no better feeling than checking of a to do list so imagine that times 10! Planning days make a world of difference in my life!) I make my mind up that I want to start the week out positively and organized because nothing is worse than waking up in a rush with nothing to wear (we wear class dress at Sewanee so we have to look nice for class which I love) homework not finished, a mess and me stressed out. Monday mornings can be filled with sleepy eyes so I prep Sunday night by filling out my planner for the week in order to be aware of the week’s obligations. I also prep my blog and vlog for the week (this post was written on SUNDAY!) so that I can upload while I’m in the middle of the week. I pick out my outfit for Monday and I load my backpack up so in the morning I just have to grab it to go!

Spiritual Emphasis 

There’s a bible verse that talks about how we should view our days. This is something that my Grandma would greet me with every single morning I woke up at her house and it something I am constantly striving to live by.

Psalm 118:24 King James Version (KJV)

24 This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

As humans we can easily complain and focus on all that is going wrong in a day but this verse says “UH TODAY IS A DAY JESUS MADE FOR YOU!!!! YES YOU ALEXA! SO YOU BETTER BE YOUR BEST TODAY AND BE THANKFUL YOU HAVE ANOTHER DAY!”.

So I am intentional about saying this verse everyday especially on Sunday’s when I’m tired and know tomorrow is a Monday.

I hope this encouraged you! Be determined to accomplish your goals this week and live fully! Take today to start a positive mindset for tomorrow! YOU GOT THIS GIRL!

My Sunday Best 

Button Dress: Target| Similar Basket Bag: Amazon| Similar HeelsCole Haun | Similar Long Sleeved Modesty Top:  Poshmark

Hair: View my Crown Braid Hair Tutorial Here! 

P.S. Be sure to click the links at the bottom of each look…you’ll be able to buy them directly!



Bless others & Be blessed!

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


Home SUNDAY BEST Wardrobe

Game Day Style

September 8, 2018

Hey y’all!!!! Hope everyone has had a delightful week! I’m so exicted because I just uploaded a new vlog to my youtube channel! It’s another China travel vlog and this time we are visiting the city of Chengdu! I think this might be my new favorite vlog! It is just so special to go back and watch my trip through China! I miss it so much!!!! If you’re not already subscribed to my channel you can do it here! I post a video once every week!

Also, I have offically stuck to the new posting schedule for two weeks! Yay! I will be sharing the next “Woman of Faith” article on Sunday September 16th! This featured writer is a sweet friend of mine from Arkansas. She’s speaking from the heart on a subject I believe you will enjoy. Find out on next weeks post who she is!

Oh and this month’s Sewanee feature is one I know you’ll love! I can’t wait for you to meet her! She’s darling and is doing big things on campus! -STAY TUNED 🙂

Sewanee Game Day Style


Happy Day! It’s the first home football game! If you don’t already know I LOVE football! It’s my favorite sport to watch and it’s probably because I was a cheerleader 2nd grade- 12th grade! There’s just nothing like it! It makes me miss my days as a varsity cheerleader with my favorite gals (Carls and Pay)! We were the best of friends and always had the best times cheering. Sweet Carlie is actually still continuing her cheering carrer at Kansas State! I’m hoping I get to see her cheer just once before she graduates! LOVE YA CARLS!

Game Day at every school is a little different but here’s my go to tips for the perfect look!

It doesn’t matter if you’re in high school,  an alumni going to a college game, a football mom or a devoted fan……GAME DAY STYLE is important!!!
During my days as a high school cheerleader I wore my letterman sweater and my uniform to the game. These days I’m just a fan and so I enjoy putting together something from my closet! Here’s how I do it!

If there is a tshirt that everyone is wearing I will put it with a dressy skirt to give it some spice. This can be a tutu or a ripped denim skirt! Whatever you want just to spice it up! If you wear pants try pencil pants and some pointed heals!

If there’s not a tshirt I select something in the color family of the team I am rooting for. This is always the most fun because you’ll arrive at the game both classy and unique. Being unique is one of my favorite things about being alive! I love to put together a look I don’t think anyone else is doing. Being ordinary is well just plain. By using team colors you basically have the freedom to create the perfect look from scratch giving a dressy approach! You’ll be sure to stand out!

If it’s mid November i’ll add a cute little cardigan and some leggings. Warmth is important!!!!

I also love a good dress for a game! At Sewanee it’s a tradition to dress your best for every game! It’s the most fun on Homecoming to see what everyone is wearing. Every year as it approaches I anticipate what I’ll pick to wear and how I can incoperate Sewanee colors. The difference between Sewanee and most schools is that hardly anyone wears a tshirt and almost everyone wears whatever color they want! We just dress up! So this is always a challenge to imcooperate both!

My final tip and best tip is go out with confidence because whatever you wear you’re gonna rock it! BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU & THAT IS JUST HOW YOU ROLL!

Here’s what I wore to Saturday’s Game Day! Details linked below!

 Perfect Gingham Dress: Target *ON SALE $11 | Olisa Ankle Strap Sandal: Sam Edelman 

P.S. thanks boo for taking my photos!


P.S. Be sure to click the links at the bottom of each look…you’ll be able to buy them directly!



Bless others & Be blessed!

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


CASUAL Wardrobe

Black/Nude & Casual/Sleek COMBO LOOK

February 27, 2017


Ya heard me right friends these looks are classic colors and SO casual SO chic! I bought this little black top from Forever 21 during #TNYC16 for $2 & I can promise ya I am going to wear it into the ground!!! I love Forever 21 long sleeved tops because they are form fitting and so trimming! (I was looking good 🙂 kidding but ya)! I also picked up this little nude top from the sale for $2 and just switched out the tops for a simple easy look! I loved that I could pair the black booties from Forever 21 that were $3 with my usual classic denim skirt too. I wore the black style to the Chattanooga Aquarium on Sunday night and the nude style on Monday morning to class! Yay, GO ME! Y’all if you must know it is so easy to look chic for cheep! Also solids take you from 0 to a SOLID 10!

P.S. I included two extra pictures from other looks not on the blog


Black Top: Forever 21 *Similar Style (Mine also Forever 21)

Nude Top: Forever 21 

Jean Skirt: Old Faithful from JCP 

Black Booties: Forever 21 



I love you!!!

Alexa Dudley

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Today’s Vibezzz

January 19, 2017

Today’s Vibezzz

Hey Y’all

Here’s a quick look at “today’s vibes”. We went to Joplin, Missouri for a fun day of girl time, and this mural was so beautiful so we decided to take a few pictures. Myka is my best friend from High School! I have also included her looks below!!! XOXO


Skirt: Target

Shirt: JCREW

Shoes: TJ Max

Bag: Christmas Gift

Jacket: Old Navy

Shades: Coach (Dillard’s New Year’s Sale *$60.00)


Dress: Boutique Joplin, Mo

Leggings: Boutique Joplin, Mo

Boots: Dillard’s

Bag: Coach

Bangles: Alex & Ani



Alexa Dudley

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Fall At Lake Cheston

November 8, 2016


Here are some of the fall photos we took at lake Cheston in Sewanee, TN <3

Miranda Lyu (ROOMMATE)

Zahnib Kalsoom


Skirt: Banana Republic (GO 2)

Shirt: Ralph Lauren

Sweater: JCREW

Booties: Dillard’s


Alexa Dudley




Happy Birthday Celebration 4 MOMMY <3

October 14, 2015

C E L E B R A T E   G O O D   T I M E S
C O M E   O N 

Happy Birthday Mommy.
Better late than never right! Just now getting the chance to share with you the details of yesterday’s look and the Happy Birthday party for my mommy. This was a huge event for me, I funded this all on my own & designed every aspect of the party without my mom knowing at all. Well, I Co Hosted this with my sister Adrian…she helped a lot. 🙂 The colors for this party and for any party that my family hosts, is determined easily because we always use timeless colors. WE ALSO ALWAYS COLOR COORDINATE TO THE EVENT SO PICTURES LOOK ON POINT. The doll featured in the pictures was my mom’s childhood doll that she gave to me! A tip for any party is PICTURES as PLACE SETTING! Lanterns or candles makes the event more magical in my opinion. Color straws are a must! Sombrero’s for your pets make everything better…especially if they are only $1.99 from Walmart. (I added the stickers to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM) The green glasses on the table are all generational heirlooms. The birthday cake was a special and funny adventure that my sister and I will never be able to forget. This cake was redesigned. LOL. (WINK WINK. THERE IS AN INSIDE STORY) The candles are sparkler candles and I will never use reg. candles again. The flowers were a birthday gift. The indian ring was my gift to my mom! My mom also got a beautiful couch to celebrate her birthday on top of many other things. She is blessed, our family is blessed! We love you mom. 

If you have any questions concerning her birthday decor or just special event planning please feel free to comment below! You are welcome to sign up to my 1998miss newsletter! <3 <3


Dress: Kohls (APT) *OLD

Navajo Chevron Sweater: CRAFT FAIR 

Green with envy pumps: NBC ($2) *Also Featured in Homecoming Week Post 

Hair Style: Middle part. This was new for me, but I actually liked it! I just braided my hair into two braids after washing it and applying it’s a 10 magic potion. I went to sleep and woke up with it extra wavy without having to apply any heat! YAY! This is good because I am trying to avoid all heat! I allow myself to apply heat only once a week, my choice LOL. I just want my hair extra healthy. Of course before the party I added some waves from my waver just so it looked perfect. This is for sure something you should try, I am on day two and my hair is still ultra wavy. 

P.S. I am really loving fall. I am really ready to share with you my fall favorites…so look for it this week in a featured fall favorites post. I am excited to be sharing some extra special news soon also! Well Yay! 


Happy October.

Happy Birthday to the best mommy ever!

Alexa Dudley


so 1980

October 8, 2015

♦1980 or 2015♦


YAY. It’s almost Friday! This means many things but my favorite is…tomorrow is game day & salads after school with SQUAD.

Today I finished Beowulf, the novel we are reading in College Prep English & today I established that wearing Vintage trends is so fun! My fun printed shirt came from GOODWILL. I provided two ways you can wear this shirt in the images! Dressy or Casual! It’s up to you! 🙂


1980 Shirt: Goodwill

Stripped Skirt: Old Navy

Green Sweater: Old Navy ♥

Pointed Red Flats: Gap


Alexa Dudley

CASUAL Wardrobe


October 7, 2015

 Red & Black

Adventures to Tan-Tar-A Resort


Today the National Honor Society officials (yesterday I was elected NHS chapter president! BLESSINGS!) made a journey to Tan-Tar-A Resort @ Lake of the Ozarks for a conference! I was very delighted to be going to what I call Tan-Tar-A…the dirty dancing resort. LOL. But it seriously reminds me of that movie! They have everything to offer, it’s cute & I picture Baby & her family there! My mom said when she was a teenager she had friends that would stay there every other summer, I thought it sounded swell. & VINTAGE. Anyways that is where I’ve been all day!

This event posed a dress code…wear mustang colors (RED & BLACK) & look cute yet be comfy for the long car ride! This is a common issue we all know but don’t worry I’ve gotten a solution! I knew immediately that a maxi was the way to go! I got this maxi from Ann Taylor Loft a few years ago and this is the first wear it has gotten! I got it for the bargain price of $6 & I love it because it is unique to the maxi skirt traddition because if flares out at the bottom! If you have the chance check out Tan-Tar-A and share you experiences in the comments!

P.S. What’s your dress code Dilemma?


Maxi: Ann Taylor Loft $6

Sweater: Dillard’s *OLD

Shoes: Dillard’s 

Bracelet: Canada (I got it this summer on my trip to Canada & the East Coast!)

Purse: Coach (I paired this to match the studs on my shoes) 


Alexa Dudley

CASUAL Wardrobe

Senior Picture Day

October 6, 2015


It’s my SENIOR PICTURE DAY. The last one in my high school career. So today I’m wearing my new vineyard vines sailor button mini. I can’t believe it’s the last one I’ll do @ MCHS! It’s crazy I’m already a senior! I recommend for any day you’re taking a picture that you wear something you love and feel confident in but also stay with some basic colors because it’s timeless and classy!


Dots & Sparkles Shirt: JCREW


Lumberjacks: TARGET


Alexa Dudley ♦

CASUAL Wardrobe


October 1, 2015



Yay! Today is the first day of October! Officially time for snuggling, scary movies, hot chocolate, chunky knit sweaters, PSLGALORE, UGG boots, my mommy’s birthday,  & Halloween town.

I started this Spooky month by wearing my ribbon docs & my bargain buy shirt! Black is the new it for me, because it’s slimming and trimming. Wait, hasn’t it always been?! Lol.

By the way, I’m in search of the perfect present for my mom….so if you have any ideas comment below! 🙂




RIBBON DOCS: Dillard’s

Today my featured friend is MISS CHLOÉ

CHLOÉS favorite part of today’s look is her long knit. It was purchased in Texas at an adorable little boutique! You can follow my friend on Instagram @chlo_eeee 🙂 

P.S. Comment your October favs.


Alexa Dudley