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Tennessee ?| Sewanee ? | Road Trip ?

April 22, 2016

Tennessee + You & Me! 

My mom & I traveled to Tenessee to attend awards day @ Sewanee. I accepted a merit scholarship & spent time falling in love with Sewanee all over again. We drove to Nashville on Saturday & made the jaunt home on Tuesday. We had a tremendous trip! Lol. 😉 It was really nice to have time with my mom because I’m always so busy & we are running out of time considering I’m moving in just a few months. I have to take a moment & pause for my mother because she truly is the greatest woman in my life. She impacts my life on a daily. I love you mom. ❤️❤️❤️

ALSO I MET A SEWANEE ALUMNI & I HAD ONLY BEEN IN NASHVILLE FOR AN HOUR. This couple were in line behind me at Biscuit Love & we chatted friendly & ended up becoming acquainted that we were both lovers of Sewanee. I was going to be matriculating @ The University in the Fall & they had attended. We spoke on the blessings of a good wholesome education like Sewanee can only offer & how once you’re apart of Sewanee you will never forget its legacy & traditions. We spoke on the values already instilled in me + the many more to come. We said our goodbyes to eat, but before the couple left the eatery they stopped once more to tell me how lucky the institution was to be getting me but I truly believe I’m blessed with the opportunity to live a far greater life with the values Sewanee will & has already instilled in me. We both shed tears thinking about how much my life is going to be changed & how much of an impact I’m going to make on campus. I also found that this man is a alumni-trustee which I know is the highest honor! I believe I’ll be seeing this incredible/impacting couple again. I know God had us meet for a reason.

A quick summary of what you should check out while in Nashville, TN.

Biscuit Love

Draper James

Sprinkles Cupcakes



Nashville Wall



Lookout Mountain



Hey…what do you reccomend while in TN? NASHVILLE?


Famous Fringe Skirt: Dillard’s (it’s a different color online but check in store for same skirt)

Button Blouse:Dillard’s Similar Style. (I can’t find the exact style but it is a new item for Ralph Lauren)

Shoes: Steve Madden Stecy Style



Alexa Dudley

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Millenial Ester

Cindy Stevenson #millennialester

April 10, 2016



Sister Cindy Stevenson

drum role please…. introducing something new to my blog 🙂 I’m so excited that from now on my goal is for Sunday’s to be dedicated to WOMEN OF FAITH! I will be featuring women who inspire me, motivate me, and have qualities I want to emulate. There will be a special page on my blog, that will allow you to access solely this material. I will introduce these awesome women on IG using the hashtag #millennialester
In short a millennial ester is a lady of faith that millennial’s (my generation) can look to as an example as Titus 2:4 describes.

So without further adieu, the very first woman of faith & millennial ester to Sister Cindy Stevenson from Rogers, Arkansas!

Sister Cindy Stevenson is a one of a kind, & just a real cool gal. Cindy grew up primarily in Arkansas & at age 14 was enrolled in Rogers high school. She graduated from RHS. Her family is still living in Rogers & she attends church at The Pentecostals of North West Arkansas where I attend church! Cindy is a sincerely eccentric girl with a heart & passion for Jesus! Cindy is happily married to the love of her life & has two handsome boys! (I guess they’ve grown up…perhaps they should be addressed as men LOL!) Also, they have the coolest house! It’s beautiful, & she and her husband did it all! This reminded me of my Great Grandma Virgina who also built her house & made it uniquely a home!

Cindy works as an owner & florist at the LEGENDARY Zu Zu’s Petals in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Yes, Zu Zu’s petals comes from the classic & one of my favorite films | It’s a Wonderful Life | so precious right! She is a business woman with a nack for working with flowers! She says she’s always loved flowers & knew she wanted to work in a flower shop since she was a little girl. In fulfillment of her life long dream and ambition at the age of sixteen she begged every flower shop in town for a job….(I’m sure she didn’t have to do much begging because she’s amazing) & to her utter delight Georgia’s Flowers hired a young Cindy Stevenson. From then on Cindy’s passion grew & she got better & better with flowers. She was mastering the skills of a florist after just one month working at Georgia’s! That’s crazy right-it just shows you how talented she is! Eventually Cindy became the owner of her very own flower shop! 🙂 (I love how she told me her story, because she said everything in such a beautiful way that made it truly inspiring.) When I asked Sister Cindy what she attributed her success to she answered as a true woman of faith would. She said “I attribute my success to God, because I truly believe he rewarded me & opened doors for me-that I would not have opened myself.” This was one of my favorite parts of our conversation! Friends of Cindy say she has an impeccable drive to get ‘er done-in addition to making people above content with whatever she’s doing. It’s said she is not just the Sherlock but truly the Holmes to every operation. It’s never a question whether or not Cindy loves her job, because she gives it her all. Cindy says one of the most important parts of being successful as a florist & a business woman is keeping a healthy combo!! Boy isn’t that truth in everything we do in life…I enjoyed hearing Cindy speak about the employees that she hires for Zu Zu’s Petals! (I can only dream of being an employee! That sounds like the dream job) She said that she hires college girls from the U of A campus in Fayetteville! She says this is very rewarding & she loves the connections she creates with the girls + they keep her on the up ‘n up about the latest trends in fashion or prom! 🙂

Cindy always had the goal to finish college after her boys both graduated high school & has set that goal into motion. With both boys graduated she is taking classes at U of A, where she is also a Horticulture Lab Speaker! (WHAT DOESN’T THIS GIRL DO…RIGHT! SHE IS AMAZING!) So in addition to her career, family, life, walk with God, & awesomeness she is getting a few degrees! WHAT. A. WOMAN. She isn’t shy when she says that through diligent & devoted prayer she was able to go back to school! She says EVERYTHING SHE HAS IS FROM HARD WORK & GOD! 🙂

The Bentonville Film Fest.

If you know Arkansas, you know that the BFF is a big ole deal. LISTEN CLOSELY BECAUSE THIS IS SO SO SO SO SO EXCITING…Cindy Stevenson was hired in a very competitive competition to do the flowers for this prominent event! Yes you can scream, because I sure did! It goes to show you, God will honor your sacrifices and hard work. It’s the coolest thing ever, because she is making a flower wall for on stage! She is also doing a few other awesome things as the florist! They are expecting a massive turn out for the event, there will be several famous actors & actresses present! What’s even cooler than that is the fact they are going to be doing a professional time lapse video of Cindy & her team assembling the wall! SO COOL RIGHT! I’m so happy for this precious lady & I’m so inspired!

If you are going to Prom check out her shop for flowers, or just check it out because it’s so unique! I’ll be doing another blog post specifically with an inside scoop of her shop! It will include photos & so much more! The flower crowns we are wearing today are specially designed by Cindy & so sweetly she gifted them to me to take home to wear! Lucky me right! They are so beautiful, unlike any other flower crowns I’ve seen. I know I keep repeating myself but I can’t tell you enough how cool this girl is. She is a role model in my life, as she is for many others! I’m so so blessed I know her & am able to learn from her, in addition to having a special mentor like relationship!

Cindy shared with me that her braids (her trademark) are something that people associate with her & always say “you know that girl with the braids”! Cool right. I wore my hair today in honor of her! She also said that the Ester and role model (woman of faith) in her life was Sister Nona Freeman, a woman who truly inspired many people. Nona was a monumental missionary, prayer warrior, saint, & true WOMAN OF FAITH. She also was known to wear her hair in braids-Cindy loved that & sort of adopted that & made it her own! It’s so beautiful how people can impact others & help them become the people the are-sometimes without even knowing!

I have to brag on Cindy once more, because she always brings beautiful flowers to our church every Sunday! They add so much to our church, people always comment on how lovely & beautiful they are, + no one ever asked her to do this…she just does. We love our Sister Cindy.

In addition to everything I’ve shared Cindy has a fabulous style that is truly all her own.


Polka Dotted Cover: a gift from a prominent family in the pinnacle that Cindy has decorated for, for forever! They gifted her with unique, & beautiful antique clothing from a friend they shared. This friend was an 80year old famous opera singer, from Austria! So one of a kind! The embroidery in the bottom was flowers, perfect for a fabulous florist like Cindy!
Dress: Vintage dress from somewhere! Lol! I love how she talks, it’s truly her own lingo! 🙂

Cindy loves a bargain just like me! She shops for the lowest prices & favors unique pieces. She loves originality, a trait a lot of millennial’s lack! WE ALSO BOTH LOVE VINTAGE EVERYTHING!

Thank you Cindy for your very valuable time! I’m so happy I got to know more about you. I love you, and couldn’t have selected a better girl for the launching of my millennial ester page! You’re beautiful inside & out!

Please follow Cindy personally on IG @tothegoodlifewithme! Facebook: Cindy Stevenson
Zu Zu’s Petals: IG, FB & SC @zuzuspetalsandgifts


Love y’all!

In Jesus Name! 🙂

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A Sweet Spring Sunday

April 5, 2016

Sweet Spring Sunday’s in NWA

I LOVE SUNDAY! I especially love it that I spend them attending church in North West Arkansas. It is truly the most beautiful place ever. Also….I HAVE THE BEST CHURCH EVER. ♥️

My Sunday consisted of morning service, some light errands, shopping at The Pinnacle & then prayer revival that evening. Prayer revival is still going on at my church! 🙂

I am getting so excited for my mission trip to Africa! I still need a lot of prayer & I haven’t met my financial goal yet, so would appreciate any donations!


Skirt: JCP OLD

Shirt: Banana Republic OLD

Belt: Banana Republic

Shoes: Steve Madden

Sunnies: Kate Spade




Alexa Dudley



April 5, 2016

Random Road Trip

My mom and I went to Eureka Springs to go to a wedding at the Glass Chapel! If you’ve never visited it, you have too! It’s so beautiful! A great venue for sight seeing, praying, worshiping, & of course weddings! We also traveled around to see all of the trees blooming & see all of Gods beautiful creation.

We dined at a local fondue eatery! It was delicious. Great memory’s with my mom before I go off to college. You can see in these pictures how alike I look to my mom!


Dress: NBC! (Saw it & thought so 1960 & so cute)

Black dress underneath: APT. Khols Old.

Sunnies: Kate Spade

Love y’all!


Alexa Dudley


A Sassy Southern Tee!

April 2, 2016

Southern Sassy Girls 

Loving this Southern tee from Dillard’s! This was a comfy/cute alternative to my usual dressy look! This was worn on Thursday March 31st. Photo Creds to my brother Matthew.

Shirt: Dillard’s

Skirt: Old but from Banana Republic 

Shoes: Last Summer Target

As usual I’m carrying my baby purple coach swagger mini from Easter.



Alexa Dudley