2020 New Year, Big Things

January 27, 2020

Happy New Year! I’m so excited about this year and what is on the horizon. 2020 is going to be beautiful- I am claiming it in Jesus Name.

This is my first blog post of the year and it’s actually almost the end of January!!! I have enjoyed brainstorming and planning about where I want 1998miss.com to go and I have made a lot of goals!! I have also seemingly almost missed the first month of the year without a blog post! I’m hoping to better about that but I am also learning to accept that Instagram has become a mini-blog for me. I love to share daily updates on that platform but never want to give up this one. I fell in love with writing and modest fashion, which, is why I even started my blog. So my mantra is whether it is one blog post per month or four (one each week) I will do my best. I have dreamed a lot about what I hope will come in this year…. and I want to share those with you all. I am ambitious and a dreamer. This what makes me, me.

To start the year off I want to share twenty things I’m dreaming, hoping and praying for:

  1. I pray to fall more in love with Jesus and with his word every day.
  2. I want to do more workouts and be more active. + DRINK WATER AND SO MUCH OF IT
  3. I want to be more empathetic and sincere.
  4. I would like to use my motivation in culmination with action.
  5. I want to stay true to myself no matter what comes in this year.
  6. I pray to grow in every department of my life. I want to welcome challenges and growth.
  7. I want to invest more in people and experiences.
  8. I want to drown myself in worship music-to glorify Jesus only.
  9. I hope to spend time daily doing something to better my mental health-like take a couple of minutes to myself/self-care time. Hello Mario face-mask!
  10. I hope to get a night/day routine set into place. I have always wanted to have one.
  11. I want to take better care of my skin by using my skincare products routinely. I have always had them I just fail to implement them into use. I sometimes love the idea of productivity more than I love implementing it.
  12. I hope to tell one different person that I love what they mean to me every single day. This can be by text or by phone…but best in person.
  13. I pray I will spend time in prayer for as long as I spend on social media per day. It is essential that I have a quality prayer life.
  14. I pray to fall more in love with life every single day and to see my adversity as an opportunity.
  15. I pray to forgive those who have hurt me and those who will hurt me in the future ahead of time because in life that happens-people are people and they are not perfect therefore it is inevitable.
  16. I pray to be more understanding. Everyone is going through something and maybe you don’t see it but it is happening. Be kind. Be loving.
  17. I want to get more involved with my friends. In high school, I had a really close girl group and since I have come to college it has shifted a little bit. My best friends in high school have all kind of gone their separate ways and that is to be expected. I love them but we are all in different seasons. My best friends in college are all these amazing brilliant scholars with goals and sometimes we are all chasing the dream so hard that we don’t make time for fun together…that and half of them have moved from Sewanee. So it is something I would like to be intentional about.
  18. I want to edit my Instagram a little bit. I hope to make my feed a little more cohesive. I also want to really bust my brand wide open this year. I hope to change up my blog a bit too.
  19. I would like to spice up my style by narrowing down my closet and having more timeless pieces. I want to purge it.
  20. I would like to youtube more and do it well. I hope to make videos consistently because I find them really fun.

I know some of these goals/dreams may seem common but putting them out there and on paper means something. I have always been a lover of planning because I come from a family where it never happened (no judgments, my mom is fabulous) so to write something down is to say this is happening. I also hope to fall more in love with my boyfriend Matthew Viloria every single day. I have learned a lot these last few months and I am so thankful for my baby. I hope in 2020 we will grow closer to each other, closer to Jesus, our ministry and our dreams.


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


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