All BLACK so CHIC #Mourningtheweekend

February 27, 2017

All BLACK so CHIC #Mourningtheweekend

YES I AM MOURNING THE WEEKEND THIS MONDAY! I wanted to wear all black because ultimately it is the classiest look + I actually had a really hard time pairing these little sock booties with anything else! I hope to find more “fun” ways to dress them up, so look for that soon! OH & THESE LITTLE TRENDY BLOGGER BOOTIES ARE ONLY $20! Dullard’s 65% additional off of 40% off! You know I am a bargain shopper so I am rocking the trends for a way better deal! Invest in fashion but don’t go crazy! LOL I say this with guilt behind the statement too but just think of it this way, these shoes are only going to be in for a little bit! I also plan to give them a few wears and then pass them on to GOODWILL because with buying new clothes/shoes I have to give something away in exchange or I have to use temporarily. This is my new mindset after giving away 4 massive trash bags of clothes to Goodwill in Nashville and reading The life-changing art of tidying up over Christmas Break!! Thanks mom you were so right! I totally 10/10 recommend you 1) Buying this book & reading it 2) Detox your wardrobe 3) LET GO OF SOME THINGS.

Monday is so busy for me with classes all day, a quick lunch break, a long shift at work, two Alpha Delta Pi meetings, and then Chapter!! I really loved getting to meet the lovely ladies who are our advisors for ADPi tonight & getting to celebrate sweet Ashlyn’s nineteenth birthday! XO girl love you!

I also wanted to say thank you to dumpling for taking the time to photograph this look today-you are my best friend! I love you girl!!! These photos were taken on Sewanee’s beautiful campus but with an iPhone because I still haven’t found my camera charger 🙁

I am mourning the weekend in this look but I am doing it with 100% chicness! Lol.


Black Skirt: Postmark *Same Skirt but mine is old (Forever 21)

Fringe Petite Jacket: Venus *Similar Style (Mine Dillard’s)

Space/Glitter Sock Boots: Dillard’s *Similar Style (Mine also Dillard’s/same brand but sold out $20)


Alexa Dudley


CLICK THE LINKS ABOVE FOR DIRECT LOOKS!!! XOXO! ALSO FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT @1998miss & follow my Chinese Dumpling on IG too @Chinesedumpling0312

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