Baseball Season is in Full Swing! ⚾️♥️

March 25, 2016

Harrison, Arkansas

Road Trip w/ Squad



I had a grand ole time with a lot of laughs! We ate at Slim Chickens on our way, Myka had never eaten there! We stopped for coffee on our way home & jammed to Carlie’s Spotify!! Tonight my look was featuring my diamond doll jersey! This was a gift from Chip the diamond doll sponsor & founder! I put it with these crazy socks & my MONOGRAMED converse for a “baseball look”! I also brought my special blanket from the 50th Homecoming Queen Court! + my letterman sweater for extra warmth!

My favorite girl Connie Martin was @ the game tonight all bundled up inspiring me to blog about how to stay warm at sporting events! Connie is the secretary to the counselors office, where I am a aid! Connie is seriously my favorite person @ MCHS & I love her!  Connie (featured in a picture) is wearing a north face type wind breaking jacket but what I want you to really notice is that she has a sleeping bag! No hassle but extra warm! I love this idea and can’t wait to use it before it warms up! I called Connie  “concoon” all night! LOL! Love ya con! 

Currently I’m making the trek home w/ Squad! It was seriously a good Friday!  I’m so looking forward to all the Easter festivities coming up! If you’re needing a church to attend on Sunday please join us at the Pentecostals of North West Arkansas! I love my church & know God is going to move in a powerful way. Following our Easter service we are having an egg hunt! ♥️ Tomorrow I’ll be in Arkansas for Easter Service practice! Oh & today I ordered my passport at the post office! Getting excited about Africa!



Alexa Dudley

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