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April 2017


Alpha Delta Pi, Iota Delta Installation Dinner

April 26, 2017

Alpha Delta Pi

Iota Delta, The University of The South

Sewanee, Tn

Installation Dinner at the Sewanee

This was a grand occasion I will never forget. We celebrated Alpha Delta Pi, the future of Alpha Delta Pi, Iota Delta, and our newly elected girls! We enjoyed a delicious dinner complete with some very special Strawberry Cake! I was so excited I could share this night with both my Nashville mom, best friend, sisters, and MOM!!!!!




DRESS: Dillard’s, Similar Style here! (My mom brought me this but I can’t find the dress online! It is a sale item!)

Shoes: Name Brand Clothing, Similar Style here! UNDER $30!!!!

My thoughts.

It is crazy how much you can connect with something so quickly. I hope that every young lady living on a college campus away from home joins a sorority where they find a fit because it gets lonely being 10+ hours from home and sometimes you need a sister! A sorority should be all things wonderful and nothing not. Everyone has preconceived notions about sorority’s and that’s okay I did too. It wasn’t until I rushed at Sewanee and found Alpha Delta Pi that I knew I could also fit in a sorority. I found a place where I was welcomed and treasured for my spicy differences! It was cool that I was a blogger, cool that I had a commitment to modesty, it was great that I came from the midwest, it was great that I loved Jesus, and it was okay that I didn’t do the conventional sorority activities. My sisters saw me for my true self and I was appreciated! I came home to a group of gals who love me and who love strong young women.

So when it comes to your sorority experience go with your heart because it is always the place you long to be. If would have followed my thoughts instead of my heart I wouldn’t be an ADPi Gal, or Recruitment and Marketing Vice President for Iota Delta. I wouldn’t be in an atmosphere where I truly felt a fit and I wouldn’t be where God intended me to be.

Alpha Delta Pi is a sisterhood built on a strong foundation by six young ladies who came from strong religious backgrounds and I am so blessed to be apart of that.

So while this post is about the fabulous installment dinner for Iota Delta it is also about recognizing how blessed I am to be studying at Sewanee, serving as Recruitment and Marketing Vice President and living out my dreams! God has always got the best plan for me and that is why it is important that I trust him.




Mom you have given me the greatest example to follow as a Proverbs 31 woman and as the woman who loves life (and kills at it)!

You inspire me on a daily, you are the reason I am who I am, you are literally the most beautiful person in the world and you are my best friend. I LOVE YOU MOM.

I owe every bit of my accomplishments to you because I couldn’t have made it here without you.

Now I just wish I could fast forward through finals and come home!

Thank you for reading,

I love y’all!

Alexa Dudley



Nautical Yellow

April 25, 2017

Nautical Yellow!


Loving this summer sweater layered over a striped yellow crop top from forever 21 for a bright spring look! I’m looking for anything to brighten up the fact next week is finals and I’m not prepared! I can’t believe freshman year is almost over! Attending Sewanee was my dream for forever and I made it! I am looking forward to heading home with Miranda for a summer of adventure! I love my best friend she is my constant source of laughter and encouragement. Miranda Lyu is going to go far y’all I just know it. If you didn’t already know… she is a blessing and a gift from God! One day I will share my testimony about Miranda and when I do y’all will understand. We took today’s photos after a long day of homework and projects as school comes to a close! We love doing photos during GOLDEN HOUR!!! I totally recommend that! I have been getting some questions about where this skirt came from as well as what camera I use and I will be linking a similar skirt below! (The camera will be in a post later this month so I can get you all the details!)


Striped Crop Top: Forever 21, Similar Style here!

Yellow Summer Sweater: Ralph Lauren, Similar Style here!

Skirt: Burlington, Similar Style here!

Strappy Sandals w/baby heel: Dillards (Cole Haan), Similar Style here!

All my love,

Alexa Dudley


P.S. Have a great week!!! XOXO


ADPi Diamond Days

April 25, 2017

ADPi Diamond Days


I can’t believe we already make it to diamond days!!! My alpha status in ADPi flew by and who knew I’d become a Delta so soon! For those of you that are not Alpha Delta Pi gals, Diamond Days are the days we celebrate our traditions and graduate from our Alpha class! It is a bittersweet time where you come to realize how blessed you are and how glad you are that you joined the first, and finest for forever! I literally love Alpha Delta Pi and can’t imagine joining any other sorority!

Now let me tell you what Diamond Days is in one word…..


two words…..


three words…..


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rush ADPi


rush ADPi


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These pictures are from the first day of Dimond Days where we wear all black! You can see the rest of the days on my instagram!

& don’t forget to check out…..The Installation Banquet at the Sewanee Inn.  (Posting in the next 48hrs)

All my love,

Alexa Dudley



Easter Baskets for College Preps

April 24, 2017


An Easter Basket for College Preps

Hey Y’all I am so happy that when my mom came this weekend for my Alpha Delta Pi installment Banquet and brought me some Easter goodies. #SHEISACOOLMOM I seriously am stoked about what I got! This is the perfect guide for those trying to keep the traditions going with their college babes + a preppy twist! See the pictures in the Gallery and above!

Take a gander above for some ideas!!!

We’ve got a greenery made basket complete with a classic bow!

It is filled with skinny stix which I add to my water every day and it costs me 25$ per month! This was such a treat!

I got some delicious 15 Carb chocolate bars from Skinny Cow!

+ some other goodies


Two Dresses! Will be on the blog soon!


Alexa Dudley




Happy Easter!!!!

April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!!


I am so thankful to celebrate this Easter with my roommate and Chinese besties at my church in TN! It is such a blessing to have friends that come to church with me! I’m showing them their first American Easter and it’s going to be the best one yet! Stellar Church this morning, good food this afternoon, and great little baskets!

I’m loving today’s look because of these fun sleeves, bright colors, and preppy prints! This shirt has been one of my favorites and is the same shirt I wore in Charleston! It is so easy to mix and match! I also adore this little gingham ponytail bow from JCREW!


Blouse: The Banana Republic, Similar Style here!

Skirt: It’s Old, Similar Style here!

Hair Tie: J Crew, Linked here!

Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Linked here!

P.S. We had the most fun taking these pictures in a field full of yellow flowers off the mountain. Miranda is turning into a little blogger gal like me!

All my love,

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley

P.P.S. What a day to celebrate Jesus! What a wonderful savior he is!


Southern Prep

April 15, 2017

Southern Prep

Hey y’all! Happy Easter Weekend!

Hope everyone is enjoying the festivities! This look is by far one of my favorites because who can’t get behind a dock and a lake with a gal in a gingham dress and jacks!

I felt super KJP on this dock and wow did that feel good!

Get My Look

Dress: Target, Similar Style here!

Sweater: Gift, Similar Style here! (A wardrobe Staple)

Bag: Gift, Similar Style here!

Wedges: Jack Rogers, linked here! (ON SALE RIGHT NOW!!!)


Love y’all

Alexa Sue-Anne Dudley



twins for friends

April 15, 2017



Hey guys and dolls!! 

I am so happy to finally rest a spell and get this post up on!
As y’all know Miranda Lyu is my roommate from China and my bestest friend so this shoot was extra fun! We wore what she calls “match up” outfits and I call matching. (Her way is so much cuter than mine) I am going to link similar looks in the bottom so be sure to click those links! Also she’s turning into quite the little blogger so you gotta go follow her on instagram @chinesedumpling_


Skirt: Burlington, Similar Style here!

Button Down: Polo Ralph Lauren, Similar Style here!

Shoes: Birthday Gift from Miranda, Kenneth Cole, Linked here!

Miranda’s Shoes: Nike, Linked here!

Okay y’all,


Alexa Dudley 


Spring Break So South

April 11, 2017

Spring Break So South 

Hey y’all I am finally sharing the details from my exciting Spring Break trip!

To get started here’s all the stellar destinations we ventured to:

Biltmore Estate, Ashville, North Carolina

Ashville, North Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Sonesta Resort, Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island

Tybee Island

Savannah, Georgia

Macon, Georgia

I could spend days talking about how wonderful this trip was but I’m going to keep it short and sweet for y’all!

The Highlights & Must Do’s

Biltmore Estate was amazing in every possible way!!! I enjoyed venturing through the mansion with my family and it is an amazing space for taking photos. It is kind of expensive but I still recommend staying at The Inn because it is all things wonderful. If you get the opportunity to tour the greenhouse and gardens do so. In downtown Ashville, there are some charming little boutiques and a J Crew (you know I hit that up) where you can find great stuff. I picked up several goodies and did a little haul on Instagram way back when. Ashville is a great destination and I plan on visiting again soon! I give it an A+ I give it a B for being relatively expensive but you know live a little! Here’s the link to their website Biltmore Estate + they have a fabulous exhibit of classic English dramas and their costumes on display right now!!! YAY!

Charleston, South Carolina was everything. Oh my goodness y’all like seriously the best place to be! I don’t know if y’all watch Southern Charm but this is where the show is set. This was my first trip to Charleston and I can honest to goodness say I am ashamed I haven’t been sooner. There is so much to see, so much to do!!! If y’all don’t follow Gal Meets Glam you need to do that ASAP and see her guide to Charleston. (I’m linking it here Charleston Guide) My favorite Charleston highlight had to be just exploring downtown and taking photos or visiting Fort Sumter. Information linked here Fort Sumter) Oh & eat at Magnolias!!!

Kiwiah Island is amazing for a subtle day at a South Carolina beach! It was beautiful, clean, and relaxing! It was just what we had in mind! Check out my photos above and I’m linking that darling little dress below!

Sonesta Resort, Hilton Head Island was what vacation should feel like! Fabulous resort with a great location, beach access, amenities and room service! We enjoyed reading by the pool and spending time at the beach! I would recommend eating at Java burrito $$! There are great rates at Sonesta Resort during march!

Savannah, Georgia was as sweet as a peach!! Y’all I plan on living there in my next phase of life! It is insanely beautiful especially with the Spanish moss hanging low from the trees! AHH!!! I 100% enjoyed walking downtown and of course stopping in J Crew to get some goodies for national stripes day!  The grand news is that it is just 45 minutes from good ole Hilton Head Island for easy access and a fun adventure. I went to the most darling store Emily McCarthy downtown! I bought a special birthday present for my sweet friend Pia and a treat for my bestie/roomie Miranda Lyu. Those will be on my Instagram in the next few days so look for that! During my visit, I connected with the most fabulous gal ever! She works for Emily McCarthy and is just the definition of a sweet ole southern bell! I am so glad I met this doll! Go check her out on Instagram @erice2489 her name is Emily Rice!

Tybee Island was fun for ice cream and watching the sunset! I recommend coming to this little place if you get the time!

Macon, Georgia was so sweet! I went to check out my Alpha Delta Pi history and was reminded of why we are the FIRST, FINEST, & FOREVER. The sorority is by far the best in all the land and was the first sorority established like ever. In 1851 in Macon, GA at Wesleyan university by six stellar young ladies! We quite literally “LIVE FOR EACH OTHER”!! You can see my Instagram boomerang and realize just how excited I was!!!! YAY for being an ADPi and YAY for being in GA.

Of course, there is so much more I could share but in order to keep it short and sweet, that’s all! Please DM me or email me if you want to know any more details! I am linking my looks below!!! XOXO


Biltmore Estate Day 1

Jacket: Target, linked here.

Sunnies: Coach, linked here.

Biltmore Estate Day 2

Shirt: Forever 21, linked

Skirt: J Crew, linked here.

Shoes: Louboutins, linked here.

Mini Bag: Furla, linked here.


Kiwiah Island, South Carolina

Shirt: Forever 21, similar style linked here. (Literally, a must have!!!)

Dress: Banana Republic, linked here. (ON SALE NOW $$$$$)

Sandals: Jack Rogers, similar style linked here.

Charleston, South Carolina

Ascott: Flea Market, similar style linked here.

Pineapple Pin: Banana Republic, similar style linked here.

Striped Statement Sleeve Blouse: Banana Republic, similar style linked here.

Skirt: Burlington, similar style linked here.

Shoes: Dillard’s, similar style linked here.

Bag: Tory Burch, similar style linked here (which I love)!

Hilton Head Island by the pool

Beach Hat: Target, linked here.

Sweater Cover Up: Target, similar style linked here.

Sunnies: Coach, linked here.

Hilton Head on the beach

Top: J Crew, similar style linked here.

Skirt: Burlington, similar style linked here. (a little shorter than mine)

Hilton Head by the fire

Headband: J Crew, linked here. (sold out but under 20$)

ADPi shirt: Iota Delta, similar style linked here. (you can customize it)

Skirt: Burlington, similar style linked here. (a little shorter than mine)

Savannah, Georgia

Top: Banana Republic, linked here.

Skirt: JCP, similar style linked here.

Sandals: Jack Rogers, similar style linked here.

Wristlet: Louis Vuitton, linked here. (UNDER 400$)

Macon, Georgia

Top: Draper James, similar style linked here.

Skirt: JCP, similar style linked here.

Sandals: Jack Rogers, similar style linked here.

That’s a wrap! Follow me on instagram @1998miss for more of my style!

In the gallery above you can see all of these looks!





P.S. DM me with questions, I love answering them!!!