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August 29, 2016


Yay for freshman orientation being all day every day…or so it seems. Today I actually got to sleep in-until 8 AM that is. 🙂 We had breakfast, headed to the library open house, had advisor meetings, and have a host of other things left to do. It seems I am all orientated out at this point. LOL. I am excited for free time tonight at 9PM for some quality time with my closet because she needs some TLC. Today’s look was inspired by the comfort that comes in wearing a t-shirt, but of course I couldn’t leave it at that. This look needed to be chic and comfy-which it was. I love the combo that this look created of comfort and cuteness. 🙂 It’s so fun to dress up a t-shirt because it can be creative and inventive + fun!! Okay now I’ve rambled on about “This Look” & “This T-Shirt” for like ever!!! SO.


Shirt: Gift from Payton W. MY BFF FROM HOME (it came from somewhere online)

Skirt: Old Navy SALE*

Shoes: Target SALE*

Bag: Marshall’s (channel inspo)

Belt: JCrew from like a century ago.

Alright Y’all,


I’m looking forward to a nap.


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