5 Instagramable Places to Celebrate your Birthday-NO CAKE REQUIRED!

April 9, 2018

5 Instagramable Places to Celebrate a Birthday-NO CAKE REQUIRED! 

Hey friends! I thought this post would be helpful to those searching for the perfect place to celebrate their birthday! While it’s hard to narrow it down because locations vary these are a few franchise options! (Although my favorite birthdays are at hole in the wall places! I love an adventure, being the first to try something and creating my own fun!)

Since I’m from NWA (North-West Arkansas) and Southern Tennessee the places I’m linking are found there!

Also PRO TIP: your birthday will be the most special if you are spending it with the ones you love and by documenting it with pictures! It doesn’t matter where you are it’s who you are with that counts! Also it’s easy to make a basic place cool/insta swag.

My number #1 when searching for a place is somewhere there is a cute dessert option or a free birthday treat! I can always get behind the restaurant songs too-LOL.  I actually celebrated my birthday by having brunch at my University’s fancy hotel! It’s a buffet with the most delicious food, beautiful flowers, and live music! UH, PERFECTNESS! So my first recommendation is simply that a local hotel in your area! My bday brunch was at The Sewanee Inn! If you are in TN YOU HAVE TO COME HERE!

My #2 is somewhere my family has gone to celebrate birthday’s for over 15 years! It’s been a long-standing tradditon in my family to go to Market Place Grill for a tasty meal, good bread, a fun vibe and the free chocolate mess! It’s literally the most tasty chocolate treat for the whole family to share! It’s free to those celebrating their birthday and is complete with a couple of spoons to share! It’s a $10 value and you’ll find yourself coming back regardless of your birthday!  I took my friend Myka for a chocolate mess for her 20th birthday and you can see it in the photo above!

My #3 is breakfast for your birthday! I love breakfast food and can always get behind a early morning celebration! I love to meet my girls for brunch and on my birthday-SCORE! Free pancakes at IHOP is a major win and hello instagramable moment!!!! A short stack with a candle is perfection! I literally can’t imagine anything cuter or more tasty! I learned to make pancakes by six years old and to this day it’s still a favorite of mine! If you’re in Nashville I highly recommend the The Pancake Pantry for your birthday or any ocassion. It’s a pancake lovers dream! It’s near the Vandy campus!!! I did a vlog in Nashville with my friends and we ate at the Pancake Pantry! You can watch it here! If you’re anywhere else ihop is a great option too!!

My #4 is any donut place! This is totally for the photo opp! Like instagram birthday cuteness can go down at any little donut place! Plus who doesn’t love a darling donut on your birthday!!! Stack em up for a fun style bday cake! You can also pre-order your name at a lot of places and y’all I am dying to do this regardless of a birthday! Many places like Krispy Kreme and Daylight Doughnuts offer a complementary bday donut!!! What’s better than that y’all!!!

My #5 is anywhere you can get ice cream! I happen to love  Cold Stone Creamery so I would reccomend that but if you have a local ice cream joint I would go there in a heart beat! LOCAL is always cooler than a franchise-that’s like a life memo! I would love to see y’all enjoying a tasty ice cream while celebrating you! I think it’s darling to have a tripple scoop ice cream in a waffle cone and photographing it is sure to be darling! I actually have taken a few different darling ice cream photos which have been super popular on insta!!! So go for the cute, fun, and classic birthday treat ice cream! I also wouldn’t be suprised if a few of places didn’t offer a complimentary bday treat!

  1. A local hotel!
  2. The Market Place Grill
  3. ihop / PANCAKES
  4.  Doughnuts
  5. Ice-Cream


My final advice is to color cordinate your pals on your bday it makes the pictures look so much better plus people like guidelines when dressing for an event-just don’t get to specific! I also reccomend picking up your own candles before any celebration because I happen to think the number candles are so much cuter! I also usually pick up a crown or some sparking cider to add to the bday vibe! It’s super easy to make your bday fun when your on a budget, stuck at home or just totally lacking inspo-using these few basic tips!

Also, if you are reading this chances are it is your birthday or someone you knows birthday-Happy Birthday! Hope your day is especially blessed!

Bless others & be blessed!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley

P.S. Read how we celebrated my friend Myka’s birthday at Market Place Grill and The Fresh Market here!

You can also check out my vlog from that day on youtube very soon! My channel is Alexa Dudley!!

Finally, here are the most darling best gal photos with the delicious FREE chocolate mess I mentioned earlier! Holy cuteness right!


Happy Birthday Friends!

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