A Sweet Swim ??????

August 10, 2016

A SWEEEEET Swim ????

HEY Y’ALL!!!! I’m finally catching up with vacation & all my posts!! I am so happy to bring to you this post-“a sweet swim”! I was at Lake of The Ozarks this weekend with my family from Cali & these sweet floaties were a necessity!! I enjoyed them & so did the little ones playing at the pool. They would jump through the doughnut hole & stand on the cupcake. I would recommend these in a heart beat and the fact that they are on sale is an even bigger win! You can find the dreamsickle, doughnut,  & cupcake at Target. ALL UNDER $25.00 YES!!! Be prepared for an ever better mark down soon. I also have to shout out to my family from Cali for coming down to Missouri & for having us! They cooked delicious treats & we had so much fun! We were also celebrating my aunt Bev & uncle Jim’s wedding anniversary!!! Wow!

In addition to all of this I’d like to shout out to my new friend & you tuber Gamerfox!!! This little lady was also at the Lake of The Ozarks resort & she’s from TN!  Meet Jameson Fox! Jameson was so sweet, she helped me clear the pool to take blog pics! She also wasn’t afraid to come over & chat!! She talked with me about her upcoming birthday & the fact that she is a vlogger! Please give Jameson a follow & subscribe to her channel! I’m so delighted to have met this TN gal & am even more impressed that she is already so successful! Jameson HAPPY BIRTHDAY?


Cowgirl Hat: Target

Sunnies: Target

Army Green Cover Up:Target

Floaties:Cupcake (Target)



Alexa Dudley

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