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The Keto Diet : post 1

January 7, 2019

Keto Blog Post

Hey! Hi! Howdy! Welcome to & my weekly blog post which happens every Thursday! If you’re new here I’m Alexa & I’m a modest fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger from Missouri.

Today’s blog post is one of the MOST requested ones I have had in a while! I’m going to give a little update about the keto diet!

 I’ve been doing the keto diet since January 1st, 2019 and it’s now February 6th, 2019. That means I’ve officially beat the New Year’s Resolution stereotype which says “most people will drop their New Years resolution at least two weeks into the new year”! I am so proud of myself for sticking to the Keto diet with only one small hiccup or two! I feel really good and get SO excited every time I get closer to my goal because if I’m being honest my weight is something I’ve always struggled with. It didn’t matter when I was 103 pounds or 151 pounds because either way, I’ve always been insecure about it.

My goal this year was to get to a place where I didn’t feel so insecure.

With that being said and putting it all out there the keto diet has been really great. I like that there is a set type of food I can eat and in the past, any sort of low carb diet is the ONLY one I can find success with. I have a REALLY poor metabolism and this style of eating is what works best for me. Now saying this doesn’t make me a nutritionist and you should always consult your doctor before doing a new diet if you’re also considering the keto diet. In my experience, this + a combination of intermittent fasting has been WONDERFUL. I have been seeing some results and I am really happy about it. It honestly feels really good that with every pound that comes off, I continue to get closer to my pre-college weight. That’s right y’all the freshman 15 is a real thing.

ABOUT THE DIET: rookie level

So this diet is basically a high fat (healthy fats) protein and low carb diet! You’re eating in a certain manner to kick your body into ketosis where it burns your stored fat! Eating this way was DEF an adjustment at first because you also cut out sugar which can be so hard! You also only use a certain artificial sweetener which makes it convenient to carry your own with you. After about a week into keto, I got the habit down and am now solid about what I can have. BUT it was rocky at first because with any new thing you have to learn-so believe me there was a learning curve.

I had lost almost 10 pounds and then came back to college mid-January. On the way back to school I stopped to get protein powder etc so that I could make shakes in my dorm…I was no longer going to be able to use the kind my mom had purchased at home. I ended up buying some after spending an hour trying to decide in the protein powder section of target. I selected a highly recommended powder called WHEY protein powder which tasted GREAT it actually tasted much better than the kind I had eaten at home. Well after a week of new tasty shakes with WHEY I got on the scale and had gained most of it back. Then a very sweet gal on Instagram asked me where I purchased vegan WHEY protein powder because WHEY contains milk. THEN I REALIZED I HAD CONFUSED MYSELF IN THE PURCHASE AND WAS USING A PROTEIN POWDER MADE WITH REG milk. Welp thanks to that sweet lady I’m no longer using WHEY. I also am not using cranberries in my salads anymore. SO YOU LIVE AND YOU LEARN.

Most Common Keto Questions I get asked: 

My most common question is always: is the keto diet hard? Yes, it is but all diets are hard because who likes to say no to tasty food-with that being said the pay off will be SO MUCH better than any brownie or loaf of bread.

The second most common question is always: do I feel low energy on keto…yes I did and sometimes I still do. I went through the keto flu and sometimes feel tired. When I do I drink more coffee and make a point to be getting at lead 8hrs or sleep.

Example of a typical day of keto eating:

9 am morning drink: keto powder, ice, almond milk, MCT oil.

11 am: latte with half and half NOTHING ELSE

1 pm: eat salad bowl with lettuce, pickled okra, tomatoes & drink water.

5-6pm: burger bunless with cheese or egg with chicken breast.

8 pm: 2 tablespoons of peanut butter

I drink a lot of carbonated water throughout the day and also sometimes have two more coffees with half and a half.

When I have time I make fat bombs where I will have a sweet treat which is keto approved. My favorite is the Tim Tebow peanut butter fat bombs.


That’s all I’m sharing for now! Thank you for taking the time to read such a long-winded post. If you have any more questions please let me know and I will be happy to answer them. Also, I know a lot of you want to know how many pounds I’ve lost but I feel like I want to wait to share that until I’m closer to my goal or around my goal weight. Thank you for your understanding and patience. ♥️♥️

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10 things you NEED for your college dorm!! | UPDATE

August 30, 2018

Hey my friends! I’m offically kicking off the Sewanee school year with a back to school post + a schedule!

It’s been a little bit since I last posted but I’m ready to get back into the swing of things! I am planning to post one blog post per week and if things are going great I’ll try to squeeze in a second. I will be doing one Sewanee Featured interview per month and hope to get two “women of faith” articles in each month. In additon to all of this I will be posting one video on my youtube channel once a week!  Subscribe to my channel by clicking here!  

It is my hope to start an additional youtube channel dedicated to something really special soon…so stay tuned on that. I seriously am planning on implementing this in the next week or so. It will be a challenge to get it done but I am so excited!


Now that those announcements are out of the way let’s talk 10 things you NEED for your college dorm room!

1. A Dyson Fan & Heater!

| This is my favorite thing in my dorm room. I honestly thought that it was absurd to pay so much money for an item like this until I realized it’s value. It is truly AMAZING. Living in a dorm room without air conditioning poses its challenges but is comperable with this DYSON. While it does cost a pretty penny it does double as an excellent heater. It is tech savy so you can controll it from your phone even out of the room. I highly reccomend purchasing this because DYSON is so durable and you’ll be using it even after you graduate. |

Linked here!

2. A mini refrigerator.

|This one may seem like a no brainer but let me elaborate a little bit. A fridge is where you will store your healthy snacks which will keep you making good decisions + steer you away from the freshman fifteen = an investment. Another reason you wan to have your own mini fridge is so that you can offer your guests/visitors a refreshment when they stop in. This is so that your sure to be a popular host. Yes it’s another investment but when you’re finished with it you can sell it to an underclassmen and get a little money back. I’m linkinb a somewhat mini fridge below because it is beyond CUTE! My mini fridge on the other hand was much less expensive and wasn’t quite so luxury-still an investment and wonderful stainless steel option. |

Linked here! 

3. Bed Risers

| Bottom line is that your room will be tiny and making use of all the space is an optimal goal. If you’re lucky you’ll get one of those snazzy beds which adjust allowing yourself to have a super high bed in additon to bed risers. Do this and you’ll be in buisness! I speak from experience Bed Risers are a necessity. |

Linked here!

4. A mattress topper of some sort!

| Let me just be real for a second…the mattress in your dorm isn’t the one you’re accustomed to from home. Get yourself a matress topper and get quality rest. I promise you’ll need it. |

Linked here!  

5. A full length mirror

| Maybe it’s the fashion blogger in me or maybe it’s just a necessary. Purchase yourself a full length mirror to really be on top of your college style! Plus who else can’t stand to leave without making sure you’re tucked in and sucked in!!! ME!!! I searched for a more luxury leaning mirror but purchasing one from Target will also do!! |

Linked here!

6. A surge protector

| Need I say more?!! Protect yourself from a fire and a fine with this must have item. Inexpensive to ensure your safety + allow you to really plug it all in! |

Linked here!  

7. A good faux flower arrangement.

| I would reccomend this to any gal out there because it does so much for the eye! Literally seeing flowers brightens both my room and my day! Home Goods has the best!

Linked here!

8. A big lamp

| This isn’t a suggestion-woah just kidding. But seriously dorms are notorious for having less than lighting not giving you enough ambiance or an optimal study space. Take my reccomendation and check out Home Goods for a quality lamp to style all four years of college! |

Linked here! 

9. Curtains

| If you’re gonna have windows you’re gonna need curtains. Get yourself a pair of neutral curtains and style them again in the future! It’s comfort and privacy with curtains. I also want to suggest checking out my favorite decorating store Home Goods-again. |

Linked here! 

10. Dorm Slippers

| I’m telling ya as soon as you get back to your room you’re gonna wanna switch into something comfy and relax + who wants to relax with their shoes on? Get yourself a pair of stylish or just utilitarian slippers for the dorm. I wear a pair of rubbber CUTE sandals around the dorm and in the shower. They are perfect for running quick arrons outside too! I reccomend checking out UGGS! |

Linked here! 

Posting Youtube Videos & Blog Posts everyweek!

All my love,

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


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Trendy bell sleeves getting me through!!

November 15, 2017


My phone has been broken (still is actually) and I have had like zip time to blog! I have a lot of really exciting things happening this month and I am excited to share! You can look forward to seeing a lot more of me after Christmas break! I will be launching two new series on my blog with consistently uploaded content! Yay! I also will add my follow friday series to the blog in case you miss it on my instagram story!!! I would like to make a schedule for myself where I can have a routine time to get to because it’s been next to impossible this last month (if I am being really honest it’s been like that since school started)!

If you’re in college you feel me!! If you’re pre-med then you really feel me but what else would I be doing?!!!




As soon as I get a new cellular device and a spare sec (Thanksgiving Break) I will be giving more time to BTW: I’m going home for break so be sure to follow along on my ten hour journey via my instagram story (who even uses snapchat anymore)!!! FOLLOW ME @1998Miss by clicking here!

This post is basically just a baby tiny update of what’s up with me and my life right now! It’s also a OOTD post! What I’m wearing to class this fine Wednesday on the mountain!

Thanks for reading!!


Bell Sleeve Button Down: Banana Republic, Similar Style here!

Navy Skirt: Classic Piece, Similar Style here! (I actually like this one better & want to add it to my closet!)

Tory Burch Bag: Tory Burch, Similar Style here!

Sparkle Sweater: Gap, Similar Style here! (ON SALE)

Booties: Dillard’s, Similar Style here!

Preppy Salior Coat: J CREW, Similar Style here!

Blessings!!! XOXO


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


Runway Inspired

October 20, 2017

Happy Friday!!!! I am loving the cooler weather in Sewanee and I couldn’t be more excited for fall break starting today!!!!

This is yesterday’s look. It felt really good to get creative again with what I am wearing. I have to tell you I was getting a little bit lazy last week with my outfits!!! In my defense I was swamped with college-none the less we should always love what we’re wearing because we love ourselves!!! Postive look is positive mindset. It gives me confidence to do my day as the best Alexa I can be when I am looking 10/10. Lol or just when I put effort into my look….you know I think professors notice when you look nice for their class it’s a certain amount of class to dress up for class. I also think it is respectful to the instituation and professor’s class you are attending. (Note: I still have those days where I just throw on a dress for class!! Guilty as charged! But I do love when I can look put together for my classes!)





White Button Down: Bannana Republic

Belt: My mom’s in the 80’s! Brighton Belt!

Skirt: Ballet Dress-Forever 21

Ballet Flats: Dillard’s

Quilted Chained Shoulder Bag: Michael Kors, Dillard’s

P.S. I call this runway inspired because I put a lot of trendy ideas I have seen in upscale fashion to put together this outfit!

Photo Credits: My best friend! Miranda!

All my love,

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


Sewanee Founders Day 2017

October 13, 2017


Sewanee, Tennessee

Hey Y’all! It’s been a busy bit since I last posted because of course life has gotten crazy again! I have been eager to get this blog post up because I had so many kind coments about this little heart skirt from my FAVORITE store! The shoes I’m wearing have also been a hot topic in my DM’s lol! They are some oldies from the annual New Year’s Day sale at Dillards! It’s literally the best time to buy your shoes…I’m guilty of buying in bulk for all seasons!

Anyways this post is also to celebrate and recognize my bestie who was gowned last Friday for having outstanding academic performance! This is one of my favorite traditions at Sewanee and it’s pratically famous around the liberal arts college scene! Almost all who tour Sewanee find it’s grand archetechture and unique traditions similar to a very popular fictional institution called “Hogwarts” from Harry Potter. (You are now free to say wait isn’t her last name Dudley?)

Sewanee is also known as the Oxford of The South which makes it the perfect scene to study and BLOG! I can’t say it enough I am blessed I get to matriculate here! Although Sewanee was a challenging adjustment and is academically very challenging I still LOVE it. I have grown so much since I started here. While I am not the typical Sewanee student I have found Joy in staying true to myself in both the classroom and the social scene! I think my time at Sewanee thus far has made me very well versed in listening respectfully to other ideas and viewpoints.

While I am not as academically astute as my best friend Miranda I am very blessed to have the privillage of being a Sewanee Angel! It is the coolest organization on campus….but it seems I’m a little bias. (This is why I am wearing a gown in some of these pictures because as a Sewanee Angel I assist for Founders Day!)

So congrats to all my friends who litterally killed it getting their gown as sophomores! You rock! Pia, Daisy, Yadi, Mesgana, and Miranda I am so proud of y’all! Thanks for being a great example and for being my friend! I love y’all! Girl Power! #Girlssupportothergirls

P.S. I have to make a comment about how beautiful all my gals looked for Founders Day! There is the most darling picture of all of together below! BEAUTIFUL DRESSES FOR BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!


Top: J Crew, linked here! (UNDER $10 & IT IS THE BEST SHIRT EVER!)

I heart you Skirt: J Crew, linked here!

Electric Blue Shoes: Dillard’s, similar style here! (Louboutin also has a stellar pair)

I used a new curler to get this more casual waves! It’s a wand from Target under $30! I wanted to do something different than my usual barrel curls!

Miranda’s Dress: Dillard’s, linked here!









Psalms 133 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” Ecce Quam Bonum

Cheers Y’all


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley

(Last picture featuring Miranda Lyu & a picture featuring my “brother in law” “Mad Dawg” -David Gao (her boyfriend) who came to Sewanee for the weekend from Wisconsin Madison to celebrate Miranda! How sweet right! #couplegoals)


Women’s Chiffon Mini Dress – Who What Wear!

September 25, 2017

Could it be the perfect dress?!

Hey y’all I hope everyone had a blessed weekend! I spent my weekend in Nashville celebrating my friends birthday and studying!

I had my first Korean dining experience, and airbnb stay. What are your thoughts about Korean food and airbnb?

I give them both a thumbs up! But I do have to say I still love a good hotel! I think airbnb works great for big groups staying somewhere for a long period of time!

I’m finally getting the details about this little dress up! I got so many DM’s about where this little number was from!! No surprise it’s from Target from the WWW collection!
It was under $40 and it is so comfy! I think a pretty pastel color is easy to transition into fall! I also think it would be darling with a neutral sweater underneath!

Hey I’m thinking of doing a post about versatility with clothes! Maybe like this dress style 4 ways kind of thing! Let me know your thoughts!



Dress: Target, linked here!

Bag: Tory Burch, similar style linked here!

Shoes: DIY!! Belk, Hobby Lobby, similar style linked here!


Thank you to my incredible roommate for taking my photos today and always! Follow her on IG (@Chinese_dumpling)!

Happy Monday!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley





University of The South. 9.15.17

September 17, 2017


Totally loving bell sleeves and all things black (but that’s no update). Get this darling top at Target and ON SALE!!!! Linked below!


So this look is from a few days ago but I got a lot of feedback about this top! I’m going to link it below but Y’all gotta know it’s from TARGET! Also thank you for all the kind, beautiful comments on my pictures! For those of you who asked I use a cannon camera and the newest apple editing software! Miranda is the one behind the camera she’s the best. 🙂


Top: Target, Similar Style  Here!

Skirt: JCP, Similar Style Here!

Shoes: Target, Similar Style Here!




Cheers, to a cute outfit!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


The University of The South / Welcome 2 our room!!

September 17, 2017

Sewanee / Sophomore Year / Class of 2020

Oh my goodness, it’s been a bit. That’s my bad Y’all. I have been neglecting my blog!!!!

S0 basically I’ve been tuned out since JULY! Please forgive me and don’t be mad! (I’ll be mad for the both of us!)

It’s officially September and I am back at Sewanee for my sophomore year of undergrad. I am officially a PRE-MED student taking a load of classes. I spend most of days attending classes, studying, working, hitting the gym, eating and occasionally sleeping. (That’s everyone tho right?) I am still on the track of pursuing medical missions! I have been so blessed and privileged to be where I am today. It’s all thanks to king Jesus!!!!

Y’all may be wondering how Miranda is (my roommate and total BFF)….she is doing so great! She is majoring in Econ and Mathematics! She is still the one behind the camera because no one does it better. THX GIRL!! @Chinese_dumpling (Insta handle) So blessed God gave me her!

My suitemates are my 朋友 (friends) Daisy and Pia so we’re living the dream here in McCrady dorm!

Oh I totally forgot to mention I am taking CHINESE at Sewanee!!!!! The coolest right? I’m finally going to be able to keep up with my Sewanee gals from China…. okay maybe at least be able to say my name in Chinese!! LOL! 😂

Okay so this post is basically an apology, a brief update, and the release of my dorm room!!! *Sigh (Y’all have been waiting right? 😉 )

We did do something super extra here at The University of The South and at any college for that matter!


So that’s what I am sharing! HUGE THANK YOU TO MY MOM @sarinda_ (Insta handle) for being the extra most bestest mom ever (totally like the little Ceaser commercial) & for giving us the best dorm ever! LOVE YOU!

Room 108!!! Come on in Y’all!


























Cheers, Y’all!!! Thanks for stopping in! XOXOXOXO




Faith Factor NAYC Night 1

July 26, 2017

Faith Factor

Wow!!! Posting after an amazing night at North American Youth Congress! So y’all gotta know about the Faith Factor message from NAYC17 preached by Brother Ensey! It was an incredible message with such relevance. We have to have a stronger faith factor than a fear factor. We are called so we must step out in faith!!!! We have a sword SO WE MUST USE IT!!!!! We will have situations in life where there is a strong fear factor but it is up to us to have enough faith to get through it! Trust in Jesus for he is the way maker!

I look forward to sharing more about my trip to Indianapolis, Indiana and all my looks along the way. If I can locate it I will link a way to watch service from my blog.


Sleeveless Blazer: Linked here!

Black Skirt: JCP, Similar style here.

Shoes: Dillard’s, Similar style here!

Bag: My Mom’s, Similar style here!



Alexa Dudley


NAYC17 Day One!!!

July 26, 2017

National Youth Congress DAY ONE!!

Today we hit downtown Indianapolis Indiana for some shopping before tonight’s big service!!! I can’t wait to share today’s look with you because it was exceptionally comfy!!! We went to City Point mall where I ran into several of my friends! We also went to the convention center where all of the modest shops were up and running. I would totally recommend that you check out these awesome shops and support these entrepreneurs!


Shirt: Draper James!!! (75% off sale tomorrow!!!)

Skirt: Oldie, Similar Style here!

Wedges: Old Navy, Similar style here!

Bag: My mom’s, Similar style here!


I love y’all!!!

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