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“Seek Ye First”

February 24, 2018

“Seek Ye First” 

In 7th grade I tried out for the junior high basketball team and to my surprise made the cut. I was issued a uniform, purchased some basketball shoes, and was given the traveling schedule. As the season progressed I quickly became aware that although I rode the bus, wore the uniform, and hung out with the team, I was nothing more than a glorified bench warmer. Every game I would sit on the sidelines cheering on my teammates, and occasionally my coach (possibly out of pity) would put me in for a few minutes. Although I was on the team, you could say I didn’t contribute much.

Even though I look back now and laugh at how much pride I took in my “yeah, that’s right, I’m on the basketball team” junior high mentality. I am so quickly reminded that, that small window of my life quickly passed and really did not matter too much in the grande scheme of things. This simple recollection of a junior high memory draws such a parallel with our place as believers in the Kingdom of God.

“But seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” -Matthew 7:33

As much as I pray “Lord, just like you raised Lazaruz from the dead, I am believing that you can resurrect my GPA…” or another reoccurring prayer “God, my bank account is a little low right now, so if you could just multiply like you did the loaves and the fish I would be oh so grateful.” As real and worrisome school, money, friendships, and work, can be, these things all have one common denominator and that is that they are temporal. I too find myself caught up in the trivial things of life, often devoting my time, thoughts, and passions, to things that will be left for dust when that trumpet is sounded.

“Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away.” Luke 21: 33

Jesus’ short 33 years on earth gave us such direction and inspiration in how to behave in a kingdom way. Loving sinners, healing the outcast, showing mercy to those who did not deserve, these were all actions that defied odds and gave us the precedent in a Kingdom lifestyle. Jesus taught to save, he gave moral teachings, extended Himself to others and sent His followers out into all the world. Jesus was building up a kingdom, not an earthly kingdom with swords or shields, but a kingdom which would be fulfilled. He spoke compassion, cared for the ones forsaken, and preached the Gospel. The beautiful thing about Jesus is that His death and resurrection was only the beginning of what He had come to earth to do. His whole earthly ministry was preparing and opening the door for a sweeping revival that would be fulfilled under the the apostles of Jesus and even us today. Upon return Jesus gave us the Great Commission, which sets the stage for our purpose and propels us straight into the book of Acts.

I have to often remind myself that as believers we are apart of the greatest “team” that this Earth has ever seen. No sports team, club, social group, or political party, has such an impact or influence as the body of Christ in His kingdom. The Bible is known as the most sold book in all of the world. Globally, thousands and thousands are coming to know Christ and receiving His spirit every single week. We are a part of something so much bigger than our selves. We get to be a part of His Great Commission process and contribute first hand to something that will long outlive us.

The problem with the eternal plan of God is that so often we don’t make it internal.

God has a specific and unique plan for each believer in the Kingdom of God, but its up to US to personalize our role and contribute. We see how each disciple in the scripture came from a different background, saw life different, but all had one universal action… they forsook all else and followed Jesus. If we want to see the scripture “your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” why don’t WE take the initiative and be the physical hands and feet of Jesus to help usher that unto the earth. Kingdom work that is personalized is not a force easily shaken.

“What Can I Be Doing In the Kingdom of God?”

  1. But Him first in all we do (our time, our money, our thoughts).
  2. Be a proponent of the Gospel…live it out and walk in salvation.
  3. Be the hands and feet of Jesus (working in charities, helping the less fortunate).
  4. Live with extended mercy and grace, the world doesn’t need our fleshly condemning, but the mercy of God that is new every morning.
  5. Get involved in our churches…plugging ourselves in gives connection and strength to the body of Christ.

Jesus has already told us in His scripture that if we will FIRST seek Him and His Kingdom all the other trivial things of this life will be supplied and taken care of. The beautiful thing is, we have assurance and protection under the Kingdom of God. We don’t have to worry about what the future will hold, or how a need will be met when we are living intentionally in His kingdom. Our main job as beings on this earth should not be our work or our self promotion, but rather being humble enough to subject our plans/desires/wishes to first propel His kingdom. Kingdom work is servant work. Servant work is not always glamorous or caught on camera for all to see, but we aren’t living for ourselves for ourselves or others… but for our Master.

& some day when we stand at the gate of heaven we will hear “well done thy good and faithful servant…”


Madison Gaddy is a “woman of faith” from the great state of ARKANSAS. She is currently studying psychology at the University of Central Arkansas, and plans to pursue her passion in counseling. She loves all things flower and plant related, and enjoys a good cup of joe. Traveling has become her greatest joy, and she is so excited to work in Tanzania, Africa this summer on the Next Steps program.


P.S. Madison is a inspiration in everything she does always uplifting others. She is beautiful inside and out! I am very blessed to know her and for the memories we have made-priceless. Madison’s next adventure is to Tanzania and she is selling these darling handstiched hats in an effort to fundraise. If you’re interested please contact Madison on Instagram at her handle above. -Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley

Featured Writers

Surely, God Doesn’t Care Who I Marry

February 9, 2018


Surely, God Doesn’t Care Who I Marry 

“Be patient as I prepare him as well”

I was just merely 15 years old when God spoke these exact words to me.

I never expected for God to care about who I want to spend my life with. I never expected God to care who I thought was cute, or who gave me butterflies. He’s the creator of the WHOLE EARTH! Why was my emotionally driven, boy-chasing, immature heart even thought about? SURELY He has better things to attend to. God quickly shifted my thinking.

At 13 years old, I made a list of what I wanted in a spouse and I prayed over it.

My Future Husband:

blue eyes

loves God more than he’ll ever love me

sing and play instruments


There were some other details I put in there and I said, “Alright, Lord. This is exactly what I want. I dare you to provide it. I challenge you.”

(oh, how brave I sound, as if God couldn’t do it)

Fast forward 2 years, and God speaks to me. That one small sentence gave me so much peace, but it also gave me one of the largest revelations I’ve ever received. This powerful word from my creator told me 4 things.



We must never try to step ahead of the hand of God. He is God. We are not. Let God do the thing He has always done: provide. Quit trying to reach the destination and start learning in the journey.


2. He already has someone picked out for me

HE CARES. We must never forget that God knows exactly what He is doing. Every single small detail (even the ones we don’t notice) is for a specific purpose and plan. He is the Author and the Finisher. Which means He wrote this life you’re living in and saw it PERFECT for you. He knew you could handle it. He sees all and He knows all. Therefore, He sees your future spouse, too. Exactly where He’s at, what He’s doing, and where’s He’s going.


3. God is preparing and molding him perfect for me

A relationship is more than kissing, hugging, and compliments. If that’s all you want a relationship for, then you’re missing the point of what you really need. Ladies, a man was created to lead you. How can he lead you through this life, if he can’t even lead himself? Watch what direction he is walking and that is going to be the exact place he’ll be directing you. Deny all you want, but you can’t change how the Creator created us. What business does a godly woman have with an ungodly man?


4. God is also preparing me and molding me for him

The key to every relationship is not what you get, but what you can give. God hears your prayers, I promise He does. Also, know God is working on you. It is absolutely not wrong to desire a partner in this crazy adventurous life. Desires ARE NOT WRONG. They only become wrong when you desire it more than the God who created you with those desires (idolatry). If you’re in a place where you desire someone to hold your hand and give you a couple smooches, maybe consider you’re not quite in a place where you are prepared for the man God has set aside specifically for you. You can’t expect for this future spouse of yours to measure up on every bullet point on your checklist and you not measure up to anything on his. You can’t expect for him to have all these things to offer and you have nothing. What business does a godly man have with an ungodly woman?

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in ALL your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

ALL, see that word in there? Yeah, that means everything. Even the way that dude makes your heart feel. He even wants you to submit those feelings to Him.

There were many times where I left the plan of God and put matters into my own hands. That just put me 20,000 steps behind. There were many times where I felt like God had forgotten about the prayers (hence the whole “playing God” act). But through submitting myself over and over and over and over again, God led to me the most perfect, enthusiastic, outgoing, and HOLY GHOST filled man I could ever ask for. And guess what? Blue eyes? CHECK. Singer and musician? UH, yeah. I think he sings to me more than he speaks to me. Loves God more than he could ever love me? DEF CHECK.

First Date: December 27, 2016

Started Dating: April 9, 2017

Engaged: February 3, 2018

Wedding Date: June 30, 2018


When God provides, He provides BIG TIME.

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,” Ephesians 3:20



Regan Hampton is a 19 year old “woman of faith” from Arkansas. Regan is the daughter of a pastor and for the last two years has served as a Youth Pastor ministering to the most interesting and unique group of young people. She is currently finishing her last semester of Biblical Theology with Purpose Institute. She loves being a barista at Neighbor’s Mill Bakery & Cafe. Regan’s biggest passion is traveling the world doing missions work.

Instagram @r.e.h.gan

Regan and Ethan got engaged at a quaint little coffee shop. Their first date was getting to know each other over coffee! How precious and GOALS right?!!!

P.S. I have been SO blessed to travel all over the United States and internationally with my sweet friend Regan Hampton. (We actually spent a few days in NYC together arriving not really knowing each other BUT we very soon became the best of friends) She is a doll and I am so thankful for her friendship! Regan will be marrying her sweetheart this summer and I am so delighted to be sharing in her forever as a bridesmaid! From Madagascar, Africa all the way to Arkansas! Love you, sweet friend! Thank you for sharing your story as it something we all pray SO intentionally about. -Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley

Featured Writers WOMEN OF FAITH

Learning in Laughter and Pain

February 3, 2018

Learning in Laughter and Pain 

“I’ve learned in laughter and pain how to survive…”

It’s not just lyrics to “On My Knees” by Nicole C. Mullen, it’s a real challenge and life lesson. We’ve all made mistakes that have taught us so much. Some helped us make big changes, while others assisted in small changes. These mistakes have helped us get rid of toxic people & relationships, and others truly helped us see who we are meant to be. No matter what it is, we face challenges daily. Personally, through emotions, we fight against the things that cause us pain and some days, let’s just be honest, it’s hard to see the bright side or think positive.

It’s okay. Cry it out.

Let the pain completely release itself from your body every now and then through prayer, meditation, or any other event that helps purify and strengthen your mind. Dealing with self confidence can be a major daily struggle, (myself included) and sometimes we feel that confidence is controlled by the way others treat us or don’t treat us. NEWS FLASH : This is a tough pill for some of us (us…me…so me) to swallow, but your heart is controlled by YOU . You decide what is going to affect the way you feel each day in some aspects, and you should do your best to control the way you react to the way others can make you feel. It’s hard, but it’s not impossible. It may be a process, but remember everyday is a milestone and you should be proud of your progress no matter how “unextravagant” it may seem. (I made that word up because I like the way it sounds. Call me Madam Seuss, but it works.)

Pushing through the pain with VICTORY in mind is the only way you’re going to see success. The end goal is where your focus should lie, but more importantly, the daily goal. How can you make your situation better in the present time? What can YOU truly do to help yourself? Who do you rely on for your happiness? Who you do rely on to feel comforted and at ease? Learn to depend on yourself and GOD by finding ways that work for you. This way, you’re in control. Take control & drive wherever you want!!! (I GOT THE POWA) & don’t lose it!!!

Learning in laughter carries us farther than we expected.

Being able to laugh through any painful, stressful, or difficult situation is always so relieving. Find ways to make yourself laugh & don’t be afraid of what others think because really… WHO CARES. “You do you, boo.” That’s what my friends used to tell me when I would apologize for something silly I did. That was when I realized there’s no longer any reason to apologize. Why change yourself for everyone else when you can change yourself to someone YOU love and feel happy with.

Purify your mind & heart with things that genuinely make you feel good inside.



Hannah Katt is a 20 year old “woman of faith” from Arkansas. She studied at Indiana Bible College. She enjoys being a nanny (to 3 little boys), playing the piano and baking (just being in the kitchen)! Hannah’s biggest dream is to travel out of the United States “my toes will touch African soil, Hawaiian sand, and the steps of Machu Picchu in Peru“.

Instagram @Hannahkatt

P.S. This is my first guest writer for and I couldn’t be any more thrilled to have my best friend writing! -Alexa!

Millenial Ester

Cindy Stevenson #millennialester

April 10, 2016



Sister Cindy Stevenson

drum role please…. introducing something new to my blog 🙂 I’m so excited that from now on my goal is for Sunday’s to be dedicated to WOMEN OF FAITH! I will be featuring women who inspire me, motivate me, and have qualities I want to emulate. There will be a special page on my blog, that will allow you to access solely this material. I will introduce these awesome women on IG using the hashtag #millennialester
In short a millennial ester is a lady of faith that millennial’s (my generation) can look to as an example as Titus 2:4 describes.

So without further adieu, the very first woman of faith & millennial ester to Sister Cindy Stevenson from Rogers, Arkansas!

Sister Cindy Stevenson is a one of a kind, & just a real cool gal. Cindy grew up primarily in Arkansas & at age 14 was enrolled in Rogers high school. She graduated from RHS. Her family is still living in Rogers & she attends church at The Pentecostals of North West Arkansas where I attend church! Cindy is a sincerely eccentric girl with a heart & passion for Jesus! Cindy is happily married to the love of her life & has two handsome boys! (I guess they’ve grown up…perhaps they should be addressed as men LOL!) Also, they have the coolest house! It’s beautiful, & she and her husband did it all! This reminded me of my Great Grandma Virgina who also built her house & made it uniquely a home!

Cindy works as an owner & florist at the LEGENDARY Zu Zu’s Petals in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Yes, Zu Zu’s petals comes from the classic & one of my favorite films | It’s a Wonderful Life | so precious right! She is a business woman with a nack for working with flowers! She says she’s always loved flowers & knew she wanted to work in a flower shop since she was a little girl. In fulfillment of her life long dream and ambition at the age of sixteen she begged every flower shop in town for a job….(I’m sure she didn’t have to do much begging because she’s amazing) & to her utter delight Georgia’s Flowers hired a young Cindy Stevenson. From then on Cindy’s passion grew & she got better & better with flowers. She was mastering the skills of a florist after just one month working at Georgia’s! That’s crazy right-it just shows you how talented she is! Eventually Cindy became the owner of her very own flower shop! 🙂 (I love how she told me her story, because she said everything in such a beautiful way that made it truly inspiring.) When I asked Sister Cindy what she attributed her success to she answered as a true woman of faith would. She said “I attribute my success to God, because I truly believe he rewarded me & opened doors for me-that I would not have opened myself.” This was one of my favorite parts of our conversation! Friends of Cindy say she has an impeccable drive to get ‘er done-in addition to making people above content with whatever she’s doing. It’s said she is not just the Sherlock but truly the Holmes to every operation. It’s never a question whether or not Cindy loves her job, because she gives it her all. Cindy says one of the most important parts of being successful as a florist & a business woman is keeping a healthy combo!! Boy isn’t that truth in everything we do in life…I enjoyed hearing Cindy speak about the employees that she hires for Zu Zu’s Petals! (I can only dream of being an employee! That sounds like the dream job) She said that she hires college girls from the U of A campus in Fayetteville! She says this is very rewarding & she loves the connections she creates with the girls + they keep her on the up ‘n up about the latest trends in fashion or prom! 🙂

Cindy always had the goal to finish college after her boys both graduated high school & has set that goal into motion. With both boys graduated she is taking classes at U of A, where she is also a Horticulture Lab Speaker! (WHAT DOESN’T THIS GIRL DO…RIGHT! SHE IS AMAZING!) So in addition to her career, family, life, walk with God, & awesomeness she is getting a few degrees! WHAT. A. WOMAN. She isn’t shy when she says that through diligent & devoted prayer she was able to go back to school! She says EVERYTHING SHE HAS IS FROM HARD WORK & GOD! 🙂

The Bentonville Film Fest.

If you know Arkansas, you know that the BFF is a big ole deal. LISTEN CLOSELY BECAUSE THIS IS SO SO SO SO SO EXCITING…Cindy Stevenson was hired in a very competitive competition to do the flowers for this prominent event! Yes you can scream, because I sure did! It goes to show you, God will honor your sacrifices and hard work. It’s the coolest thing ever, because she is making a flower wall for on stage! She is also doing a few other awesome things as the florist! They are expecting a massive turn out for the event, there will be several famous actors & actresses present! What’s even cooler than that is the fact they are going to be doing a professional time lapse video of Cindy & her team assembling the wall! SO COOL RIGHT! I’m so happy for this precious lady & I’m so inspired!

If you are going to Prom check out her shop for flowers, or just check it out because it’s so unique! I’ll be doing another blog post specifically with an inside scoop of her shop! It will include photos & so much more! The flower crowns we are wearing today are specially designed by Cindy & so sweetly she gifted them to me to take home to wear! Lucky me right! They are so beautiful, unlike any other flower crowns I’ve seen. I know I keep repeating myself but I can’t tell you enough how cool this girl is. She is a role model in my life, as she is for many others! I’m so so blessed I know her & am able to learn from her, in addition to having a special mentor like relationship!

Cindy shared with me that her braids (her trademark) are something that people associate with her & always say “you know that girl with the braids”! Cool right. I wore my hair today in honor of her! She also said that the Ester and role model (woman of faith) in her life was Sister Nona Freeman, a woman who truly inspired many people. Nona was a monumental missionary, prayer warrior, saint, & true WOMAN OF FAITH. She also was known to wear her hair in braids-Cindy loved that & sort of adopted that & made it her own! It’s so beautiful how people can impact others & help them become the people the are-sometimes without even knowing!

I have to brag on Cindy once more, because she always brings beautiful flowers to our church every Sunday! They add so much to our church, people always comment on how lovely & beautiful they are, + no one ever asked her to do this…she just does. We love our Sister Cindy.

In addition to everything I’ve shared Cindy has a fabulous style that is truly all her own.


Polka Dotted Cover: a gift from a prominent family in the pinnacle that Cindy has decorated for, for forever! They gifted her with unique, & beautiful antique clothing from a friend they shared. This friend was an 80year old famous opera singer, from Austria! So one of a kind! The embroidery in the bottom was flowers, perfect for a fabulous florist like Cindy!
Dress: Vintage dress from somewhere! Lol! I love how she talks, it’s truly her own lingo! 🙂

Cindy loves a bargain just like me! She shops for the lowest prices & favors unique pieces. She loves originality, a trait a lot of millennial’s lack! WE ALSO BOTH LOVE VINTAGE EVERYTHING!

Thank you Cindy for your very valuable time! I’m so happy I got to know more about you. I love you, and couldn’t have selected a better girl for the launching of my millennial ester page! You’re beautiful inside & out!

Please follow Cindy personally on IG @tothegoodlifewithme! Facebook: Cindy Stevenson
Zu Zu’s Petals: IG, FB & SC @zuzuspetalsandgifts


Love y’all!

In Jesus Name! 🙂

P.S. Get my look from today on Sunday Best!