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After The Songs Over

October 28, 2018

HELLO YOU! My name is Reneé Douglas! Excessive coffee drinker here from Little Rock, Arkansas! I probably didn’t brush my hair today, and I’ve spent too much time on Pinterest, but hey, relatable, right? So honored and excited to share a little bit that’s been on my heart with you guys!!

But Y’all. 2018 is almost over. It’s mind-boggling to think how fast time is going by. As I get older, the decisions I make become more important and harder to make. Been there before? Or maybe that’s where you’re at? Well, I’ve realized there’s a famous question going around that everybody and their momma has to ask me… “what’s your college plans look like?” Or “what’s next Reneé?” & 9 out of 10 times, I don’t have a solid answer for them. But guess what. That’s okay. I’ve had to convince and tell myself, that it is okay if I don’t have it all planned out, in fact, there’s just something about the season of stillness that is so monumental. A season of stillness is what I want to touch on.

It feels like God is standing up in heaven holding a boombox. One of those big vintage ones, propped on his shoulder. And he’s blasting Taylor Swift (to get my attention (carnal, I know haha). He knows I’ll sing every word. And then in the silence when the song ends, like a loud promise, He tells me to remain. To remain who and how I am in a world that wishes so desperately I wouldn’t. That this is enough. That’s a hard cookie to swallow am I right?

Could there ever be a more bold promise? I’m convinced there couldn’t be.

I, myself, am strange. But so are you dude. But even though we are loud, we are brilliant. And we are broken beyond articulation. When God created mankind, He created us, trained us how to move, how to go & how to do so naturally we think we are doing something wrong when we aren’t moving, when we aren’t racking up enough footage for our Instagram page. I’m guilty as charged. We become humiliated. Maybe because we don’t feel like we have enough small talk material to fill a conversation, maybe because we don’t feel interesting enough, ambitious enough. We talk to each other in bullet point victories, we skip right to the big moments while barely scratching the surface of everything that HAD to happen for us to get there. Paul says not to boast in our victories but in our weaknesses. Because this is what’s gonna set you apart from the person sitting next to you.

We’re always looking for the loopholes to becoming something more, to reaching somewhere new. But what if we just listened to the bold promise that where we are is enough. What if we had one moment of insane bravery and we remained who we are. Right now. Because the person you want to be isn’t going to become that person by skipping over the person you are right now.

God is a brilliant poet. In each season, He writes the lines of our lives so artfully, so abstractly, that we cannot know the meaning until the season comes to a close. We can’t interpret his rhymes until we’ve learned to listen to our own. He takes things away and leaves us with nothing but what we are right in that very moment to grab onto.

Then He turns up the boombox volume to the max and hopes we’ll still be dancing when the song ends. I hope you will be.


Reneé Douglas is a “woman of faith” from the great state of ARKANSAS. She is currently finishing up her Senior year in high school. She loves all things photos, capturing moments, Jesus, and of course is obsessed with coffee. She loves to travel and has been on an AYC trip! Just check out her instagram to see the moste beautiful pictures! If you ever get a chance to meet Renee you’ll feel so bright because she has the sweetest spirit. She loves others and always looks so CUTE!!!!

Go follow the BEAUTIFUL Reneé on Instagram @reneedouglas_

Thank you, Reneé, for taking the time to share your heart with’s women of faith!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley



How to style 2 Skirt Society skirts completely different: a brand review + fashion inspiration!

October 25, 2018

Hey y’all! So happy to be back on!

It has been a long two weeks off of the web but it was very much needed as I was going through a lot personally + the grind of school! I successfully got through all of my midterms before fall break which just happened to be 5 midterms (exams), 2 quizzes and a paper! I am so proud of myself for choosing to put a hold on my blogging/youtube channel for a second to take time for another passion of mine which is studying to become a doctor. If you didn’t already know this about me-I’m a pre-med student at Sewanee and my dream is to become a doctor who works in the United States to fund ventures outside of the United States to help the less fortunate. I love people and I have a specific burden on my heart for China so I would like to work there + if you didn’t already know I spent my summer in China working in a hospital. I also improved my Chinese language skills greatly-another side note if you didn’t already know I love studying the Chinese language and actually hope to get a minor in it at Sewanee. Wow, so that felt like a lot but honestly isn’t even the half of my story/testimony! I’ll def. have to plan on doing an entirely separate post/video on that because I can see I have a lot to say about the topic + it is very near and dear to my heart. I wouldn’t be Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley without the journey to where I am now.

I also just wanted to ask that Y’all would be in prayer over a personal matter for my family. Lot’s of love!! Y’all are the best and I just wanted to say I appreciate every single message, Insta DM and email I got from Y’all after I posted about needing some time. Thank you so much you have no idea how much that means to me and how much it lifted my spirits in a very dark time. Thank you for also being patient with me!!


Today I’ll be sharing 2 different skirts and how I styled them each in different ways! I seriously love doing posts like this because honestly who doesn’t want to know how to rock a look in more than one way! I love buying statement pieces and versatile pieces then styling them totally different!

I also just want to take time to thank Skirt Society for sending me two darling skirts-which I absolutely love!!! I literally can not stop wearing them! Between the two I have had so much SPICE added to my closet! If you’re familiar with Atlantic Pacific you’ll see a similar skirt in her new collection with Nordstrom to the Harriet Tulle Skirt from Skirt Society. But Skirt Society has a much more affordable option and it’s a skirt ALL fashionista’s need in their closet.

The Harriet Tulle Skirt 

I was honestly so in love with this skirt when I saw it on the website because as I said before it is a staple in so many fashionista’s closets. It’s so fun to make it super dressy or to dress it down and pair it with a baseball cap + sneaks! I have worn this skirt 3 different ways and to 3 very different events!

The first way I styled it was for a Sewanee Angel Dinner at The Macfie’s house. I simply added a very structured formal top (could also consider it a jacket) with some daytime heels! I didn’t want something too over the top but also really wanted to look put together for the event. I finished off my look with a daring middle part and slicked back!!!!

Next, I styled this skirt totally different by putting it under a shorter dress for a very formal vibe. I wore this styled look to an Honorary Degree Dinner in Sewanee where I worked as a Sewanee Angel. This basically means I serve as a student who represents the face of the University and interacts with guest speakers (sometimes those getting honorary degrees), the board of regents, the board of trustees and the faculty as well as the Vice Chancellor of the college. It is a wonderful opportunity for engagement on Sewanee’s campus and I am so thrilled I have been involved in the organization since my freshman year. I also was the first member initiated from my class which is such an honor!!! I love being a Sewanee Angel and I highly recommend it to all students who are at Sewanee or are considering attending our university. For this event, I had the privilege of working alongside my new friend Jenna Land to welcome and correspond with S. Waite Rawls III The President of The American Civil War Museum Foundation in Richmond, Virginia while he was in Sewanee. He received an honorary degree at and it was such a delight to spend time with him while he was on campus. This event was a black tie event so I was very dressed up! P.S. I always get lots of questions about where I got this beautiful dress with an oriental flavor-it was a very special gift from my Khala. She got it in Pakistan and it was custom/handmade. It is my favorite piece in my closet and I love pairing this skirt with it to give it an elevated look.

Finally, I styled this skirt with sneaks, a black top and then a baseball cap for my classes at Sewanee. I wanted a fun yet not too over the top look for class and have always loved the style of sneakers with skirts. I like the contrast of super dressy with sporty/casual-I think if you are bold enough to wear this style you are bold enough to pull it off! I love doing white sneakers with this skirt because of its cream color and I searched high and low for the perfect sneakers after visiting China this summer and was so happy when they worked with this look! They are from Saks Off 5th and while they were originally around $500 I got this for just over $100! How amazing!!! I love a good deal and I love that I can now rock the trend I loved so much in China in the United States with my Harriet Tulle Skirt!

I also wanted y’all to see a similar skirt to this one which is selling for a way more than double at Nordstrom!

The Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Tiered Tulle Midi Skirt  $100


You can check out more of this equally beautiful yet more expensive line here! 


Skirt Society does an awesome job at providing beautiful, high quality and very current pieces to their customers. You have to check out my new friend Michelle’s website and see for yourself. I will link it down below with the Harriet Tulle Skirt which is currently on sale for $29.99- normally $40!

The Skirt Society Harriet Tulle Skirt  $29.99

You can get THE HARRIET TULLE SKIRT  here!

The Maribel Leopard Pleated Skirt

So this skirt was a must for me because LEOPARD is so in this FALL SEASON! Literally, all of my favorite fashionistas, bloggers, and magazines are claiming leopard to be one of the biggest trends this season. It’s a bit more bold for me than my usual picks because I’m more of a classic girl but I loved the Maribel Leopard Skirt! It is so fun and so comfy! I literally wore it all day in Nashville and to a church event over fall break-feeling very comfy yet stylish. I love the pleats and I just think the size of the leopard print is so perfect! I think it is so fun to pair any type of skirt like this with a big belt so that’s what I did! You can see here how I styled it two completely different ways!

First off I wore this skirt as a statement look and with more trendy vibes! I seriously loved trying it with a graphic tee + a very loud pink Birkin inspired bag for my trip to Nashville. I did a lot of pink with it but can also see red being a great way to style it next. I highly recommend this style to any bloggers or bold gals out there!


Next, I styled this skirt completely different going for a very dressy look! I wore it to a church function and went for a more classic feel. I did black and somewhat edgy with my pointed heels! I ended up matching my momma and saw so many beautiful girls rocking leopard at this event- but I’m not sure they all got theirs for a steal of a deal at only $36.99!!!!!!

You can get the Maribel leopard skirt from Skirt Society here! 

I also wanted to share this awesome post written by  at Harpers Bazaar. It is so well written and shares so many different cute ways to incorporate leopard in your looks this season. If you look you’ll also see a skirt very similar the one I’m wearing above but for triple the cost of Skirt Society! Another reason why you should shop Skirt Society from here on out! Click the link here to read it!

P.S. I did a dorm room tour exclusive to Instagram and it’s available on my highlights so if you’re interested in knowing how my mom and I decorated a Sewanee dorm room click here! 

To follow the beautiful Michelle Ramos Mendez on Instagram click here!

To follow Skirt Society on Instagram click here!

Just a reminder I post daily on Instagram, Thursday’s here on and Tuesday’s on my youtube channel! You can click the link here to subscribe to my channel to get notified when I post!

Thank you again to Michelle for being so amazing and for these two beautiful skirts!

P.S. Oh and for the exciting news I mentioned on one of my latest Instagram posts…….I will be writing a blog post exclusive for Skirt Society weekly! I’m so excited to be sharing positivity, fashion, and faith on their page! These posts will be for women of all ages and will serve to inspire and cultivate an environment celebrating women! More about this will be coming to Instagram soon as we work out the schedule and kinks BUT It is happening! YAY!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


Sewanee Featured Sewanee Interviews

A Sewanee Feature: Jillian Miller

October 5, 2018

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is having a blessed day! WOOOHOOO WE MADE IT TO THE WEEKEND!

I’m celebrating with my gal Jillian Miller and the second annual Sewanee Featured post on! My first feature was the fabulous, Tessa Fox who is a graduate from Sewanee who works in fashion in New York City! You can read her interview here!

 I’m so happy that I will be bringing you this series twice every month! I’ll be sharing Sewanee Featured posts the 1st and the 3rd Friday of every single month! I won’t tell you who these featured gals are until the Friday of the post unless you’re subscribed to my Modest Mail! If you are subscribed you’ll get an inside scoop about who will be interviewed each month + what kinds of posts you’ll be seeing during that month. It’s basically going to be a little newsletter of sorts!

So if you’re a Sewanee student be on the lookout for this series because it’s so much fun to get to know new gals on campus!

Let’s get this thing going!

So I first met Jillian when I was a freshman on campus! We’re both from the class of 2020 and she was good friends with my suitemate! We eventually served together as Sewanee Angels and became more aquainted! She’s a true beauty with big goals which is why I like her! I love seeing women pursing their dreams and I love gals who aiming to work in fields primarily dominated by men!


With that all being said let’s go ahead and let y’all meet Miss. Jillian Miller of Tullahoma, TN!


Question: What is your signature scent?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I love Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture and Brazilian Bum Bum Creme! I wear them both daily!” 


Question: What is your GO TO handbag?

Miss Jillian Miller: “My black Kate Spade tote with a scarf tied on it!”


Question: What is your FAVORITE show to watch?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I love watching so many shoes but it would probably have to be New Girl on Netflix! I love Jess so much and I relate to her character so much!”


Question: Who do you look to for inspiration?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I love Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill her travel posts are amazing and so inspirational! I also really enjoy how informed she is on social issues!” Follow her social media here! “I also love beauty gurus Jaqueline Hill and Tati Westbrook!” Check out Jaqueline here and Tati here!


Question: Jillian is in’t Jillian without __________?

Miss Jillian Miller: “Makeup! I love Makeup and I think of it as an artistic expression. I don’t think of makeup as covering but as the painting of a canvas!”


Question: Do you listen to any podcasts and if so what are they?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I only listen to New York Times. I love their daily updates and keep informed.”


Question: How do stay up to date with fashion/what is your style?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I’m always trying different things. I have a preppy side and a slighty hippie side to my style. I love thrifting and shopping at places like Target, Francescas, DSW and Nordstrom Rack! I also love Dazey LA!!!! I love prints and I’m always incoperating them into what I’m wearing. I have an obsession for table cloth clothes-that’s what I call gingham!!!”


Question: What is your favorite music artist?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I love Demi L., Regina S. and Cardi B..”


Question: What are you pursuing/plans after Sewanee?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I am planning on being a cooperate lawyer! My father is a lawyer and has always been an inspiration. He’s great at soliving detailed problems, arguments and I love that! Since I was old enough to know what I wanted to do I knew I wanted to be a lawyer! People used to always tell me through high school that I was going to be a lawyer. I love public speaking and my brain works in sort of black and white. I’m very definitive on what is right and what is wrong so I believe there is a place for me in law.”


Question: Why Cooperate Law?

Miss Jillian Miller: “Well I’m the kind of girl who likes to prove people wrong! I’m pursing this field because there are few gals who will! I’m always top of my class in economics at Sewanee which has really encouraged me. In addition to my father being a laywer, he and my grandfather own a business. This is where my love for economics comes in-they’re always watching the stock market so I guess I just kind of started being interested!”


Question: What’s your plan for Law School?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I really love Vanderbuilt but am also interested in going somewhere with a bigger sports division! I love watching foootball!”


Question: What would you say to students coming to Sewanee who plan to pursue law?

Miss Jillian Miller: “Do not immediately decide that you will be a politics major because I’m an English major and have learned so much that will help me pursue law. I am also an economics major which makes me stand out in the pool of applicants! Remember law schools are looking for people with a passion so don’t be confined to a pre-law mold!”


Jillian Miller in Sewanee


Question: Did you go greek? How was rush?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I did!!! I’m the Vice President of Operations for Kappa Delta and I LOVE IT! So before rushing, I was set on another sorority-like dead set on it! But during rush, I started to get the feeling that maybe it wasn’t for me and when I attended a Kappa Delta’s house event I met Danielle Watts. making an instant connection! I felt like oh my gosh I really like this girl. In a sorority, I was looking for community service, friends, a sisterhood and I’ve found all of that with Kappa Delta! I love that I also have sisters who are both liberal and conservative! It is so nice to get both sides of the coin and it really teaches you so many things!”


Question: What are you involved in on campus?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I’m Kappa Delta’s Vice President of Opperations, a member of SWEEC (Sewanee women engaging and empowering community), a Head Sewanee Angel and a Junior Representative for the Honor Council!”


Question: What is your favorite thing to do in Sewanee?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I love hanging out with my friends Mimi and Bailey at Stirlings!”


Question: What is your go-to drink from Stirlings?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I love a Dirty Chai or a M. Mocha if I want something caffinated. If I want something without caffine I’ll get a Daffodill drink!”


Question: What is your go-to food order from Stirlings?

Miss Jillian Miller: “Vegan Chicken Salad.”


Question: What is your favorite Sewanee gear?

Miss Jillian Miller: “My gown!!! My brothers both wore it when they went to Sewanee! I also really love my Head Sewanee Angel gown!”


Question: What is your major?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I’m an Econ and English double major!”


Question: Who is your favorite Sewanee professor?

Miss Jillian Miller: “My advisor Dr. MacFie!”


Question: Did you do FYP or PRE and did you like it?

Miss Jillian Miller: “I did FYP and I loved it! I actually started to be an FYP mentor and have loved doing that too. You make so many great connections! It might be my favorite thing I do on campus.”


Question: What is your favorite Sewanee thing? Like if you go to Sewanee you might have these!

Miss Jillian Miller: “MY BUNDSTONES! I LITERALLY LOVE THEM! I wear them all the time and they are so comfy!”


Question: What is your favorite course you’ve taken in Sewanee?

Miss Jillian Miller: “Representative Masterpieces with Dr. Macfie.”


Question: What is something you were not prepared for when you came to Sewanee?

Miss Jillian Miller: “The stigma that comes from living in this area and living in Sewanee. I love Sewanee and I’m always defense towards those who are down on the surrounding area!”


A Jillian Miller Collection

Jillian at The Sewanee Inn being interviewed for

Jillian during The Sewanne Featured interview at The Sewanee Inn and looking lovely!

Jillian as seen on Instagram “Well one of us is going to have to change.”

Jillian as seen on Instagram on Sewanee’s Shake Day! She’s a Kappa Delta girl!
Jillian as seen on Instagram strolling in New York! She’s a doll!Jillian as seen on Instagram at Goat Yoga. Available to all Sewanee students!

Jillian as seen on Instagram with her boyfriend Lewis. Too cute!Jillian and I at the Sewanee Inn the night of her interview for!

Jillian and I as seen on my instagram after a successful Sewanee Angel Mission. Lessons and Carrols. 

Hope y’all enjoyed getting to know Miss Jillian Miller! She’s a sweet gal so if you see her around campus don’t be afraid to say hello!

Thank you Jillian for taking the time to be interviewed and for letting everyone get to know you!

You can follow Jillian on Instagram here!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley






The latest in Denim + A Skirted Fancy Review!

October 4, 2018

Hi friends!!! I am so happy you’ve stopped into for today’s post!

This week I’m talking “denim” and let me just say it’s one of my favorite topics!

Do y’all ever have those moments where you think a piece of clothing is 100% you or your style? Well more than not when I put on a denim skirt I feel like I’ve found myself in clothing. So that’s one of the reasons I’m talking denim with you + denim is something that NEVER goes out of style! Just think, even in the 50’s gals were  rocking denim just like they are in 2018! Think about it- for sure your grandma must have had a classic pair of high waisted wranglers or maybe your mom has some amazing Joes Jeans! (P.S. If you can get your hands on those…do it because there is denim and then there is VINTAGE DENIM!!!!!!)

So while denim has been a constant in fashion since the beginging there are a few things changing. Some styles you might know and love like the

the boyfriend

the skinny jean

the high waisted

the low rise

the mom jean

the classic

the bootcut

the flared

the ripped

are still around but they might have just a little more spice than usual!


Let’s talk about some of these creative twists!!!!




  1. Adding Patches of other shades of denim.
  2. Custom Embroidery
  3. Bleaching your denim
  4. Painting your denim
  5. Adding diamonds or pearls

These are some of my favorite ways you can spice up your denim but there are so many more out there! I’m looking forward to trying out these trends and putting my own spin on them! The great thing about these ideas is that they are not limited to jeans or skirts…you can also do this to a classic staple piece like your denim jacket!

Here are a few visuals to inspire you……





Looking at these unique designs inspires me and reminds me that while denim is a classic there are so many ways you can make it personal!!!

I can’t wait to try some of these great ideas!!!!




So being a gal who wears only denim skirts I can help you out on a thing or two about where to acquire modest yet trendy. I can also let you in on where to get the best jeans if that’s your cup of tea!

Before I started wearing only skirts and dressing modestly I had a few favorite pairs of jeans! I actually ended sewing those favorites into skirts but am still certain that they were bomb jeans as well! (I’ll let you in on how to sew jeans in a little bit *stay tuned)

So here’s my top few!







So obviously price range is different depending on which of these stores you shop at so here’s my guide to buying your denim.

First of all denim is an investment because you can wear it with almost everything. Secondly think about how comfortable the denim is and if you feel like you will wear it 24/7 because that will tell you if the price is worth it. Also a good pair of jeans or jean skirt will last you a long time so don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars more for the higher quality!

So I’m a sale girl at heart but I also have expensive taste so more often or not I wait for a style to go on sale. For example when I wore jeans all the time I would wait and buy Rock Revival/Joes Jeans from Nordstrom/Dilllards when they were marked down. Thanks to my momma for teaching me how to shop!

I’ve gotten several jean jackets from GAP! I used to buy jeans from Gap but overall I always come out with a great jean jacket! I actually got one for $6 once!

Forever 21 has ocassinoally had some fast fashion denim! I love the ripped style so a lot of times I would get those jeans here! Now when I’m wanting a modest length ripped denim skirt I will still buy jeans here and sew them into a skirt!

H&M I can honestly find just good jean skirts from! They are usually modest and need no touch ups + AFFORDABLE

Finally for my high waist addiction I will always go to Goodwill to find my denim! I have sewn so many different skirts from denim that came from Goodwill! There is usually a lot of great quality denim here! I once got a pair of vintage Guess jeans and hello vintage Guess jean skirt!!! If you’re feeling the DIY spirit I would reccomend checking out Goodwill! You won’t regret it!

P.S. Don’t be afraid to buy a pair of pants you love and make it into a skirt! It just takes a little practice and you will love tailoring your own skirt!!!




So I’m not a pro when it comes to this but I am a person of experience! I have literally sewn so many different jean skirts from jeans this last summer in order to get the perfect skirt! I honestly have an addiction to denim skirts! So when I see a pair of jeans I like my first thought is always “oh my goodness that would make such a cute skirt”! Just ask my mom, the dinning room this last summer became a sewing room!!!! So I unfortunelty don’t have a tutorial for how to sew a skirt from pants available yet (thinking about doing one in the future) but I do have a link to what I used to guide me + a few skirts I sewed!!!!!


Click here to learn how to use a sewing machine!

Click here to learn how to make pants into a skirt!


Here are two skirts I sewed last summer! They started out as jeans and were both pretty expensive denim items I wanted to start wearing again! I really loved a ripped look so I searched for months about how to sew them into a skirt and how to make rips! They were a labor of love and the red one is for sure a spicy skirt! While they are not perfect I sure love them and I love that I made them!

The Black Below The Knee Modest Structured Super Distressed Denim Skirt

By Skirted Fancy


Okay so we’ve gone through the denim basics and now I want to share with you an AMAZING DENIM SKIRT I WAS SENT FROM SKIRTED FANCY! Literally y’all I don’t collaborate with anyone who doesn’t have something I actually love. This skirt is something I am 198% in LOVE WITH!!!!! Melissa Zimmerman you did an amazing job designing this skirt! Thank you from all the modest gals out there!!!

SO collaborating with Melissa Zimmerman (Skirted Fancy) has been something I have wanted to do for such a long time and I was SO excited when it actually happened. I’ve had my eye on her skirts for a while now and love her Instagram/blog/shop! If you are not familiar with this gal you’ve got to get aquainted!

Here’s her links:

Instagram: @skirtedfancy


Shop: Skirted Fancy & A Little Bit Fancy

Not only is she a beautiful, talented gal paving the way for modest gals everywhere she is also a wife and a very talented lawyer! That is one of the reasons I find her so inspiring! Sometimes studying to be a doctor can be challenging and I feel like I’m neglecting the other creative passions I have but when I see Melissa Zimmerman I see I can do both! I also see how much of a blessing Law has been in making her other dreams come true! You go gal! Thanks for being an inspiration!


So now let’s talk this skirt! So It is AMAZING as I previously said but here’s why
















I literally love this skirt and can’t wait to style it up and down! I don’t think I can live without the light denim so lookout for it because chances are I’ll have to have it soon! It’s so cute! I got so many compliments when I wore the black to class on Tuesday! As a gal who wears mostly denim skirts I can 100% say if there was a denim skirt I couldn’t live without THIS WOULD BE IT.


It is a little bit of an investment but don’t worry about it because you’re gonna love it! I think you wear it so much that it’s worth the investment + let’s support a fellow modest advocate!

It ships so quickly so as soon as you order you’ll get it!


Melissa Zimmerman you are awesome! Thank you for making this modest necessity available for all the modest gals out there! Keep doing what you’re doing you are an inspiration! OH AND ENJOY YOUR TRIP!







Bless others & Be blessed!

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley