All Saints’ Splendor

September 2, 2016

All Saints’ Splendor

Hey! Sorry you are just now getting the details about this look 🙂 It has been a BUSY first week of classes. I’ve been here at Sewanee taking a class since August 17th but all of my classes are finally in session. I am taking 16 credit hours + a tennis course. I am excited because I have all of my classes divided up in the perfect schedule. I look forward to my class Principles of Human Nutrition taught by Professor Gray! I couldn’t have been placed in a more perfect biology class! BIO 180 IS AWESOME. I am also taking Psych, FYP Religion, & Econ! I love this look because it was classic southern girl “little black dress” – it also looked darling by All Saint’s Chapel. It’s the splendor of Sewanee in my opinion. It’s our focal point and it’s been an extraordinary location to capture all of my recent blog pictures. Keep updated with my looks because I’ll also be featuring some of the other beautiful buildings on campus.


Yay! September is here! I finally get to release my dorm to y’all, and I am getting to accomplish a dream/aspiration of mine. Look for more dreamy details soon because in my opinion this is BIG! I am so blessed and so grateful for the opportunities and people I gain in my life because of so Thank YOU!

Little Black Dress: Old Navy Classic (My mom gave this to me & she’s had it for 10 years…She says “it’s an oldie but a goodie”

Bag: Tory Burch

Jacks: 1960 Jack Rogers Dillard’s


Alexa Dudley

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