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September 2017


Women’s Chiffon Mini Dress – Who What Wear!

September 25, 2017

Could it be the perfect dress?!

Hey y’all I hope everyone had a blessed weekend! I spent my weekend in Nashville celebrating my friends birthday and studying!

I had my first Korean dining experience, and airbnb stay. What are your thoughts about Korean food and airbnb?

I give them both a thumbs up! But I do have to say I still love a good hotel! I think airbnb works great for big groups staying somewhere for a long period of time!

I’m finally getting the details about this little dress up! I got so many DM’s about where this little number was from!! No surprise it’s from Target from the WWW collection!
It was under $40 and it is so comfy! I think a pretty pastel color is easy to transition into fall! I also think it would be darling with a neutral sweater underneath!

Hey I’m thinking of doing a post about versatility with clothes! Maybe like this dress style 4 ways kind of thing! Let me know your thoughts!



Dress: Target, linked here!

Bag: Tory Burch, similar style linked here!

Shoes: DIY!! Belk, Hobby Lobby, similar style linked here!


Thank you to my incredible roommate for taking my photos today and always! Follow her on IG (@Chinese_dumpling)!

Happy Monday!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley





University of The South. 9.15.17

September 17, 2017


Totally loving bell sleeves and all things black (but that’s no update). Get this darling top at Target and ON SALE!!!! Linked below!


So this look is from a few days ago but I got a lot of feedback about this top! I’m going to link it below but Y’all gotta know it’s from TARGET! Also thank you for all the kind, beautiful comments on my pictures! For those of you who asked I use a cannon camera and the newest apple editing software! Miranda is the one behind the camera she’s the best. 🙂


Top: Target, Similar Style  Here!

Skirt: JCP, Similar Style Here!

Shoes: Target, Similar Style Here!




Cheers, to a cute outfit!


Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley


The University of The South / Welcome 2 our room!!

September 17, 2017

Sewanee / Sophomore Year / Class of 2020

Oh my goodness, it’s been a bit. That’s my bad Y’all. I have been neglecting my blog!!!!

S0 basically I’ve been tuned out since JULY! Please forgive me and don’t be mad! (I’ll be mad for the both of us!)

It’s officially September and I am back at Sewanee for my sophomore year of undergrad. I am officially a PRE-MED student taking a load of classes. I spend most of days attending classes, studying, working, hitting the gym, eating and occasionally sleeping. (That’s everyone tho right?) I am still on the track of pursuing medical missions! I have been so blessed and privileged to be where I am today. It’s all thanks to king Jesus!!!!

Y’all may be wondering how Miranda is (my roommate and total BFF)….she is doing so great! She is majoring in Econ and Mathematics! She is still the one behind the camera because no one does it better. THX GIRL!! @Chinese_dumpling (Insta handle) So blessed God gave me her!

My suitemates are my 朋友 (friends) Daisy and Pia so we’re living the dream here in McCrady dorm!

Oh I totally forgot to mention I am taking CHINESE at Sewanee!!!!! The coolest right? I’m finally going to be able to keep up with my Sewanee gals from China…. okay maybe at least be able to say my name in Chinese!! LOL! 😂

Okay so this post is basically an apology, a brief update, and the release of my dorm room!!! *Sigh (Y’all have been waiting right? 😉 )

We did do something super extra here at The University of The South and at any college for that matter!


So that’s what I am sharing! HUGE THANK YOU TO MY MOM @sarinda_ (Insta handle) for being the extra most bestest mom ever (totally like the little Ceaser commercial) & for giving us the best dorm ever! LOVE YOU!

Room 108!!! Come on in Y’all!


























Cheers, Y’all!!! Thanks for stopping in! XOXOXOXO