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Pancake Pantry Nashville, TN

December 22, 2017


So excited to finally be home for Christmas break from school! I made it back just in the nick of time for Christmas….I’ve been sleeping, hanging with my family, and using my gym membership to get in shape for the new year!


I created a youtube channel and I am uploading my second official video today!!!! This is something I have wanted to do for a while and I gave it a little try last year but didn’t stick with it. None the less I found myself trying again and I am proud of how far I have come with this project!

 I dedicated A LOT OF TIME to create this exciting new content and I really hope you all enjoy. As time goes on I am sure I will get better at vlogging….stick with me Y’all!!

The Pancake Pantry

Nashville, TN

Y’all!!! The pancake pantry is the bomb literally you have to check it out!!! The environment is so fun, the food is so tasty, and it’s a Nashville favorite! My roommate/best friend, Miranda watched her favorite VS angel visit this little place in a vlog so we decided to hit it up on our way to the Nashville airport! I also decided it would be the perfect vlog opportunity!

This tasty place is located near Vanderbilt and has a bit of a wait! (so keep that in mind when planning your trip) I 100% suggest you get the sweet potato pancakes because they are to die for + they are also the number one choice! You also can’t go wrong with an omelet with goat cheese! (I love cheese BTW and my roommate makes fun of me for it :))

Overall I rate the Pancake Pantry 10/10! The portion size is pretty big (so you can share), the atmosphere is lit (meaning on point which means great), the price is not too high, the experience is way up there & it’s so tasty!! If you’re in the Nashville area you don’t wanna miss this place. IT IS WORTH THE WAIT MY FRIENDS!!!

Thanks to my friends Miranda and Yadi for vlogging with me it was so much fun! I hope y’all enjoy this post and I hope you are having a joyous holiday season!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been to here and your thoughts on my new vlogging plans!!!



Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley



December 11, 2017

Featuring Four Fabulous Holiday Looks!

Hello y’all! Can you even believe it!!! Two posts in one week and a holiyay video feature!!! I am so excited to finally be sharing this content after shooting, editing and creating! I was inspired to do something on after a dull season with few posts! I thought why not give shooting four outfits for one post a try. I did and I have to say it was the greatest idea ever. I hope that I can use this method for the new year with getting more posts up. (If you haven’t noticed I generally always keep my instagram up to date! So follow me @1998miss) Shoutout to my dear friend Zahnib for helping me with this on your Saturday! The weather outside was frightful but you helped a girl out! By the way for all my Sewanee guys and gals these photos were taken downtown with the cutest little set up. (Angel Park!) I highly reccomend shooting some of your own holiyay photos downtown because your IG will be unbelievably festive!

Also p.s. my reasoning behind selecting this outfits has a great deal to do with the fact they are easy! They are affordable options which you can slightly modify to create your perfect holiday look! You probably have seen my posts wearing many of these pieces because you’re absolutely right I already had them in my closet! This is to show any gal trying to create the perfect holiday look they don’t have to run out and buy something! JUST BE CREATIVE!!!!

I also wanted to mention I am a beginer at using youtube and creating video content so bare with me! I will improve over time!

I hope everyone is having a delightful holiday season and staying so warm! If you’re one of the ones who has gotten snow thank your lucky stars!!! You are blessed, I am so desperate to see snow!

This week daily on instagram I will share a new photo from this shoot so stay tuned!

P.P.S. or whatever it is by now….This is finals week so keep me in your prayers.

P.P.S.S LOL! Acapella concert this week and guess who’s singing the DANCE WITH SOMEBODY SOLO!!!!! YES Y’ALL I GET TO LIVE OUT MY DREAM!!! I’LL BE SURE TO POST A VIDEO AT SOME POINT!


#1 This was a simple look to put together and honestly the most affordable one! I used a grey turtleneck that I have had for years from GAP to go underneath a blue off the shoulder top from FOREVER 21! (You may remeber I got that last year!) Both were very affordable and have lasted me a long time!!! I put a solid denim skirt with it, some tights, grey booties, and the cutest BANANA REPUBLIC ear muffs! Ta Da!! You’ve got a causal cute holdiay look!!!

#2 I love this look because it is totally not my go to style. I hardly ever wear pattern with pattern but for this holiday look I totally did! The skirt is from TARGET and it’s so trendy!! My top is something that we have had in our family closet (we have four girls so we all share) for years! It’s ralph lauren but this print is very easy to find over the holidays and can even be substituted for a lumber jack shirt!

#3 This is a classic girly glam holiday look! The skirt is from TARGET and the top is just a nude turtleneck like this! Pair it with some ballet flats and a sweet hair acessory for a golden look! This look was so easy and could be subbed out for a different color.

#4 The classic. Red and black. Y’all gotta know this look is one of my favorites because it screams Merry Christmas, Rachael Parcell, and I have my life together. I left my hair as it was in holiday look #3 for a classic touch! This look is easy to duplicate because everyone has black!! I put a black top under the red sweater with a black skirt and I was all ready to go! Put a skirt like this with this top and a classic sleeveless sweater for a similar look!

Huge thank you to my good friend Zahnib for taking my blog photos! You rock! Also y’all have to check out my holiday look video on youtube!


Holiday Video Feature

Use the link above to access my video!!

Sewanee Angels

December 10, 2017

Sewanee Angels 

Hey Y’all!!! Prepare yourselves for the extraness which is about to happen! I threw an angel party with my roommate on a Tuesday night at college. This was absolutely necessary because this year the angel show was in China (my roommate is from China) and we had to celebrate! We had a little girls night gathering in our common room while we enjoyed ramen, egg rolls, and sparkling cider (in fancy cups of course)! We wore our robes and classiest girls night outfits. EVERYTHING WAS PINK and it’s one of our personal Sewanee traditions. So many people commented on how cute the details were and asked how I put the party together! The answer is simply because my mom has thrown enough parties in my lifetime that I have become kind of a natural at presentation. Perks of having a cool mom right!!! The great news is I’m going to share with you how you can turn a simple gathering into something fab!! Trust me it’s so simple!

First things first…when you look through the angel party pictures below what stands out to you the most?

If your answer was balloons then you’re going to catch on to party planning fast!

So the giant pink letter balloons make this party and actually provides a great backdrop. (Also your party will be considered Instagram worthy and you’ll be all the rage) These letter balloons are available at nearly every party store, online and even sometimes at target! They come in an assortment of colors (obviously we choose pink) and they range around $10 per letter! I know that’s kind of an investment but in my opinion, balloons are so important in event planning. Balloons are kind of like flowers you need them! Also, I believe you can reuse the letter balloons! They can be filled with helium but from personal experience, a straw, hot hair and some patience work best. When they float it’s hard to hang them as a backdrop or keep track of them! (For outdoor photo purposes helium is still great!) I simply filled them with my air and strung them on a string! HELLO! SO EASY….SO PERFECT!



You should choose a central color for your party and get tablecloths, cutlery, plates, candy, beverages in that color! (This is where the creativity comes in! Feel free to match up lighter shades and pick/choose your table arrangement) Usually, you can cut down costs with this step by choosing more affordable and disposable products! Napkins are important for setting a theme and for possible Instagram worthy shots!!!


This is where the party is at in my opinion. People always expect food at an event so have something ready to go (even if it’s just to nibble on) and you’ll have a great table spread + happy campers! Drinks are always darling if they have a color (Jones soda, La Croix etc.) but you’ll get the hang of that! Food can be as simple as ramen noodles (hello college student) just change the packaging and you’re golden! Also if you don’t plan on serving a meal specify in your invite that you’ll be serving LIGHT REFRESHMENTS! You have to be clear so people don’t get the wrong idea. We got some pink take out boxes for our ramen and it was darling!

Favors/Thank You

The experience is a great gift to give but it’s always sweet to give a little goodie to go. Plus it’s an easy way to signify that the party is over….lol! We did pink lolly’s with a thank you sticker which was ideal! They were inexpensive and so easy to put together!


This has changed so much over time it’s almost acceptable now to do a text, facebook message/event, or call when inviting people to celebrate! Of course, all grand hostesses have a good invitation but it’s minor in the grand scheme of college gatherings. Just keep in mind how delightful it is to receive a personal invitation to events! You might want to attend an event more if someone makes you feel special and wanted!


THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF PUTTING A PARTY TOGETHER (wait beside the other thousand things I have already described as the most important part). Having good pictures means you will be able to look back on your event and ponder life’s precious moments. If you like to share on social media this is another reason why pictures are important. These days a cell phone can do the trick just fine-if you know how to use it properly! If you need some tips on using your iPhone camera just youtube it or check out Pinterest party photos for inspiration. Often my iphone is quicker, easier, and more accessible to use so I totally understand why it’s all the rage. Aside from my iPhone, I use a Cannon EOS Rebel Sl1 which is perfect for where I am at with blogging! Eventually, I want to upgrade but for starters this camera is great. It’s the most compact detachable lense camera that I could find and I have been using it since 2015. I 100% recommend this camera but not for vloggers because it doesn’t have a flip screen.

Also, side note you can’t get good at taking photos if you don’t practice. One of my most asked questions is how I take such good photos and the answer is simple I just know what I like. That is so important because if you don’t know what you like then how can you emulate it in a photo! You will only get better if you give it a try…yes sometimes it’s awkward-but who cares life is short!! I generally always edit my photos using either Adobe or my MacBook photoshop. I have the newest MacBook pro and the photo editor has changed a little bit! It took me a bit to adjust but I love it now! (again Y’all getting good at something takes time)

Once you’ve got those few details down you are ready to put together a little celebration.

P.S. These are just my quick and basic thoughts on this subject….there are plenty more detailed party planning blogs, books, and vlogs out there!

Now for my gals!!!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley
Happy Holiyays!