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Trendy Chic Sunday Best #OOTD + 10 stylish ways to layer up in winter!

November 15, 2018

Happy Thursday! Hope everyone is staying warm because it’s freezing out! Today on the gram I saw so many beautiful places getting their first snow of the season and it was so beautiful! So far Sewanee has just seen colder weather but I’m holding out for a good snow after Thanksgiving because it’s always so beautiful! Winter is actually my favorite season! I love being cozy and winter style is always so chic!

If you haven’t already checked out my blog post with Skirt Society from Wednesday check it out here! It’s about finding beauty in brokenness and it’s a read I think everyone will benefit from!

So let’s jump right into today’s annual weekly blog post! I’m sharing all the details from last Sunday’s fall look and some of my favorite ways to stay chic in the winter months! I’m all about layering and below I’ll share my favorite ways to do it!

This Sunday best look was very trendy and I loved incorporating a tube top into it! It’s a fun way to spice up something you’ve already got in your closet, create a nice waistline and keep it fresh! I can’t wait to put it over a dress shirt next! I’m also loving this style of skirt this season because it really elevates a look + is a little bit warmer!

Trendy Chic Sunday Best 

Skirt: Forever 21 (similar style here) |  Black Tube Top: Target  | Tissue Turtleneck: JCREW (similar style here) |Pointed Black Midi Boots: Dillard’s (similar style here) | Double-buckle belt: Amazon Fashion

Also obligatory shoutout to my roommate for taking all of my instagram pictures and blog pictures! wouldn’t be the same without you!!! All in favor of her starting her blog say I!!!!!! (That should be everyone because she is the cutest!)

10 Stylish ways to layer this season!

  1. Add a cozy hat to your look!! Big knit is so in right now!
  2. Add a nice scarf that accents your gloves and hat!
  3. Colored tights are so in this season and are a great way to stay warm in dresses!
  4. Fun pantyhose! I’m all about the heart pattern, fishnet, floral and more! I just pulled all of mine out last week!
  5. Knee high boots! I’m actually loving these thigh high UGG’s here!
  6. Knee socks are such a cute way to stay warm with a skirt!
  7. Go monochromatic with lots of layers!
  8. Don’t be afraid to rock multiple layers of all black!
  9. Turtlenecks are classic by themselves or paired under a dress!
  10. Big cozy sweaters over dresses!!!

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Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


Pre-Med Monday Posts


November 12, 2018

Pre-Med Monday #1

If you’re new here welcome to a place filled with faith, fun, college-life and modest fashion. I am Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley and I am 1998miss! I’m so happy you’ve stopped by my blog and that you’re interested in my new series called Pre-Med Monday.

Welcome to it’s launch and the first official post in the series! YAY!

I hope to continue this series throughout the next two years as a place I can share my experiences as a pre-med student at Sewanee: The University of The South. I am an unconventional pre-med student because I didn’t decide I wanted to be pre-med until my sophomore year at Sewanee. When I finally made the decision I dropped my pre-nursing track and started organic chemistry to get me to where I am today. I am a junior psychology major on a pre-med track with hopefully a Chinese minor if we get one. I am a modest fashion blogger, Instagrammer, and Youtuber. I love pink, to sing at the top of my lungs and to travel. I am unconventional. I want to be a doctor.

Since this series is new it might be a little rocky at the beginning but just give it time because I think it is a wonderful opportunity to share with Y’all!

I had this idea last year but sadly never got around to it and quite frankly was a little apprehensive about starting. I was worried some people would share their negative opinions about my different and unique path to being pre-med. BUT nonetheless, I decided that there have to be other future doctors out there who might have a different pre-med journey than the traditional biochemistry major. Don’t get me wrong if you’re studying biochemistry YOU are amazing but as a social science major, it can sometimes be a little tough to balance the two different course schedules!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about my experience this Saturday in Sewanee taking my first practice MCAT ever!

So WOW what an experience it was! I am so thankful to our amazing pre-med department here at Sewanee for providing all students interested in taking the exam an opportunity to do it for free! They even provided snacks for us on breaks! I finally got a real idea about what the MCAT was like and all the horror stories were gone! I did it. I decided I would spend my Saturday testing and I did it! I am so glad I did because I was able to really get an idea of what the test was like and how I should really start preparing asap! As a junior, I feel a little bit behind just now taking my first practice MCAT but again everyone is different. I plan to have a gap year between medical school and Sewanee so in that case, I am on track! I finally have a score to base off of and get to creating a study plan! I know exactly what testing day will be like and I even learned that the MCAT is taken on a computer, not on paper. Up until this point, I believed it would be on paper just like the ACT and SAT! How silly I felt before but how prepared I will feel now. The more I think about it the better I feel about taking this step towards my future no matter how small it may seem.

Honestly, the test was hard and there are a lot of pre-med courses I haven’t taken yet but I am quite sure that I can do my best on the test if I keep getting out there and trying! So if you’re a freshman and you are pre-med I highly recommend you get out there and take a practice test asap! It will put you at ease and so far ahead of the game! While I can not talk about what was on the test I can tell you that you should value every single one of your pre-med classes because you will need them!

Always remember the road may be long and tough but the destination is worth it. It is a beautiful career to be a doctor and to have the opportunity to help others. When it gets tough to remember the day you decided you wanted this and of all the different lives you will impact through medicine.

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Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley



Sewanee Homecoming #OOTD Details + How I Manage My Time!

November 8, 2018

Happy Thursday! Welcome back to

Today is a good day because it’s the eve before Friday so you can say HELLO to the weekend BEFORE YOU KNOW IT! I don’t know if you plan to get cozy with a book, do laundry, watch Netflix or sleep in but whatever it is it’s almost time!

Weekends in Sewanee are my favorite because I’m taking six classes this semester and I get to slow down a little on the weekends to do some things I enjoy. Of course, there is the obligatory laundry day but I’m a pro now! I usually am the most leisurely on Friday nights because I work out, have dance practice and then try to unwind a little after a crazy busy week. I do my independent study Friday afternoon and while I work I listen to music which kind of kicks off the relaxing spirit. Saturday I usually get up early and do something fun with my roommate or sleep in and work on homework for the rest of the day. Hey, it’s the real deal being a pre-med student! Saturday nights I write up blog posts for the week, edit a youtube video, create graphics, pick out my church outfit and then get to bed around 2 am! Sunday I wake up and go to church!!! Then I come back to campus and work on homework/prep for the week!

I thought it would be fun to give you a little breakdown of what my weekends look like because all the time people ask me how I balance my blog/youtube and how I spend my free time is a major part of that. I honestly enjoy using my little bit of downtime to be productive because the end results are so rewarding. The reality isn’t so glamorous but I feel so blessed to be attending college for Pre-Med while still pursuing my creative passions. 🙂

Now for today’s blog post!

Today I’m sharing my #OOTD from Homecoming at Sewanee.

This look was so fun because I was finally able to fully embrace fall! I pulled out the heart tights that I’ve been saving since last summer and put them with a darling jumper! I’ll be linking this jumper below because the wash is perfect and it’s knee length! Although the tights and jumper were fun the hat was my favorite part of the look! I have wanted to have a nice western-fall chic hat since the beginning of the season and when I found this little gem at target it was a must buy!

Homecoming at Sewanee is a very fun time to be on the mountain and I always look forward to the big football game! This year it was a great delight to take my precious friend Yadi to the game because she’s never been to a football game EVER! She’s so smart and caught on really quickly-before we knew it we were both the loudest fans in the stands!

Shoutout to Yadi for being my photographer for the weekend and just an all-around amazing friend! I love ya girly! Follow her on Instagram here!

Jumper: Target | Turtleneck Sweater: Similar at the Banana Republic | Double Buckle Belt: Similar on Amazon | Darling Tights: Similar on Amazon | Fringe Booties: Similar at Noracora | Western Chic Hat: Target 

P.S. Be sure to click the links at the bottom of each look…you’ll be able to buy them directly!

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Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley



Coffee Date #3 |

November 1, 2018

Coffee Date #3

Happy November 1st!

Also quick Happy Birthday shoutout to my sweet friend Abigail Vogelsang!!!!! 

Hey, Y’all welcome back to I’m so excited you’re here and can’t wait for you to check out today’s blog post! Coffee Dates are sort of my favorite blog posts because I can share a little bit of everything I’m loving with y’all + I get a chance to be really personal with my readers! Unlike most of my posts, these are not just about fashion!

This is my third official coffee date on so you haven’t missed many if you’re just now visiting for the first time! You can check out Coffee Date #1 and Coffee Date #2 here!

Grab your favorite cup of Joe and get cozy because here we go!


So I first off should say so much has happened since my last coffee date back in July but to kind of give you a brief update I’m currently back at Sewanee completing my Junior year as a Pre-Med, Psychology Major and hopefully a Chinese minor if the University will establish one. I just got back from fall break and finished my midterms getting 4 A’s out of the 6 classes I’m taking. This is a huge accomplishment for me since being in college because I really had to reteach myself how to study since I got to Sewanee! I’m so proud of myself for making such amazing improvements!! Thank you JESUS! I work out 3X a week and run which has been a great change in my life this semester! I am also being very intentional about what I’m eating and people are finally starting to notice my hair growth!!! Read this blog post to know why I’m excited about that! Also, I’m overloading this semester and couldn’t be busier! Between weekly blogging & youtubing, classes, studying, work study, leading worship at CRU, acapella, PMO, Sewanee Angels and Church I have almost zero time! But not to complain because I like it that way because I think I perform my best when I’m busy! I now blog every single week and sometimes twice a week with a guest blogger either a woman of faith or a Sewanee Featured Gal! This is so exciting because after 3 years of running I finally have a schedule I LOVE! It has been so nice to feel organized and really get to choose in advance what I want each blog post to be about and each month on to look like! On a very personal side note -my family has been going through something really difficult and midterms were really busy so I just took a break from blogging! I rejoined Instagram and the blog just last week with a new blog post talking about my two new skirt society skirts and how to style them each several completely different ways! You can read that post here! Skirt Society is one of my first few companies to sponsor me and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work with such an awesome company! It’s exciting to have grown enough where I’m getting to feature beautiful clothes I love for free!

Before we move on to more fun things I would like to ask for prayer about a personal matter since we’re being real here and chatting over coffee. Just say a little prayer for me and my family :).

OKAY so here’s the lowdown on what I’m obsessed with recently!


I am so obsessed with Lauren Daigle’s song Rescue because it has literally lifted my spirits in the darkest moments these last few weeks! The lyrics couldn’t speak to my heart any more than they have and I’m so thankful I have had this song to listen to during this time. I literally love it more than anything else right now. She’s an incredible artist with a voice similar to Adele and singing for the glory of God! I honestly love her whole entire album so you should check it out here to listen!



Surprise, Surprise I have been needing Jesus a whole lot more than usual so I’m filling my head, heart, and ears with his word! In addition to listening to Lauren Daigle ALL the time, I’m also listening to a message on youtube every single day. I love listening to Pastor Steven Furtick on Youtube and when I was listening to this week I found the best sermon. I’m not kidding Y’all it hit the hammer on the head to help me with what I’m going through. It was such a moving message, and it touched my heart. I highly recommend listening to all of his messages but especially this one! It’s called You Must Be Important and you can listen to it here.




I still love the polish I shared on the last coffee date post but have been using this color a lot! It’s a little bit different and it’s chip resistant! So quick and easy to use + I’m saving so much money by not going to a salon. Get this great shade at CVS or similar stores-It’s called Chai on Life | Shade 180 for Sally Hansen’s Color Therapy line! Also available here!



So I’m just thrilled for a blogger I love named Kate from over at because she just got engaged!!!!! I have been following her blog for a while now and I feel like I know her as a close friend lol-but I know this is a precious blessing from God that she’s marrying Andrew! She’s a beautiful gal who you NEED to follow! She’s always sharing uplifting content and actually started her blog in college! This is one of the reasons I love her so much as a current blogger at Sewanee! So check out this heartwarming post here and follow Kate on Instagram here! P.S. I’m hoping one day I’ll find my other half just like Kate and have faith that it doesn’t have to happen at the same time as my best friends or in college!!!! <3



I recently found Tess Christine on YouTube and love her New York City series!!!! She’s seriously so pretty and does an amazing job putting together this series! Check out her Video NYC GUIDE: Top Instagram Photo Locations!



Y’all talk about a blessing in my life! Literally, Michelle Horton is a blessing! She has literally touched my heart this last month with reaching out to me on Instagram and giving me the opportunity to feature her clothes on! She has a beautiful heart and wants to help young women succeed! Her store has so many beautiful pieces and I featured two of them here! Go follow Michelle by clicking here!



I am going to be writing a featured blog post for Michelle at Skirt Society weekly!! EEEK EEEK EEK! GOD IS SO GOOD Y’ALL! I am getting paid to do what I love writing!! I am going to get to share an exclusive inspirational post on her website every Wednesday! Just a little tease of what they will be about: positivity, fashion, and faith!! These posts will be for women of all ages and will serve to inspire and cultivate an environment celebrating women!

Well, I’m all out of coffee so let’s catch up again soon! It was so good to see you and thanks for stopping by! Even in the middle of complete craziness, God is working in my life! I love Y’all!!



Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley