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My 5 Favorite Beauty Products Right Now.

February 20, 2018

Y’all it has been a hot minute since I have been on the blog!! Sorryyyy!

Last week I actually had 4 exams and that alone made it a crazy busy week. Being busy is a great reminder of how blessed I am to have the opportunity to study at Sewanee.

I did a poll on Instagram a few days back asking what kind of posts y’all would like to see more of! It was beauty and college-surprisingly it was really close and I even got a few messages suggesting I do some of both! (if you don’t follow me it’s @1998miss)

So basically I’m gonna be kicking that off! I have done some critical work on the college part and that is coming soon. Literally, I CAN NOT WAIT TO SHARE but today I am going to be doing a post about beauty!!!

This is an area I am very interested in and so I look forward to talking more about it.

I thought I would start with a pretty basic post sharing my five favorite beauty things right now! This was actually an idea I came up with for my youtube channel but decided I would make it a blog post instead!

Essentially I will create a page on dedicated to beauty and here is the mini launch!


My #1 A1 DAY 1 BEAUTY PRODUCT: Chanel Le Tient Ultra Tenue Flawless Foundation 

I love this product because it provides a natural look with great coverage. Literally, this + a little rose vaseline for your lips and you’re golden! It is absolutely an investment foundation and I can attest to its high quality. It’s important to buy good foundation if you wear it because it is for the health of your skin! I have used BB creme, Clinique, Laura Mercier, Dior, and Chanel is currently my favorite (although the others are great options too)!

Get it here!

#2: Living Proof Hair Products

Okay, Y’all this is something I can not live without! I highly recommend purchasing Living Proof hair care as it is a staple in my everyday life. There isn’t a product that they sell that I don’t like. I have tried almost everything they have available and it is literally LIVING PROOF IT WORKS. I shared a post this summer talking about my journey with hair growth and living proof was apart of the story. You can read that post here!! I used to use very inexpensive shampoo and conditioner not knowing how it was damaging my hair. Y’all know how important my hair is to me so this was a big revelation! My mom introduced (surprise-she always knows the good stuff) Living Proof Fizz products into my life my freshman year of college and I had immediate hair growth results. Among hair growth, I had healthy hair again and was able to style it without heat! Literally, I’d air dry after washing and it was golden for a FEW days! Living proof is available at Target, on Amazon, and on the Living Proof website. 100% you need this in your life.

Get it here!!

#3: DOVE dry shampoo!

Self-explanatory because I am the queen of dry shampoo. I love this dry shampoo just a little more than I should-being in college it’s a lifesaver. Literally, I wear it on the daily because honestly, I like the smell and the volume boost! Ask my gal pals and they will say it’s a necessity in my life. The great thing about this product is that it is long lasting, has different options and is only $4! I’m not joking it is the most affordable hair care product ever + it’s available literally everywhere. I have used all the different options and my favorite is the volume boost! My hair is naturally a little flat and a little spray of this and it always does the trick! If your spending more than you should on Dry Shampoo and are looking for a switch this one get’s my gold star. (I have done the leg work-trust me on this one) It’s just as good as a 38$ bottle of Fredrick Fekkai dry shampoo but better!

Get it absolutely anywhere like here!

#4: Neutrogena Wipes

If you are a gal out there you need these. I promise they will rock your world and you will be wishing you had them a long time ago! I am a HUGE advocate of getting the Neutrogena brand as I have tested others and they don’t provide the same satisfactory results/quality. I know the other brands might offer a $2 less price but you won’t love them as much! These are handy dandy, quick and easy wipes you’ll love. They provide refreshing wash to your skin and are SO SPEEDY when you are tired-I know Y’all know what I am talking about. Those nights that you just don’t wanna wash your face and you just barely got into your PJ’s before crashing. This is the trick to keeping beautiful skin while getting to bed early after a late night. Also, I love using them to help get off a messy facemask without getting the mask in my hairline! (that’s a pro tip) The greatest thing is these little wipes are also available everywhere, are so transportable, never messy and NEVER SPILL! They are under $8 and will make you happy! So go for it and invest in your skin, sleep and happiness with Neutrogena. I promise you won’t regret it and if you do you’re just crazy! LOL.

Get them absolutely anywhere like here!

#5: Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream 

For the gals who get a little acne here or there and just can’t deal. Almost once every two weeks I get a little something unfriendly on my face and this cream does the trick. It’s rapid action and I see results overnight! I know I can put a dab on my area of concern and it will be considerably better before I know it. I always have it on hand so I am worry free! I want to let y’all in on a little secret even without this product on how to reduce acne considerably! It’s really simple and Y’all have heard it time and again. DRINK YO WATER FAM! It’s so good and it’s so good for you! I know as I used to be an avid Coke Zero addict what that sounds like but I promise it is! I stopped drinking Coke Zero and started drinking half of my body weight in oz of water…I have seen considerable results. I didn’t ever have a severe acne issue but I would still get a little acne here or there and it would drive me nuts! Switching from soda to water has increased my energy, given me, overall healthy skin, made me feel better, decreased my appetite and kick started my diet with losing 5lbs immediately. So get this cream but for pro, results drink some water too! I promise it starts out hard but after two months I can’t live without my 1.5-liter water bottle! I have had this particular bottle of Clearasil since my freshman year and I am going to be finished with my sophomore year in two months. IT IS LONG LASTING! I promise Y’all will love this medicated cream and it’s under $10!

Get it here!

Alrighty y’all those are my top 5 go to things right now! It was so hard to narrow it down to just 5 so be ready for more of these posts! Hope you liked my first real beauty post!

I’ll be posting more soon! Hope that you have a great week and a happy Tuesday!

 Bless others and be blessed!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


P.S. I have a really exciting feature coming soon to so stay tuned!!!!


Coffee Date February

February 5, 2018

Coffee Date #1

Hey, friends hope everyone has had a delightful Monday and a great start to the week!

Today I am going to be doing a little coffee date with Y’all! This is something that a few of my favorite bloggers do on their blogs and youtube channels! I think the idea is cute, fun and something I want to introduce on!

Basically, I’ll just give you a little life update, some of my favorite things in my wardrobe, purse or routine, my favorite bible verse of the week, song, movie, book, drink… get the picture. I also might be sharing a high and a low of the week! It is something I am still considering. So without further ado let’s get this thing going.

TBH if we were actually getting coffee I would be most likely be drinking a skinny vanilla latte or a large ice water! I also really enjoy Chi Tea but cut it out my life because of the high sugar content!

So this weekend what did I do?

The first weekend of February was a fun one because I did a photoshoot I have been wanting to do for a while now! It’s in a little blue high low ballgown from Dillard’s! I originally ordered it for an event where I was a guardian angel for Toni-Leslie James (PAUSE FOR SUPER DRAMATIC REACTION) but ended up wearing an Adriana Papell sparkle floor length gown instead. I have to tell you that this might be one of my favorite experiences at Sewanee thus far! Mrs. James is an award-winning costume designer and I was given the privilege of showing her around Sewanee! I also got to attend a black tie honorary degree dinner to honor Sewanee’s special guests! HOW FUN! So anyways the blue dress was beautiful but just ended up being the wrong gown for that particular event! I still put it to good use shooting a photoshoot in our beautiful DuPont library in Sewanee! I was able to get many fabulous shots with a cascading blue ball gown between bookshelves! I work in DuPont and it was such a delight to finally do some photos there! Shoutout for my roommate for taking them….Miranda you rock! There will be a full blog post coming soon all about this beautiful BLUE DRESS!

I also have to mention my favorite song/album of the week….All Creation (LIVE) by Indiana Bible College. My best friend Hannah Katt is the one who pointed out this album to me and I love it! Y’all have to listen if you like praise music or just good music! It’s available on itunes just click here!

My favorite wardrobe/clothing item of the week is my ugg boots from the New Year’s Day sale at Dillard’s. I opened them in an unboxing video on my youtube channel. You can watch that here! They are just a delight to wear because they are SOOOO warm! They are also pretty trendy with the slight heal and fur on the outside! 12/10 recommend. LOVE!

My favorite food this week is the same as always…a specially made salad from McClurg my dining hall. It has all sorts of greens with blue cheese, tomatoes, crunchies, cranberries and a dash of balsamic vinaigrette! SO TASTY! I love to find little ways to spice up the dining hall and keep it healthy!

My favorite routine item of the week is something my friend Hannah also introduced me to and I have been doing it since she told me back in January! It’s podcasts by Elevation Church!! They are so uplifting and I really enjoy listening to them while I get ready for class and during my shifts at the library! Keeps me feeling positive! Thanks, Hannah!!!

HIGH OF THE WEEK!!!! My travel bff, another prayer sister, and just great gal Regan Hampton got engaged!! PAUSE FOR SCREAM! I am so so so happy she is going to marry her prince charming and I get to share in their big day! I will be a bridesmaid for my beautiful friend who I traveled to TN, Africa, NYC and more with! Such a God-ordained friendship and I am so blessed it has lasted! We have shared so many special memories together and she never ceases to amaze me! She’s a spiritual encouragement and true friend! Love you, Regan Elizabeth Hampton! Thank you for including me!

I will actually be a bridesmaid in three weddings in 2018! Crazy right??!!! 3 of my very good friends are all engaged to be married! My childhood best friends Abbie Oglesby and Mariah Bridgewater! I am so delighted to be sharing in these huge moments! I am so blessed I have always had really good friends and I am so thankful for that. I also can’t believe my friends are getting married! It feels so crazy! I am about to turn 20 years old and am finally seeing my little girl dreams coming true. I can remember countless sleepovers talking about our dream weddings and future lives! SO FUN TO SEE IT HAPPENING NOW!

LOW OF THE WEEK!!! I have a molecular biology 233 exams this week and I feel incredibly stressed about it! So keep me in your prayers this week and if you know any super great study tips for cell bio send them my way!

My favorite bible verse of the week was one I actually shared in my IT HAD TO HAPPEN post linked here!! It’s Psalms 27:14  Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! Sometimes in life, we just have to wait and trust the Lord because his timing is always perfect! It’s been a great word of encouragement for me these past few weeks!

The book I am currently reading is actually a gift from my aunt Stacy. It’s one of her favorite books and she sent it to me. I have really enjoyed it as it offers many different perspectives and beautiful stories of helping the less fortunate. While it doesn’t entirely embody my ideals and values it is still a great read with many valuable lessons. We should always take time to educate ourselves about different ideals, beliefs, and values than our own. If we do this we can better understand the people around us while still respecting their values even if they differ from our own. Being a student at Sewanee has really shown me this! While we must give respect to others we must also have the expectation to be respected. Your values are not wrong just because they are not the popular opinion. I am thankful for a diverse experience at Sewanee as it has made me a better person and has shown me a thing or two about character. The book is called The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz. You can get it here!!

Thank you for thinking of me aunt Stacy.

Well, friends, I believe that’s all we have time for this week! I really enjoyed this and would love to do it again! Please take the time to let me know what you are up to this week as reading your comments is one of my greatest delights. XOXO!

Bless others and be blessed!

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley



February 2, 2018


Hey friends! I am already off schedule on blog posts this week but still plan on getting out three. This one took a bit because it is truly from the heart.

Sometimes life happens and we just don’t understand. We wonder why things in our life aren’t going as planned, we question ourselves way past what’s allowed, we blame others and sometimes we even turn from God.  These are the moments, the moments that shake us to our very core, the ones that leave us broken, lonesome and even morose.  These are the moments which define who we are as people and who we are in Christ.

Then comes the why???????

The why me?

The why is this happening?

and even the unfortunate why God?

We question our creator. We question the beginning and the end. We question the lion and the lamb. We question the alpha and the omega. We question the one who died on the cross for us knowing we might not love him back. We question Jesus. 


 Why do we do this? Why do we get angry at God when something doesn’t go our way? Why do we pray for God’s perfect will for our lives but then turn away from God when it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

We do this because we are human. We do this because life throws some pretty hard stuff at us- we just have to get back up and throw it right back…..just kidding. We should NOT throw back because there is so much value that comes from our trials.

We MUST learn to trust God. We must walk with him far more than ever before because these moments we are being prepared for something greater. God wants to bless you, help you and give you the very desires of your heart. But sometimes we miss this  because we don’t get to see the full picture we just get a little glimpse of the now BUT we know the artist.

Think of it this way…when you were a child you may have really wanted something and I mean really wanted it. You might have wanted it so badly that you would have done absolutely anything to get it. You may have wanted to hang out with someone your parents thought were a bad influence. You may have even just not wanted to do the dishes, go to school or eat your dinner. These are perfect examples to look on and think about. Your parents or authority didn’t want you to miss out but they did want to help you. They might have wanted to protect you, teach you a lesson or train you.

When something doesn’t go our way it isn’t because God doesn’t want us to be happy. It isn’t because he wants us to suffer or be sad. It is simply because he might be doing the same….protecting us, teaching us, or training us. It is during these times that we must pay close attention to our creator. WE MUST SAY LORD I TRUST YOU. WE MUST SAY THANK YOU JESUS FOR KEEPING ME FROM SOMETHING I THOUGHT WAS GOOD FOR ME OR I THOUGHT I WANTED. LORD YOUR PLAN IS GREATER FOR MY LIFE THAN ANYTHING I COULD IMAGINE FOR MYSELF.

As a nineteen year old young lady I have learned something. I have learned that there is nothing better in this life than what God has for me. I have also found that there is beauty in trusting him just as there is freedom in trusting him. If my life went according to my plans and desires I wouldn’t be in Sewanee studying Pre-Med, blogging modest fashion, studying Chinese or going to China this summer.

Literally as soon as I completely gave my life to Jesus and surrendered everything to him I saw great big changes. I was given opporunities, blessings, miracles and direction for my life. I was amazed and completely astounded by his love.

The same thinking goes with a relationship and how we should pursue dating as young people in Christ. It’s so hard when you finally find someone you “like” to pray the prayer of literally SHUT THIS DOWN GOD IF IT IS NOT YOUR WILL. Lol and this is actually the words I say….if we don’t pray about relationships how can we continue to walk in Christ.

Dating shouldn’t be casual but should be intentional.

God has the perfect someone out there for you and if you don’t trust the Lord you could limit your future. HEAR ME WHEN I SAY I KNOW THIS IS NOT EASY BUT GOD HAS THE RIGHT PERSON, RIGHT TIMING AND PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE.

If you have prayed for your future husband you might know the agony of loosing someone you thought could be that person. By loosing I mean breaking up or even just when you stop “talking”. You may feel a number of ways but if you pray God will carry you through. I always pray when I meet someone and just on the daily “let my desires align with your will for my life Jesus, let your will be done in my life and God protect my heart”. I pray for God to literally end a relationship that isn’t his will for my life becuase it has to happen if we wish to live for Jesus with all of our being.

It had to happen so you could learn to trust God, learn something new, experience a season, wait for his timing and realize God knows the desires of your heart.

Sometimes the timing of life is a little off, sometimes life happens and sometimes people, things, situations change but OUR GOD IS CONSTANT.

So while life is hard we can just know……


All that I am and all that I will ever be I OWE to KING JESUS.

Psalms 37:4 Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

Psalms 27:14  Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!

I hope you enjoyed this post- it’s been on my heart for a little while now.

Bless others and be blessed!

All my love sweet friends!
Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


My Easter Semester 2018 – Sewanee

January 19, 2018


Also a big hello to all my pals who are not Sewanee readers! I hope everyone had a terrific break filled with unlimited coke zero, Netflix binges, mini road trips, family time, pizza, reading time, writing time & many of those special mornings where you can actually sleep past 8 am without feeling guilty! Cheers to those fantastic favs that come with Christmas Break!

Now that we’re back at you should be aware I have been to all of my classes and have already endured all of the anxiety-ridden syllabus talks. Including but not limited to ORGANIC CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGY 233 (THE CELL). I am basically diving into the real deal PRE-MED classes this semester and there is no turning back. While that does sound scary and believe me it is scary….I am also excited. I am excited because these are the steps which are getting me closer to pursuing my dream and calling of medical missions. These are the days whether they are the hard, the stressful, the exhausting, the unnerving or the just plain horrible days which will take me to my next stop. So while it is scary and even though it is the big elephant in my dorm room I am ready to tackle this semester.

Why am I so hopeful and optimistic?

It’s simple I have Jesus the ultimate tool on the survival guide of life to make it through!

Here’s how I know:

Jerimiah 29:11

1 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

God has a plan for me and while it’s a long journey filled with many uphill battles (long restless nights, failed assignments, studying and still getting it wrong, or taking ten hours to do one assignment, the MCAT, Medical School admission, GPA, my self-worth, emotional struggles and just impending doom) I know God is with me. His plan is not to harm me but to help me and to give me a great future.

So while I didn’t choose the PRE-MED track (initially it picked me) I still believe it is possible. I simply want to follow God’s plan for my life and he has blessed me abundantly- I trust him. My testimony is enough to remind me when I feel like I am alone or it’s not possible that I CAN DO ANYTHING WITH GOD.

So while this semester I have to make some changes in an effort to get my grades where they need to be I will still be blogging and sharing with you. I can’t take this outlet out of my daily routine because it has become such a big part of who I am. I love sharing modest fashion, life tips and Jesus with you. With all that being said I will be setting a blog/vlog schedule which might be subject to a little change until I get into the swing of things this semester.

Here’s the deal:


So while this is a new thing for me I hope to continue doing it in an effort to see new growth just as has! I plan to share at least one video every week. This is looking like Thursday will be my vlog day. This might end up changing to Saturday but for now Thursday it is. This could be a simple weekly recap, how are you, what’s in my purse, I’m stressed, or just a plain vlog. This is in an effort to be consistent with my content and to set reminders for myself!


While I want to schedule this it might not be as straightforward because I really like just writing from the heart. It is my plan to get at least three new blog posts up a week! I hope to introduce something Sewanee specific to this year that will be annual. I also hope to start a new faith series maybe with a few guest bloggers!!! So big things happening on! I would love to include a PRE-MED weekly post because it is such a big part of my life…so you could also be seeing that. Just stay tuned! Overall it is my hope to get something consistent going for maybe Monday, Thursday and Saturday of my week!


So while this is one of my all-time favorite outlets I am cutting down on social media usage because I simply use it too much. I need to take more time to focus on my studies. This doesn’t mean I will stop sharing on Instagram but it does mean I won’t be surfing my news feed for hours on the daily. I intend to continue sharing a daily post but I won’t always be doing that. It might be every day one week or just 3 days a week if I have enough pre-loaded content. The main thing is I don’t want to spend my day scrolling through social media mindlessly.

While these may seem kind of vague it is my rough draft of in Easter semester 0f 2018!

Oh and these are the classes I am taking this semester!!!

❤️Adult Development and Aging (Psychology Major)❤️

❤️Intermediate Chinese (Language + I seriously just love learning Chinese)❤️

Organic Chemistry (PRE-MED & Jesus PLEASE take the wheel) P.S. I get to be cool and say ORGO now!!! 🙂

Molecular Biology 233 (PRE-MED & Jesus take the wheel)

So I’ll be needing your prayer this semester because I have a big load of intense classes! While it may seem overwhelming I know I can do it because JESUS is with me!

I heard someone say if” it’s his will it’s his bill”!! I believe this 100% and I know God will provide. He is my strength and he will help me get the bill of good grades this semester! Even just doing better is a step in the right direction.

I am so blessed and so thankful to have an opportunity like this at Sewanee.

I hope y’all enjoy this post and are excited about the new schedule for! If you have anything specific you’d like to see please let me know soon!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley

@1998miss (Instagram)


Trusting God

January 16, 2018

Hey friends.

I hope everyone is having a blessed new year filled with many marvelous wonderfuls (what I call something good).

I am currently sitting in my dorm room reading my bible and have kind of decided I want to start something new. I don’t know what exactly it is but I do know God is laying something big on my heart. I am going to be diving into Easter semester here at Sewanee and I want to do something big for the Lord. I want to step out in faith for a great semester with great grades but more importantly impactful actions.

How many times do we need something plain and simple in this life? How many times do need the Lord to just take over and refresh our hearts? I know I need good grades this semester, I know I have weight loss goals this semester and so often I look to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, friends, the internet for motivation, tips, and just direction. I think to myself without even thinking that it’s all up to me to make these things happen. It’s 100% riding on my choices and decisions….it’s all you Alexa-but wait… what if we didn’t do that. What if just as we pray for strength, or peace, or healing we also take God that little day to day thing. He loves us so much that he aches when we don’t talk to him. He aches when we carry even little things, God desires for us to lean on him, to pray BIG prayers but also to pray small prayers.

So I’m stepping out in faith, saying God these are not just the big things I need but here are ALL the things I need. Here are my greatest dreams, fears, desires, plans, hopes and even secret fears (the ones you don’t even admit to your closest friends). Y’all know the secret fears I am talking about…the ones you keep hidden at the back of your mind. Let’s get rid of those by giving them to God and saying to him simply “God, here I am 101% yours fully captivated by your love”.

A love that is unlike any other… a love that is never tired, uncertain, weary, manipulative, but a love that is so wonderful, so big, and so REAL.

Lord you gave your life on the cross because you LOVE me so very much-even knowing I might not love you back. That’s true love. That’s the love that we should be working at and that is where we should be investing our time.

Simply taking the time to say, I love you, Jesus.

That is just a little something on my heart tonight. I know it’s totally not my usual style but I felt the Lord pressing into my heart tonight. I love all of you and I am so blessed to have an outlet like this.

Also if any of you are struggling this week here’s a verse I love to lift you up:

Deuteronomy 7:9  Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations.

Also here is a worship song that literally makes my heart sing… Ocean’s Deep

Finally, I am so thankful for my best friend Hannah Katt  because God has given me a good, holy, beautiful, honest, accountable, and praying friend. It’s crazy when you have a friendship that starts out simple but grows into a friendship you couldn’t live without. Sometimes when we get older our friendship change around and people you thought of as your number one go to gal or just pal are no longer. Sometimes you decide you want to surround yourself with spiritual friends and sometimes you just grow up. Pals change, gals change, friends come and go but sisters are forever. So Hannah if you’re reading this…I love you and I am so very thankful you are in my life. Best friend but more so Prayer Sister.

Love y’all.

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley

@1998miss (instagram)

Blessed & highly favored.


Two Thousand Eighteen

January 3, 2018

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year friends!! I literally can not believe it is already 2018! 2017 was such a big year for me and I am so blessed. God literally did incredible and life altering miracles. I know I say it a million times but I am one blessed gal! I have so much to be thankful for and when I seem to think it’s as good as it will be GOD blows my mind yet again.

In 2018 I have high hopes for another amazing year. I pray for God to work through me in his kingdom as I want to keep his will at the center of my life. *insert Jesus at the center (which is actually one of my favorite songs and I happen to be learning it in Chinese). I’m inspired by many proverbs 31 women in my life and I hope to emmulate their walks with God. Outward beauty fades but inward beauty is forever.

While making resolutions isn’t exactly my style….I have a few of them in sorts. I have goals for 2018 and while they may be cliché or mundane they are still my goals. While some of them are very personal I still intend to list them below because one of my most major goals in 2018 is to dedicate more to my blog. (that means sharing more with you all) has been a beautiful work in my life. I have loved sharing my passion for style, fashion, living life, travel, bargaining, dreaming, being inspired and living for God. I want to culminate a greater dedication to these loves in the new year. I hope to start a few new series in the new year and get an actual routine down for blogging! Most bloggers can relate when I say there is little time in our already jam packed schedules to really dedicate our best to the blog. In 2018 this is going to change-I don’t want to set limits on this or put restrictions on this because in my opinion 2018 is going to be about removing the limits I place on my life. God has shown me time and time again that nothing is impossible-so I am going to live this on the daily. I believe great things are in store for and I can’t wait to see them in action. I believe even greater things are in store for my life in 2018.

To spare you my long winded thoughts here’s a more simple blurb on my 2018 goals. The biggest being not limiting myself with restrictions (resolutions) and things of the same sorts.

Here’s to 2018 y’all! May God bless you abundantly and may you be the best you can be in the new year!

My 19 2018 ambitions-NO LIMIT EDITION (19 because I’m not limiting 2018 to 18 goals)

  1. Sleep More (Wake up earlier, sleep earlier) (NO LIMITS)
  2. Blog More (NO LIMITS)
  3. Vlog (NO LIMITS)
  4. Pray More (NO LIMITS)
  5. Eat intentionally (NO LIMITS)
  6. Work out intentionally (NO LIMITS)
  7. Launch something new (NO LIMITS)
  8. Travel more (NO LIMITS)
  9. Fast more (NO LIMITS)
  10. Develop a deeper relationship with God (NO LIMITS)
  11. Meet new people (NO LIMITS)
  12. Read more (NO LIMITS)
  13. Stay in touch with friends (NO LIMITS)
  14. Continue dedicating my best to learning Chinese (NO LIMITS)
  16. Be the best student I can be (NO LIMITS)
  17. Get a stellar internship/job/opportunity (NO LIMITS)
  18. Find Love (NO LIMITS)
  19. Be the best Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley I can be (NO LIMITS)

Oh ya I forgot to mention I am so very excited to be witnessing two of my very good friends get married this year. From babies we waited and dreamed for these precious moments! God is so good to have kept us close! Thankful and blessed to be apart of their big days and share in their love! GOD IS SO GOOD!

I love sharing with you all and know is going to be a great part of the new year!

May you be blessed abundantly!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


Pancake Pantry Nashville, TN

December 22, 2017


So excited to finally be home for Christmas break from school! I made it back just in the nick of time for Christmas….I’ve been sleeping, hanging with my family, and using my gym membership to get in shape for the new year!


I created a youtube channel and I am uploading my second official video today!!!! This is something I have wanted to do for a while and I gave it a little try last year but didn’t stick with it. None the less I found myself trying again and I am proud of how far I have come with this project!

 I dedicated A LOT OF TIME to create this exciting new content and I really hope you all enjoy. As time goes on I am sure I will get better at vlogging….stick with me Y’all!!

The Pancake Pantry

Nashville, TN

Y’all!!! The pancake pantry is the bomb literally you have to check it out!!! The environment is so fun, the food is so tasty, and it’s a Nashville favorite! My roommate/best friend, Miranda watched her favorite VS angel visit this little place in a vlog so we decided to hit it up on our way to the Nashville airport! I also decided it would be the perfect vlog opportunity!

This tasty place is located near Vanderbilt and has a bit of a wait! (so keep that in mind when planning your trip) I 100% suggest you get the sweet potato pancakes because they are to die for + they are also the number one choice! You also can’t go wrong with an omelet with goat cheese! (I love cheese BTW and my roommate makes fun of me for it :))

Overall I rate the Pancake Pantry 10/10! The portion size is pretty big (so you can share), the atmosphere is lit (meaning on point which means great), the price is not too high, the experience is way up there & it’s so tasty!! If you’re in the Nashville area you don’t wanna miss this place. IT IS WORTH THE WAIT MY FRIENDS!!!

Thanks to my friends Miranda and Yadi for vlogging with me it was so much fun! I hope y’all enjoy this post and I hope you are having a joyous holiday season!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been to here and your thoughts on my new vlogging plans!!!



Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley



December 11, 2017

Featuring Four Fabulous Holiday Looks!

Hello y’all! Can you even believe it!!! Two posts in one week and a holiyay video feature!!! I am so excited to finally be sharing this content after shooting, editing and creating! I was inspired to do something on after a dull season with few posts! I thought why not give shooting four outfits for one post a try. I did and I have to say it was the greatest idea ever. I hope that I can use this method for the new year with getting more posts up. (If you haven’t noticed I generally always keep my instagram up to date! So follow me @1998miss) Shoutout to my dear friend Zahnib for helping me with this on your Saturday! The weather outside was frightful but you helped a girl out! By the way for all my Sewanee guys and gals these photos were taken downtown with the cutest little set up. (Angel Park!) I highly reccomend shooting some of your own holiyay photos downtown because your IG will be unbelievably festive!

Also p.s. my reasoning behind selecting this outfits has a great deal to do with the fact they are easy! They are affordable options which you can slightly modify to create your perfect holiday look! You probably have seen my posts wearing many of these pieces because you’re absolutely right I already had them in my closet! This is to show any gal trying to create the perfect holiday look they don’t have to run out and buy something! JUST BE CREATIVE!!!!

I also wanted to mention I am a beginer at using youtube and creating video content so bare with me! I will improve over time!

I hope everyone is having a delightful holiday season and staying so warm! If you’re one of the ones who has gotten snow thank your lucky stars!!! You are blessed, I am so desperate to see snow!

This week daily on instagram I will share a new photo from this shoot so stay tuned!

P.P.S. or whatever it is by now….This is finals week so keep me in your prayers.

P.P.S.S LOL! Acapella concert this week and guess who’s singing the DANCE WITH SOMEBODY SOLO!!!!! YES Y’ALL I GET TO LIVE OUT MY DREAM!!! I’LL BE SURE TO POST A VIDEO AT SOME POINT!


#1 This was a simple look to put together and honestly the most affordable one! I used a grey turtleneck that I have had for years from GAP to go underneath a blue off the shoulder top from FOREVER 21! (You may remeber I got that last year!) Both were very affordable and have lasted me a long time!!! I put a solid denim skirt with it, some tights, grey booties, and the cutest BANANA REPUBLIC ear muffs! Ta Da!! You’ve got a causal cute holdiay look!!!

#2 I love this look because it is totally not my go to style. I hardly ever wear pattern with pattern but for this holiday look I totally did! The skirt is from TARGET and it’s so trendy!! My top is something that we have had in our family closet (we have four girls so we all share) for years! It’s ralph lauren but this print is very easy to find over the holidays and can even be substituted for a lumber jack shirt!

#3 This is a classic girly glam holiday look! The skirt is from TARGET and the top is just a nude turtleneck like this! Pair it with some ballet flats and a sweet hair acessory for a golden look! This look was so easy and could be subbed out for a different color.

#4 The classic. Red and black. Y’all gotta know this look is one of my favorites because it screams Merry Christmas, Rachael Parcell, and I have my life together. I left my hair as it was in holiday look #3 for a classic touch! This look is easy to duplicate because everyone has black!! I put a black top under the red sweater with a black skirt and I was all ready to go! Put a skirt like this with this top and a classic sleeveless sweater for a similar look!

Huge thank you to my good friend Zahnib for taking my blog photos! You rock! Also y’all have to check out my holiday look video on youtube!


Holiday Video Feature

Use the link above to access my video!!

Sewanee Angels

December 10, 2017

Sewanee Angels 

Hey Y’all!!! Prepare yourselves for the extraness which is about to happen! I threw an angel party with my roommate on a Tuesday night at college. This was absolutely necessary because this year the angel show was in China (my roommate is from China) and we had to celebrate! We had a little girls night gathering in our common room while we enjoyed ramen, egg rolls, and sparkling cider (in fancy cups of course)! We wore our robes and classiest girls night outfits. EVERYTHING WAS PINK and it’s one of our personal Sewanee traditions. So many people commented on how cute the details were and asked how I put the party together! The answer is simply because my mom has thrown enough parties in my lifetime that I have become kind of a natural at presentation. Perks of having a cool mom right!!! The great news is I’m going to share with you how you can turn a simple gathering into something fab!! Trust me it’s so simple!

First things first…when you look through the angel party pictures below what stands out to you the most?

If your answer was balloons then you’re going to catch on to party planning fast!

So the giant pink letter balloons make this party and actually provides a great backdrop. (Also your party will be considered Instagram worthy and you’ll be all the rage) These letter balloons are available at nearly every party store, online and even sometimes at target! They come in an assortment of colors (obviously we choose pink) and they range around $10 per letter! I know that’s kind of an investment but in my opinion, balloons are so important in event planning. Balloons are kind of like flowers you need them! Also, I believe you can reuse the letter balloons! They can be filled with helium but from personal experience, a straw, hot hair and some patience work best. When they float it’s hard to hang them as a backdrop or keep track of them! (For outdoor photo purposes helium is still great!) I simply filled them with my air and strung them on a string! HELLO! SO EASY….SO PERFECT!



You should choose a central color for your party and get tablecloths, cutlery, plates, candy, beverages in that color! (This is where the creativity comes in! Feel free to match up lighter shades and pick/choose your table arrangement) Usually, you can cut down costs with this step by choosing more affordable and disposable products! Napkins are important for setting a theme and for possible Instagram worthy shots!!!


This is where the party is at in my opinion. People always expect food at an event so have something ready to go (even if it’s just to nibble on) and you’ll have a great table spread + happy campers! Drinks are always darling if they have a color (Jones soda, La Croix etc.) but you’ll get the hang of that! Food can be as simple as ramen noodles (hello college student) just change the packaging and you’re golden! Also if you don’t plan on serving a meal specify in your invite that you’ll be serving LIGHT REFRESHMENTS! You have to be clear so people don’t get the wrong idea. We got some pink take out boxes for our ramen and it was darling!

Favors/Thank You

The experience is a great gift to give but it’s always sweet to give a little goodie to go. Plus it’s an easy way to signify that the party is over….lol! We did pink lolly’s with a thank you sticker which was ideal! They were inexpensive and so easy to put together!


This has changed so much over time it’s almost acceptable now to do a text, facebook message/event, or call when inviting people to celebrate! Of course, all grand hostesses have a good invitation but it’s minor in the grand scheme of college gatherings. Just keep in mind how delightful it is to receive a personal invitation to events! You might want to attend an event more if someone makes you feel special and wanted!


THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF PUTTING A PARTY TOGETHER (wait beside the other thousand things I have already described as the most important part). Having good pictures means you will be able to look back on your event and ponder life’s precious moments. If you like to share on social media this is another reason why pictures are important. These days a cell phone can do the trick just fine-if you know how to use it properly! If you need some tips on using your iPhone camera just youtube it or check out Pinterest party photos for inspiration. Often my iphone is quicker, easier, and more accessible to use so I totally understand why it’s all the rage. Aside from my iPhone, I use a Cannon EOS Rebel Sl1 which is perfect for where I am at with blogging! Eventually, I want to upgrade but for starters this camera is great. It’s the most compact detachable lense camera that I could find and I have been using it since 2015. I 100% recommend this camera but not for vloggers because it doesn’t have a flip screen.

Also, side note you can’t get good at taking photos if you don’t practice. One of my most asked questions is how I take such good photos and the answer is simple I just know what I like. That is so important because if you don’t know what you like then how can you emulate it in a photo! You will only get better if you give it a try…yes sometimes it’s awkward-but who cares life is short!! I generally always edit my photos using either Adobe or my MacBook photoshop. I have the newest MacBook pro and the photo editor has changed a little bit! It took me a bit to adjust but I love it now! (again Y’all getting good at something takes time)

Once you’ve got those few details down you are ready to put together a little celebration.

P.S. These are just my quick and basic thoughts on this subject….there are plenty more detailed party planning blogs, books, and vlogs out there!

Now for my gals!!!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley
Happy Holiyays!

Spring Break So South

April 11, 2017

Spring Break So South 

Hey y’all I am finally sharing the details from my exciting Spring Break trip!

To get started here’s all the stellar destinations we ventured to:

Biltmore Estate, Ashville, North Carolina

Ashville, North Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Sonesta Resort, Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island

Tybee Island

Savannah, Georgia

Macon, Georgia

I could spend days talking about how wonderful this trip was but I’m going to keep it short and sweet for y’all!

The Highlights & Must Do’s

Biltmore Estate was amazing in every possible way!!! I enjoyed venturing through the mansion with my family and it is an amazing space for taking photos. It is kind of expensive but I still recommend staying at The Inn because it is all things wonderful. If you get the opportunity to tour the greenhouse and gardens do so. In downtown Ashville, there are some charming little boutiques and a J Crew (you know I hit that up) where you can find great stuff. I picked up several goodies and did a little haul on Instagram way back when. Ashville is a great destination and I plan on visiting again soon! I give it an A+ I give it a B for being relatively expensive but you know live a little! Here’s the link to their website Biltmore Estate + they have a fabulous exhibit of classic English dramas and their costumes on display right now!!! YAY!

Charleston, South Carolina was everything. Oh my goodness y’all like seriously the best place to be! I don’t know if y’all watch Southern Charm but this is where the show is set. This was my first trip to Charleston and I can honest to goodness say I am ashamed I haven’t been sooner. There is so much to see, so much to do!!! If y’all don’t follow Gal Meets Glam you need to do that ASAP and see her guide to Charleston. (I’m linking it here Charleston Guide) My favorite Charleston highlight had to be just exploring downtown and taking photos or visiting Fort Sumter. Information linked here Fort Sumter) Oh & eat at Magnolias!!!

Kiwiah Island is amazing for a subtle day at a South Carolina beach! It was beautiful, clean, and relaxing! It was just what we had in mind! Check out my photos above and I’m linking that darling little dress below!

Sonesta Resort, Hilton Head Island was what vacation should feel like! Fabulous resort with a great location, beach access, amenities and room service! We enjoyed reading by the pool and spending time at the beach! I would recommend eating at Java burrito $$! There are great rates at Sonesta Resort during march!

Savannah, Georgia was as sweet as a peach!! Y’all I plan on living there in my next phase of life! It is insanely beautiful especially with the Spanish moss hanging low from the trees! AHH!!! I 100% enjoyed walking downtown and of course stopping in J Crew to get some goodies for national stripes day!  The grand news is that it is just 45 minutes from good ole Hilton Head Island for easy access and a fun adventure. I went to the most darling store Emily McCarthy downtown! I bought a special birthday present for my sweet friend Pia and a treat for my bestie/roomie Miranda Lyu. Those will be on my Instagram in the next few days so look for that! During my visit, I connected with the most fabulous gal ever! She works for Emily McCarthy and is just the definition of a sweet ole southern bell! I am so glad I met this doll! Go check her out on Instagram @erice2489 her name is Emily Rice!

Tybee Island was fun for ice cream and watching the sunset! I recommend coming to this little place if you get the time!

Macon, Georgia was so sweet! I went to check out my Alpha Delta Pi history and was reminded of why we are the FIRST, FINEST, & FOREVER. The sorority is by far the best in all the land and was the first sorority established like ever. In 1851 in Macon, GA at Wesleyan university by six stellar young ladies! We quite literally “LIVE FOR EACH OTHER”!! You can see my Instagram boomerang and realize just how excited I was!!!! YAY for being an ADPi and YAY for being in GA.

Of course, there is so much more I could share but in order to keep it short and sweet, that’s all! Please DM me or email me if you want to know any more details! I am linking my looks below!!! XOXO


Biltmore Estate Day 1

Jacket: Target, linked here.

Sunnies: Coach, linked here.

Biltmore Estate Day 2

Shirt: Forever 21, linked

Skirt: J Crew, linked here.

Shoes: Louboutins, linked here.

Mini Bag: Furla, linked here.


Kiwiah Island, South Carolina

Shirt: Forever 21, similar style linked here. (Literally, a must have!!!)

Dress: Banana Republic, linked here. (ON SALE NOW $$$$$)

Sandals: Jack Rogers, similar style linked here.

Charleston, South Carolina

Ascott: Flea Market, similar style linked here.

Pineapple Pin: Banana Republic, similar style linked here.

Striped Statement Sleeve Blouse: Banana Republic, similar style linked here.

Skirt: Burlington, similar style linked here.

Shoes: Dillard’s, similar style linked here.

Bag: Tory Burch, similar style linked here (which I love)!

Hilton Head Island by the pool

Beach Hat: Target, linked here.

Sweater Cover Up: Target, similar style linked here.

Sunnies: Coach, linked here.

Hilton Head on the beach

Top: J Crew, similar style linked here.

Skirt: Burlington, similar style linked here. (a little shorter than mine)

Hilton Head by the fire

Headband: J Crew, linked here. (sold out but under 20$)

ADPi shirt: Iota Delta, similar style linked here. (you can customize it)

Skirt: Burlington, similar style linked here. (a little shorter than mine)

Savannah, Georgia

Top: Banana Republic, linked here.

Skirt: JCP, similar style linked here.

Sandals: Jack Rogers, similar style linked here.

Wristlet: Louis Vuitton, linked here. (UNDER 400$)

Macon, Georgia

Top: Draper James, similar style linked here.

Skirt: JCP, similar style linked here.

Sandals: Jack Rogers, similar style linked here.

That’s a wrap! Follow me on instagram @1998miss for more of my style!

In the gallery above you can see all of these looks!





P.S. DM me with questions, I love answering them!!!