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Trendy, KPOP, just not my usual.

March 28, 2017

Trendy, KPOP, just not my usual.

Hey friends!! I am so happy you are stopping in to today.

Today’s daily style was inspired by my famous, fabulous, best friend, and roommate Miranda Lyu. She says this look is so KPOP which happens to be her favorite Korean girl group, and happens to be so precious that she gave me this compliment. I got this sweatshirt dress from Forever 21 like a century ago and am finally getting to wear it this season because Miranda got me this white Kenneth Cole sneakers!!! (for my 19th bday isn’t she just the best) Linked here!  love the comfort of this dress and especially like the black with white combo! It is not something I would usually pick to wear because I generally go more feminine and frilly….but I’m loving it! I’m going to link below a similar style + more!


KPOP HOODIE DRESS: Forever 21, Similar style here!

Sunnies: Gift, Similar style here!

Bag: Gift, Similar style here! 30$

White Sneakers: Kenneth Kole, THX MIRANDA! You can find them here!

Tata for now,

Alexa Dudley


A Classic Color Combo.

March 27, 2017

A Classic Color Combo

Hey y’all I am currently overwhelmed with a to do list two miles long since Spring Break officially ended and the countdown to summer break started. (Honestly who wasn’t already counting down for that!!!) Before studying with my Alpha Delta Pi girls tonight I wanted to share this darling white shirt from Banana Republic that I’m wearing today!!! My mom bought me this classic chic top ON SALE which means you’ll be needing this Linked here!!! I love this shirt because it made my casual rainy day attire a tad bit dressy. The darted neck compliments my figure and the petite size means it actually fits me right!!! The white color is something I was a little skeptical of because I get everything dirty so if you’re like me you can get it in red!! I’m excited to add this little classic to my wardrobe and to wear it with a trendy vibe next!!

On a side note I am back from vacation so that means I will probably lose my consistency with blog posts but get excited because I am doing an all inclusive post (with all the major deets & secrets) about my trip South!! I will be sharing all of the best photos, foods, and venues with y’all! I want to say thank you to my mommy Sarinda Dudley for taking me on such a fabulous vaca and to my dad for some of the funds! My mom and little brother Luke are the ones who are behind the camera and I am so thankful for them. Luke tends to get a little annoyed with the constant photograph moments but I know when he tells strangers about that he’s proud of his old sister!

I have a new boutique collaboration coming soon and I can’t wait to spill the secret about who it is!! That collab will be in early April.

I am in cram mode for my molecular biology exam….so pray for me. :(((

I’m starting a new health & fitness plan which I am super delighted about! I was thinking about sharing it on….what do y’all think?

I am ecstatic about the new read I found today at DuPont Library and you can find it here! It’s Southern Living magazine’s 50th anniversary book! Southern Living is a magazine you can always find sitting on the coffee table next to a big pitcher of flowers at my home in Missouri! My mom is chic and she trained me to love Southern Living since I was just a little (okay maybe I picked up on it by following in her footsteps). My mom is FAB> The book covers the basis of where Southern Living started from to where it is now and a complete full look at every COVER EVER PUBLISHED!!! I also loved flipping through the pages to see beautiful images of the good old South.


Skirt: Burlington, Similar style linked here!

Top: Banana Republic, linked here!

Galoshes: Hunter Boots, linked here!

Bag: Tory Burch, Similar style linked here here!

Hair Barrette: J Crew, Similar style linked here!

Tata for now,

Alexa Dudley

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My everyday favorites!

March 26, 2017

Hey y’all!! Here are some of my everyday favorites for making life grand!


Here’s the list:

Dry Shampoo: Uh this is under $25 and it is fabulous! If you’re like me washing your hair is a hassle that sometimes you just don’t have time for…THIS IS YOUR ANSWER! You can find this at almost all drugstores, Targets, and Walmarts! Linked here!!

Heat Protectant & Frizz Ease: Nothing more than just LOVE….Linked here!!

Face Wash: Olay is amazing and you should get this face wash if you’re looking for a healthy skin fix that’s affordable. I love the texture of this wash and would say it is one of my favorites!! UNDER $9 Linked here!!

3 Step Cleanser: I got this on one of my random shopping trips to Marshalls and I love it!!! I can’t find a link but I would also recommend Pro-Active for a three step cleanser! Linked here!!


Heal Scrubber: This was another goodie my mom put in my caddy so here is a similar product….Linked here!!

Mouthwash: I’ve used a lot of different mouthwash but this is the one I bought last! Linked here!!


Shampoo & Conditioner: This is a new wash I’m trying and so far so good!!! Give it a shot…Linked here!!

Spray Deodorant: My mom picked this up for me at the dollar store in Monteagle and left it in my bathroom caddy and I love it! It is so convenient that it is spray because sometimes I forget to apply before putting on my outfit. Totally love this product and it is under $5!!! Linked here!!

Book: Celebrate Everything-Darcy Miller (I went to her book signing at Reese Witherspoon’s store Draper James!) Linked here!!

Drink: Coke ZERO!

Soap & Glory Birthday Box: My mom brought this to me at Sewanee for a little birthday treat!! #LOVE & it’s only $20 Linked here!!


EYE MASK: Honestly it was another bday surprise & it’s also amazing! This is great because it is silk & it smoothes wrinkles while you sleep. 🙂 Linked here!!

Bath Bomb: I’m not sure where this one came from but I love LUSH so….Linked here!!

Highlighter: For a little glow try this…Linked here!!

If you’re anything like me it’s fun to shop for some personal goodies!! I love to select things that make me feel better, look better, and live better! I am fairly certain you will find these things quite wonderful + you can find most of them at your local Walmart or Target! If you have a product that you love please comment below so I can check it out!! Do you already use these? What’s your experience?

P.S. Look for some exciting new posts coming up with my spring break trip to South Carolina!!! I am finally going to be getting my camera charger back which means FAB quality photos coming back to IG &!! I know it’s been long overdue. I stupidly forgot my Canon battery charger at home over Christmas break and have yet to get another one/get it back! That means you’ve been enjoying some iPhone 7+ photos! Lol I’m looking forward to this happening soon.

Love you lovelies,

Alexa Dudley


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Classic chic, wait I’ve probably already used that. #blogger

March 26, 2017

Classic chic, wait I’ve probably already used that. #blogger

Hey Girls,

I’m seriously so behind with my blog posts for this month! Wanna know what’s crazy??? This is exactly how it was for me during March 2016!! I’m so delighted to be sharing that I’m currently on Spring Break and enjoying my time off which means the blog will be lit with posts. #LOL Anyways to get down with the basic details of this post…this is one of my Sunday looks with an exciting new addition to it…THESE CLASSIC BLACK Christian Louboutin‘s!! I got these for my birthday from my precious mom & I am so in love! Turning older isn’t the most joyous event for me because I feel like time is moving too fast but honestly, with these babies, I think I’ll make through. Thank you, mom. I LOVE YOU. This outfit is also great because it has a modesty element I love it’s the little light pink tight longsleeved onesie paired underneath this sleeveless black dress. These are a great way to make anything modest as you’ll see if you follow me on Instagram I use them a lot!! I have one in almost every color and I ordered some online the others came from forever 21! #YES


Dress: Target $29.99

Shoes: *also linked above Christian Louboutins

Modest Onesie: Amazon  *Similar Style linked here 

The hairstyle is a simple high pony because I was running late to church but was also a chic option to showcase the turtleneck!


Alexa Dudley


Sewanee Photoshoot w/ @lifeinarlyngton #ADPi

March 26, 2017

Sewanee Photoshoot w/ @lifeinarlyngton #ADPi

First off go follow the leadership consultant for Alpha Delta Pi on Sewanee’s campus Arlyn Thaler! She is just the sweetest, most pretty, most classic, most crazy gal you’ll ever meet!! Her Instagram is @lifeinarlyngton and currently, I’m working on convincing her to start her own blog cause she’s seriously the coolest. So you may think why would these gals get together and just randomly do a photo shoot???? Well to answer those questions 1) It was actually an incredibly beautiful day on the mountain 2) Uh… DUH why not? 3) Arlyn is bomb behind the camera 4) It was a great excuse to enjoy life 5) go back to #1 LOL. So what’s the deal with me joining Alpha Delta Pi? That’s a grand question and I would love for you guys to go check out my rush post from a few weeks ago with all those details! I am working on getting another updated post with all the exciting stuff I have going on really soon!

Get this preppy look:

Dress: J Crew

Sweater: My mom’s closet *side note, EVERY MODEST LADY NEEDS ONE OF THESE!

Shoes: Tory Burch #FAVS

Sunnies: Coach  *Sale $65 Dillard’s

I love living the blessed life!!!

Alexa Dudley

P.S. I’m looking into getting a new logo and signature for soon!!! Look forward to that.

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March 13th, 2017/Spring Break Combo

March 23, 2017

This is a March 13th, 2017/Spring Break Combo Post!!

This post includes my actual birthday look from a bitterly cold gray day on the mountain and my look from this weekend’s trip to Nashville, TN. I am quite glad we celebrated my birthday the weekend before the actual day because I had a macroeconomics exam on my bday & a gross weather. This weekend we came to Nashville (I love doing that, I kinda want to live here) and stayed in a hotel after a final birthday dinner at The Cheesecake Factory + shopping at Green Hills Mall! I am so excited because I got some great new looks for Spring Break in South Carolina!!! I am going to be doing a “mini clothing haul” on my Instagram once I make it back to the mountain. 

Get my looks: 


Crown: J Crew *$40 lol from the kid’s section 

Pink Sweater: J Crew

Leather Pleated Skirt: Dillard’s *$20

Nude Modesty Top: Forever 21 *I honestly recommend buying one of these ASAP. 

Black Chanel Wanna Be’s: Dillard’s

Spring Break!

Skirt: Forever 21 $2

Groovy Nude Sweater/Sweatshirt: J Crew

Boots: #INLOVEWITH  Gianni-Bini Dillard’s  *SALE RIGHT NOW $39.99

LV: Senior Year Christmas Gift & my most prized possession.


Alexa Dudley


Snoga Athletics Review

March 7, 2017

Snoga Athletics Review 

I am so delighted to be reviewing the 


by Snoga Athletics!

First off I am so happy to say that the customer is the priority of Snoga Athletics and that is one of the many reasons that makes Snoga so wonderful. I received my skirt within three days of the order and that is just incredible!!! They product was definitely quality and I love it!!! The built in leggings allowed me to be modest and comfy! A DOUBLE WIN!!! I loved that I was in active wear and was cute! I received so many compliments wearing this skirt and honestly, I give it a 10/10 rating. I loved the style of the cropped shirt tail and the leggings hit mid calf which is great!!!!! If you order this skirt I recommend ordering your regular size and not sizing up. I ordered a Medium and I was so pleased it fit! The material is giving with a wide band at the top to keep you looking slim. It was so challenging to pick my first Snoga Athletics piece because I honestly loved them all. I reasoned with myself that ordering a neutral color was the best option for me and I am so glad I did. I can’t wait to add more Snoga athletics skirts to my closet because they are wonderful! I hope you order from Snoga and if you do make sure to tag them in your post! I hope to get the Faux-Wrap skirt next and a huge thank you to Snoga for this wonderful skirt!



Snoga Skirt: Cropped Shirt Tail Skirt

Green New Balance Shoes: New Balance 

Aviators: Coach  



Alexa Dudley

P.S. The words in black are links and they are clickable!!!


Yellow daffodils + Red Galoshes

March 1, 2017

♥Yellow Daffodils Red Galoshes 

My simple little rainy day look for a drenching day on the mountain. Theatre & work was on the schedule for today + a super cool lecture by the CEO of Coke United (a Sewanee graduate)! Delighted to get to listen to such an empowering business lecture with my little Chinese Dumpling. I’m super excited for spring break coming + these beautiful bright yellow daffodils that bloomed all over Sewanee. ❤️


Red Galoshes: Hunter Red Rainboots

Grey High Low Skirt: JCREW 

Grey Painter Blouse: JCREW

Rain Jacket: JCREW